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From his poverty-stricken upbringing in Iran, Kian, as a beacon of light, entertaining his family with his bubbly personality and unique humor, so much that Kian’s parents were convinced of his innate potential and decided they needed to move to America for greater opportunity. At 8-years-old, Kian and his parents decided to take a huge leap into what would grant them a chance at a new life. They sold everything they had in Iran and arrived in the U.S with only $10,000 in their pockets. So they journeyed on, creating a life of built hope with the freedom they had strived for. Emerging from a life of suppressed freedom acts as the driving force of his music, as he “seeks to gain and regain and show people what it means to be free.” Photo Courtesy of kian_music

To give to the world, all that was given to me. At a very early age, I had the blessing of experiencing the pinnacles of the human experience, through the right people entering into my life. electricity magnetism and light And through the right experiences spontaneously occurring. It was an intense period of time where I had some sort of psychological death every single day. But now where I stand today, everything’s coming together so beautifully. I’m in a state where it makes zero difference whether I’m rich or poor, zero difference if I have friends or no friends. Zero difference between everything that is opposite of each other. And when someone gets to that state of mind, state of being, they attain peace and wealth in the true sense of the word. The people who do reach this state, who are blessed with these gifts also understand that none of this is done for them to keep but for them to give. If everyone was experiencing this same state of being the world would be so much different than it is today. I know that you speak affirmations to others while you perform for them. Can you tell me a bit about how you create that atmosphere for others?

I have developed what I call –new music technology. Why new? Because it is so radically different from what people are doing. Music, because that is the nature of the art. Technology because it is a space that I’m connected to that transports the human consciousness to an expanded and more aware state. That’s why it’s technology. And technological people think that it’s very scientific and has to do a lot with electricity. But technology can be something as simple as abstract art. This new music technology I created assists people effortlessly in attaining higher consciousness without them even doing any kind of spiritual work. So, the music that I create –I focus on instrumental music for a very long time, for the past 6 years. And I’m now currently taking vocal lessons. I’ve always written my music but I’ve never found the right people to recite. gasco abu dhabi location I never found the right people because either their intentions weren’t aligned or when I presented this, “hey I wrote this for you and they would say, “no I want to sing my own” So, it’s been very hard to find the right people for it. I’m very specific when it comes to my craft because there is an intention behind every song. And I’m like “hey, this is what I want to convey with this song.” So, it has to be perfect and to the T. It’s almost very mathematical in nature. I don’t want to make the experience subjective but objective.

So, the music is what I’ve been working on these past 6 years. I have a saying that music is for the soul and lyrics are for the mind. Now, I’m integrating lyrics into it and thankfully that I found someone, besides me, that can help. hp gas online booking no But, I am taking vocal lessons too, so I can sing and rap as well. So right now, with this new music technology and how I form it… the entire set is blind and completely improved. I don’t go in, knowing what to say, just like I don’t know what I’m going to say to you. I go in with a completely blank canvas. I unknow people so I can show people they know. Show people whatever it is they need for that given moment. The entire performance is composed of a Middle Eastern instrument, a Persian instrument called the “santoor,” a mode synthesizer, and a launch pad with buttons that include all of my songs. They’re all original productions, electronic and hip-hop production that I’ve created. Then, the santoor is connected to two guitar pedals. I’ve really innovated the santoor, in a way that I’ve put two pick-up microphones on it, turning it into an electronic instrument, even though it is acoustic. So, this goes to a chord and the chord goes into two guitar pedals which is a delay and a course peddle. Delay is another word for the echo effect. Course makes a sound super wide and psychedelic. So, these two combined give a very psychedelic sound with that. I like to call it mystical as well! Mystical and psychedelic. The synthesizer is something I do sound baths with. Everything that I do with combining all these is the new music technology. And so with this, I create the sounds of the future, the sounds of today. gas and water socialism Electronic sounds, very gritty, very bassy. I love bass! Musical inspirations that inspire your craft?

Pink Floyd is so deep with their music. They spoke about political unrest and weren’t afraid of it. That’s one of the things that made incredible music. The people who inspire me are those who took the time to understand music. Not just beats, but MUSIC. Overall, Pink Floyd. My dad and I listened to them growing up. Led Zeppelin, freaking love Led Zeppelin. There are many different eras, those are prominent ones. Jazz era — Frank Sinatra, Jack Jones, Mel Torme. These are the big Jazz guys. When it comes to classical — Chopin. electricity electricity music notes I play piano and I gravitate to his pieces –very sad and dark. Today, I like Tame Impala. I mean, there are people doing cool stuff today, like J. Cole. But, no inspiration that I draw from. I like Bruno Mars too! He’s focused on the music. When you focus on the craft, you give room for genius to speak through you. What do you feel you’re trying to convey through your music?

Forever, from this point on, there’s only one message and that is love. But love is so many shades and colors. Love takes precedence beyond anything that we consider is good or bad. Softer heart, happy or sad. So forever, that is my mission. That is to convey what love is to mankind. Through music, through the direct experience of it. Also, in the future, through books that explain in detail what my mission was and what people experience. So, it’s kinda like a guide in the future that people can refer back to! I was listening to your music and thought, “woah, this is very interesting.” There are so many different elements intertwined. It’s almost off-putting! There’s a part of you that feels uncomfortable but is also mesmerized by the sound.

So you know what I call that emotion? And this just came to me, I call that the fire of life. If you think about it, people are scared of the fire of life. electricity electricity schoolhouse rock But at the same time, it’s a mesmerizing thing, not many people want to remain stagnant. And the only thing that can make an individual grow beyond what they are is the fire of life. The fire of life is uncomfortable.

In the past, it was much different because I was always trying to create. But it had its moment, but that was the process of learning “creation.” Learning what it means to create. So, I would sit down every day and come up with a song. electricity billy elliot chords And now it’s as simple as knowing the time. I know when I have to create. I know, and that’s the pre-requisite. I can’t sit down and come up with something. Now when I try to do it, it never works out. There needs to be an intention behind it. Now it’s like, hey there’s something that wants to come through me. And before, it would take me 3-4 months to finish a song. But now, when I’m still at all times, I know when it’s done. When it comes from that an intentional space, I finish it in 3-4 days. What do you think has changed? I know many artists struggle with this.

Okay, so here’s the change. It was the shift from fear to love. There are people that live every day out of fear. They work out of fear, they work from a place of lack. They work out of ego and there are those that work out of love. And of course, working out of love is much harder in the beginning. But you get past a certain threshold and you’re good to go. You can’t go back ever, you’ll look back and think, “wow, very interesting ways of doing it.” So, that’s what changed. There was a point where I would think, “If I don’t do this, I’m not going to succeed” “If I don’t wake up every day and try to create something, I’m not going to succeed” Always trying to create from a fear of lack, from a fear of all these things. And when that shift happened, after thinking, “my music isn’t going anywhere,” it turned into a focus on my evolvement as an individual. electricity usage in the us I knew after every single day, I wanted to get better at my instruments and my craft. It was a known thing for me. So from here on out, if there’s ever a time that inspiration wants to speak through me, I will sit down to do it. Otherwise, I will step away from it. And what’s crazy is that when I made that shift, I didn’t touch my music for 2-3 months. And imagine, being a creative and going through that. It’s a battle with yourself!