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We were power outage houston zip code travelling with kids, ages 13, 3 and 1 and this was out final destination for this summer’s vacation. When we got there, the weather was less than optimal and we asked about the chalets. They readily changed our reservation and gave us a key. On the drive to get there though we saw many families with kids in tents and ready to party rain or shine. The chalet was really clean and all but we were alone in them and what are the 4 gas giants in the solar system the 13 and 3 year old got sad that we were here to tent it and not sleep in a house. So, back to the front gate we went and they changed us back to a tent site with a smile. Our site was clean and close to the water… A few sites down lay the Sleeping Giant in all his beauty electricity generation by source by state. Our three day stay was great with no issues, wildlife, parties or anything else. We are already planning to come back here in a few years. The hike into the park from the highway was a bit long after our 1500 km trek, but worth it for sure. Just make sure you don’t forget any essentials 🙂 Loved it!

Not electricity origin sure what the fuss is about this poorly planed out provincial park. Very disappointed with extra hour drive out electricity 2014 there and hour drive back to thunder bay. The drive isnt bad if thats all your looking for. I mean the one lookout that u get for the extremely large park is a spectacular sight dont get me wrong. I loved it in many ways, but the drive to get there is extremly terrible. Expect 5 km of rough road and then 5 more km of extremely rough road. Not evan a road, more like a trail over rock with mutiple bumps. Although I did electricity usage by state see a car up there, I would highly recommend driving in a truck unless u want to scrape bumpers or possibly rip your muffler off. This whole park has lack of info for a person, u dont know whats there, poorly developed as a park. Only one list of electricity usage by appliances looked. Might be great for hikers only, being that is the only thing to do here. Very unfortunate that ontario charges u 14 dollars to enter this park. I would suggest driving on in and scip paying the entrance fee being that gasbuddy near me there is only a machine to buy the ticket and not an actuall tollfee. Just runs on the honor system. This park isnt worth the 14 dollars. Wasnt evan worth the gas I spent getting here. Very disappointed with ontario parks for making such a crappy park and rapping people of there cash. And when u finally get to the end of the extremely long park with absolutely nothing going for it, the point of the land where u think your gonna see a awsome view, expect to be let down, and gas news australia to be able to see nothing but a small beat up village of a old silver minning town that all the private properties of the beat up houses get go to have the view over lake supperior. And p gaskell u get the view of this crap whole of a place of a town. The general store should be ripped down as well as the rest of the place if your gonna charge money to come here, make it worth the while. Boooo for ontario parks for charging u for this. This park has high potentials bug for somereason ontario doesnt see it and does nothing about it except for rape your wallet cor nothing. Vedy dissapointed. Just had 5 gases emitted from the exhaust pipe to give a review.