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me and my friends decided to visit the island last June, 2014. Thank God, the weather is perfectly fine! never ever miss island hopping! 1. tangke is really, really good! it picture perfect stonescape! 2. Sand Bar – be sure to be here when there’s still low tide or else you won’t experience its beauty but don’t worry, your guide will tell you when’s the perfect time to go there. 3.that picture electricity towers in japan perfect island (which I forgot the name). my most favorite island during the gas bike alley tour! we just wished we stayed longer in that island. 4. and my least favorite island (which I again forgot the name) where everyone swims. well, you can skip this island. you’ll never regret skipping this island. hahha as of the resort where we stayed.. uhm… we were actually expecting a better resort.. I mean a resort with a beach front where guests can swim. we stayed at higantes hideaway and in front of it are mountains of scallop shells. the food are okay, we enjoyed it on our first night la gasolina letra. as of the ratings, 2 stars for the accommodation (wished there was a beachfront hotel or inn) and the bathroom isn’t good. and 4 stars for the island hoping! still, its worth the visit!

This is my special someone’s birthday trip. It was a surprise for him, he thought we will just stay within the city… to his surprise… we went here! 🙂 i know he love me so much! Hahaha! From the airport we took a cab going to the van terminal (van is faster than the bus), then took a tricycle then boat then habalhabal (local motorcycle transportation). We stayed at Gigantes Hideaway Island Resort. Fan room, but they have AC room if you cant stand the fan. Electricity have schedule as well. Food — since it is just the electricity generation by source two of us, we cant always finish our food. Abundant. All you can eat SCALLOPS. The island is known for farming/exporting scallops. Drinking water is safe. Always nice to drink beer during the night. If your in luck, it might be cold. We went here after typhoon Haiyan, thus we can see how much it is affected and how the residents practice resiliency. 🙂 Everything about this place is wonderful: Sandbar — must wakeup early for this! Lighthouse — the view at the top is magnificent! honesty policy, the caretaker of the lighthouse is a mom that sometimes in the morning she tends to her electricity year invented kid. so be polite to close the lighthouse’s doors once you are done Cave — it was short and sweet caving adventure. i admire the guides. they are equipment is minimal compared to any caving tour i went to. Island Hopping — north and south make sure to maximize your stay to visit all the islands electricity definition wikipedia. stay longer. 😉 it was a long trip going here, make sure it is all worth it!

I stayed for 2 nights and 3 days in the island with my two best friends. How to get there: from iloilo city ride a public vehicle named jaro tagbak terminal, fare is 10-12 pesos, in the terminal there are van for hires, ask the fooe hire going Estancia, also informed driver that you are electricity sources in us going to the island. Travel time from tagbak is 2hours, fare is 200+ pesos but not more than 250 pesos. Drop in the van terminal and there’s tricycle going to port going to the island. Fare is less than 20pesos each. At the port, there are small ferry boat going to the island. Fare is less than 100 pesos. Travel time is another 2hours to get into the island. Limited trips only so it would be best to travel from iloilo city as early as 8am for you to catch the ferry trip before lunch time. In the island, signal for mobile is limited for smart and sun and no signal at all for globe electricity production by state/tm. You can ask the motorcycle for hire to bring you somewhere to stay for a night since i stayed in one of my friend’s brother i dont have the rate for a stay. There are travel package for the island check on the net. the island adventure is worth to travel. It is untouched not just like other beach spots that are crowded and lots of business stalls already such as bar, mall and restaurants. Tip: since it is far from the city food is bit expensive so it would be best to bring food electricity projects in pakistan you can have, unless you have enough budget to spend.

A pristine sand, shells, sea water and rock formations. All beautiful! refreshing hopping experience together with my barkada. It was a long trip, but worth waiting. Advice to bring food and drinking water enough during boat picnic while enjoying views and you can see big gas zombies black ops fish beside the boat, first trip leaves at 5:30am, I suggest morning trip because almost two hours of travel from estancia port to gigantes, we decided to bring portable speakers, monopad, guitar, flashlight and casino cards for games or anything that you won’t get bored while boating. Arriving on the island habal2x rides is waiting, lead us to the accommodation area because breakfast is ready that taste crispy and can’t wait even more for the next meal because of unlimited delicious seafood,. kind and honest tour guide brought us first to tangke salt water lagoon, the natural swimming pool and if your into static electricity human body causes sports like beach volley and snorkelin, antonias beach is for you. Sunset session you go to sun bar, climb on top to cabugao island where you will see left and right beach clear water, perfect view for pictures and can’t wait the next day to visit the tower on a 30-35 steps circular stairs. People around the island sincerely thanks us because tourism is the one part of income and gas in back trapped it really helps their job grow, and it was big lost for them when northern Iloilo was heavily damaged by Typhoon Yolanda November last year. An island full of hopes.