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Glad you like gas efficient suv 2014 the site Richard! I pat dry the strips because I feel like if I leave a lot of marinade on there, the jerky is kinda sticky and I prefer dry jerky than it having a sticky feel. But do whatever you like! That’s the great thing about making jerky, you get to tailor it to your liking. I recommend marinating anywhere from 6-24hrs. Leaving it overnight is perfectly okay, that’s what I do all 4 gas giants the time! Glad you got some cure, sounds like you have the Hoosier Hill Prague Powder #1 that I use. 1oz per 25lbs of meat equals out to 1/4 tsp per pound. It’s funny you mention meat tenderizer, I just bought some the other day. I have in the past used a meat mallet to tenderize my jerky strips before drying with good success but have just started thinking about using a powder meat tenderizer. I have yet to make a batch with it. I am going to test if it is worth using and how to best use it. Most tenderizers say to work into the meat right before cooking and not to add it to a marinade. I’ll put my results on the site whenever I do the testing. Thanks for stopping by man! Reply

Hey! Thanks for the kind words about the site. I know origin electricity account the Vietnamese jerky very well. I have yet to make any, but we buy it at the Vietnamese restaurant we go to all the time. I traveled through all of Vietnam and loved it. My wife still has family in Ho Chi Minh; enjoy the food! I am not sure how hard it would be to get a decent sized dehydrator out there, ordering online would probably be your best bet. You might be able elektricity club to find one if you are in a major city like Ho Chi Minh or Hanoi; not sure where you are living… As for a business, you could always start selling small and get away electricity flows through with using a couple dehydrators. I would recommend the Excalibur Dehydrator I mention on my Dehydrator Review page as I find it handles making a lot of jerky at once very well. Not sure if is in Vietnam, but you might be able to get one shipped from the companies website. I do not make jerky commercially electricity austin, but most commercial operations use smokers to make their jerky if I am not mistaken. This would be something you probably would have to have made for you. It’s always good to start small, and if the demand is there, upgrade to a smoker! Good luck. Also, a caramel jerky sounds interesting! Let me know how everything turns out! Reply

I asked you the other day about Old Bay Seasoning. I decided to give it a shot. I took 1/2 lb of top round, sliced electricity billy elliot karaoke with lyrics it thin and then coated it generously with Old Bay Seasoning. I then took the spiced beef strips and soaked them in Sake overnight (I like to cook Asian food so I had a bottle out for cooking). When I put them on the drying rack (I don’t have a dehydrator so I dry them in the oven at 160), I sprinkled a little more Old Bay on them. I have to say they are not bad if you like Old Bay Seasoning. I am sure they could be doctored up a bit find a gas station close to me but I thought the Sake would not change the spice flavor profile which it did not. Might be worth a small batch if you are game. Thanks again for your adventurous jerky spirit. I also tried to invent a Pina Colada jerky, kind of based on your Mai Tai recipe. I took sweet coconut flakes, pineapple juice and white rum c gastronomie brignais and pulsed them in a food processor and marinated some top round. Was a little disappointed as the only flavor that came through was the coconut. Was good if you love coconut beef. Not bad, but not as good as some of the soy/smoke based jerkys. Thanks again for the great website!!!