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I’m a recovering drug addict and I asked the OB to test me just to prove that I was not using. Some people will probably throw shade at me for this, but the first time I got pregnant I was using heroin. The condom broke. Although I hardly ever had sex while using(I was too sick or not interested), I was that girl running into Planned Parenthood to raid the free condom basket. I didn’t actually know I was pregnant until I started having a miscarriage while locked up in the county jail. I never wanted it to be that way. But I can’t go back and change it either.

The reason while I’m telling all of this is because women need to be open and honest about drug use while pregnant. Your baby needs the best care always, and needs extra care if exposed. People can flame addicted mothers all they want, but it is too late! They had sex, the got pregnant. Now is the time to get off the moral high horse and make sure the baby is safe and mom gets the help she needs. Even if the baby is born without complications, other problems can come back to hurt the mother in the future. I’ve been clean for over 2 1/2 years, but my rh negative blood permanently carries a host of antibodies from sharing needles with my ex boyfriend. This could have been a risk had my husband had rh positive blood. The doctors are not trying to pry into private lives. They are here to care for mom and baby.

The only way I will ever again pee in a cup is if they’re doing the Pepsi challenge. My OB did the regular sugar & protein tests throughout my pregnancy. Then, at delivery, I was forced to pee in a cup. They “supposedly” found marijuana. False positive, yes. I don’t do drugs, and if I did, I certainly wouldn’t do them while pregnant. I cried foul. I told then they violated my 4th amendment rights, and that their test was BS anyway, because I don’t take drugs. I was told that I didn’t have any rights, because they’re looking out for the welfare of my baby. I was then subjected to a late-night visit and interview from a CPS worker, after nearly 3 days of no sleep due to being in labor, and my husband and I were also subjected to an interview with a hospital counselor, and a late night visit to our home, to verify it suitable to bring our child home. We were also then subjected to 3 months of CPS involvement in our lives, until a subsequent test for BOTH of us proved us to be clean. Also, did I mention that they also UA’d my baby, and of course, she had nothing in her system, but I was advised that if she did, that I’d be going to jail.

While I vehemently believe that it is WRONG to take drugs while pregnant, I also feel that it is WRONG to infringe on people’s rights. I was also forced to submit to a wide variety of unnecessary medical tests while pregnant, including ultrasounds and non-stress tests every other day near the end of my pregnancy, and an unnecessary induction of labor. They lied to me repeatedly, and said that there was something wrong with my daughter, and that she was “low birth weight.” They had me scared to death that she was going to die. Thankfully, in the end, there is nothing wrong with her. She’s happy and healthy, and was born weighing 6 pounds, 4 ounces, and 19 inches long. They just wanted some more stuff to bill the insurance company for.

obiously not a woman, but i would be very upset to find tests being done on me without my consent no matter who pays for it! especially pregnant. I know of a condition pg women get called hyper emisys and the only thing that I have seen work (first hand) is marijuana. THE ONLY THING! but it is ok for dr’s to put a pregnant woman on steroids, zofran and benadryl plus high doses of antacids for 7 months but to ingest marijuana is bad? totally false. Their are no studies done in the USA on marihuana much less on pregnant women who use marijuana so how would they know?

I, nor the persons I have seen with Hyperemesis, did ANY illegal drugs prior to or after the pregnancy and all of the children are exceptional kids. Meth and coke and heroine…..that is totally different and obviously those women and children will need some attention regardless of being pregnant, but to test for marijuana is just another way big daddy keeps his finger on you. We will use a mid wife and have our babies at home, God Bless America…we need it!

Testing while pregnant is outragious, and a violation to not know that is what you are getting tested for. I am 18 weeks pregnant and yes I have had to pee in a cup at every visit, I am sure that they have not thrown tests at me at the visits other than the nessicary tests. Fact of the matter being they understand that the tests really show it if the mother is causing harm and 9/10 times you have “warning signs” of drug abuse with people. I will admit at the beginning of my pregnancy I smoked canibus. I didn’t know I was expecting a little one either. However everything to this point is normal and health, also I had nausua but no morning sickness and I doubt that without the stuff I would have been so lucky. Testing like that is a violation. Just know that in some states NC they can send a warrant from the court to obtain a blood test that is for your body fluids! or guess what you get charged or better yet you have no say! Our government has technically gotten control over our blood?! Now does it sound so ridiculous? A drug test, for anyone no matter what you do.

I knew a woman who went to all her prenatal appointments with the baby’s father and they actually told their midwife that she was smoking marijuana to alleviate morning sickness. The midwife didn’t force her to stop or report her at all. She actually said that if it works then she could continue. Then the midwife quoted research that had been done in Jamaica on the women who ingested or smoked marijuana daily as a part of their religion proving there were no problems with either the pregnancy or the newborn. (Their baby was born perfect and is now just about the smartest 4 year old you’ve ever met.)

I totally agree with this approach. Some illegal drugs shouldn’t be illegal. Others (legal too!) which are proven to harm the fetus should be watched for but I don’t think that we should submit women to unnecessary lab tests if there are no symptoms or signs of drug abuse. They’re coming in and getting monitored by a professional for goodness sake. If they have the good sense to do that then do you really think they’re doing 5 shots of heroin a day and smoking crack all night?