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I went to Fakenham today the last event of this season, Ladies Day, bought tickets for the members enclosure, No problems finding the place or parking, the racing was a little short of horses however and not that competitive six races and gas bubble in eye a total of 30 horses, one only had 2 so that was a disappointment. The general area was clean and tidy, Toilets were also clean, Catering was a little dire mainly vans that you would see parked by the side of the road. But use them or dont your choice, Coffee priced from £2.60 down to £1.50 depending on who you used. The bar in the Prince of Wales Stand was busy all day, however it is disturbing that the prices change depending on which member of staff you get. For a large glass of dry white wine and a pint electricity production in india of San Miguel on the first visit to the bar I was Charged £11.00. On my next visit for the same drinks I was charge £9.95 and my third visit I paid £10.25, I was not going to complain as the bar was extremely busy and I am not a person who makes a scene. My other small concern electricity distribution map is that a day security guy was chasing people who had drinks in their hand off the steps outside of the bar, he did it very politely and was very fair about it, until a couple came out pushing a wheelchair both with drinks, he never approached them at all, in fact it was clear to see he avoided them. Now there are no notices about drink there at all, so I would think that one rule foe all should be the case. It appears however that the two people both fully electricity load profile able bodied were left alone because they were or one of them was pushing a wheelchair. That to me is not fair. I personally was not affected in any way at no time did I take a drink outside, its just what I saw I disliked. Anyhow this course is worth a visit and in general I enjoyed my day at a smaller course well done Fakenham

Dear AlaninFrance, many thanks for your detailed review of your day out. I am pleased to hear that overall you had gas chamber a great day out. We are sorry, that there were fewer runners than usual, but electricity production in the us we had several non-runners on the morning of races that had to be pulled due to medical reasons. Unfortunately, there is very little that we can do if the horse is not fit to run. While we do have a clear policy that no drinks are to be taken out outside of the Prince of Wales stand ( we have signs all over the glass doors/windows at the Prince of Wales Stand) and the security guard was doing the right thing asking for the drinks not too be taken out, we have not witnessed the incident gas pain left side you described, therefore it is something that will be investigated and brought up in the security team briefing to ensure that everyone adheres to the same rules. I have also spoken to our catering partners who run the bars at the racecourse and I have been advised that we have an automated touch-screen tills, therefore it is very unlikely that the staff have charged you different prices for the same drinks. The only way this could have happened was if you had purchased a different wine ( there is a vast selection of options available), which would gas vs electric stove top have been priced differently hence the price variation. I hope this helps and clarifies the confusion. Thank you for joining us and I hope that you will come racing again in the future.