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Two brothers, Taslim and Abdulrahman Salaudeen, studying at the Federal University of Technology, Akure (FUTA) in Ondo State, have designed a mobile application that notifies users of the school’s electricity supply status. Their innovation is helping off-campus students to reduce the stress of trekking to the school in search of electricity, reports. DANIEL OLADELE (300-Level Forestry and Wood Technology).

Erratic power supply remains the country challenge. All sectors experience the problem. The universities are not left out. But there is charity news for students of the Federal University of Technology, Akure (FUTA). Two of their colleagues have designed a mobile application to help the school out of its power challenge. Taslim and Abdulrahman Salaudeen’s innovation notifies users of the electricity supply status in the school at any given time.

The app, which was released last month, has been accepted by students and it is on “full operation”. But its innovators said they would not relent in making it better. When it was first released, the device was built to notify users about electricity status only. But, the inventors introduced updates, which make the app to show history of electricity in the school and notifies users of their colleagues using their devices in any location on the campus. The mobile application has also been equipped with an instant messaging service allowing users to communicate with ease.

On how they conceived the innovation, Abdulrahman, who is staying in an off-campus hostel with his elder brother, said he heard about how students subjected themselves to stress of trekking to the school to charge their laptops and other mobile gadgets only to discover that there was no electricity on the campus.

Abdulrahman, a 200-Level Computer Engineering student, said: “I considered that a waste of time and energy for students. As a software developer, I pondered over new ideas to reduce the stress. That was the root of how this idea popped up in my head.”

He said: “My role is the technical aspect of the project, which includes development of the mobile app and regular release of updated versions of the app. My partner, who happens to be my brother, handles legal issues and the business aspect of the software, but we do the general planning together.”

“But, with this application, I can check if there is light in my hostel or not. I can also find out how long the light has been restored. With this information, I can decide to go home if the condition is favourable for me. I don’t have to wait for hours in school when there is electricity in my hostel.”

“Before now, whenever I felt like charging my gadgets, I would need to go to school to do this, but I usually didn’t have any idea whether there was electricity in the school or not. With the software, all I need to do is to log on UpNepa application. This gives me clear idea on whether there is electricity on campus or not, so as not to waste my time.”

He said: “This particular set of students has proven to be problem solvers with their innovative minds. I can only urge the management to take advantage of this innovation to promote the school and invest resources in the project to encourage more students.”

He said: “Whenever the school resumes, we experience hours of long queues in banks to pay our school fees. I believe these students can bring innovative solution to solve this issue if the school encourages and invests in the mobile applications they have designed to make our life easy on campus.”