Beautiful villa with private pool in southern dunes golf resort – wifi – tv – southern dunes electricity in salt water


The house was well located close to restaurants, golf and country club, and stores. The living room, dining room and kitchen were clean and well set-up and stocked. The water was extremely hot and we had to be extra careful so as not to get burned both in the kitchen and bathrooms. The sinks in the bathrooms had holes e gaskell north and south in the basins. The sliding glass doors could not be used in one of the bathrooms as it was off track and would not stay in the track. A shower curtain had been installed rather than fixing this problem. The shower bar on the door was also broken off. In the master bath, the handle on the shower wouldn’t stay when we tried to use it. Could not use the advertised “hot tub” as we were informed later that the whole pool would gas out game commercial have to be heated. We expected to turn on the heat for the hot tub when we wanted to use it, but this was not the case. There was a dial that allowed air to blow into hot tub for bubbles. It should static electricity online games be able to heat the water only in the hot tub when turned on. Advertisement of having a hot tub should mean there would be one to use. The two trash containers in the garage were overflowing upon our arrival and the smell was so bad we could not use the garage until the second day after we put the cans out for pickup on our first night. All beds were extremely uncomfortable! Carpet was stained. With a few improvements, this home would be an exceptional place to return to for a getaway!

Water: After a long day of driving to arrive electricity and magnetism worksheets high school in the evening tired ready for a shower then bed, we came to a house with no hot water so no one was able to bathe in that ice water kids had to be cleaned off with wipees. Turns out the heater is on a timer to be on during the day off at night. Or do they just not expect anyone want to shower after a day full of activities? Last I checked it was up to me to determine when I should shower. u don’t get to choose your own itinerary since the owner/property manager feels entitled to set the water heater on a timer #128545;�

Pool: We knew the pool heater was an extra fee because that is specifically stated but there was a separate hot tub. Hot tub is advertised as an amenity. That’s a LIE. There’s no hot tub. There’s s separate small pool that’s just as cold as the 3 gases that cause global warming rest of the water in that house. Don’t advertise hot tub then. Say instead there’s a separate small pool that will also be cold if you don’t pay extra for it.

#128314;�DANGER: how did we find out there was no hot water?? First bathroom we checked was the one with the sliding doors on the tub. I had my 1.5 year old that doesn’t leave my side clinging on to my leg as I slide the gas x dosage for dogs shower door open to turn the faucet on only to have the door nearly fall on top of both of us bc the tracks are so old rusted I guess it doesn’t hold that super heavy door up well so I had to scream for help from one of the men as I held that heavy door up so that it wouldn’t fall on top of my kid. Both men ran in there and took my child away. They tried to put it back on the tracks while it did go back on they felt it was too unstable if a child touched that door they ran the risk of having the door crush them so they decided to leave the INTACT door off safely electricity trading hubs placed it in the garage where the toddlers couldn’t access it at all since that toilet sink was still going to be used. To prevent water everywhere while showering