Being kind the music video that circled the world karmatube i have electricity in my body


I believe in the person who made it. And in people who think using YouTube (which makes much more money than gas mask ark us – millions profit in a month) will benefit people. They could end problems if they wanted – don’t believe anything else. I know and you already know people take advantage and even need the negative to make gas in oil car news, reaction etc. Why make a system that listens to people’s feelings and is straight with us (where is the money or profit in that good – no way! Would be against business).

I didn’t watch it because mainly it’s on YouTube (it separates us and the business people, for profit and not-for-profit) – so trying to win using their model isn’t going to help or we simply don’t need it any more and actually WE NEED OTHER WAYS to grow out of the monetising methods (i.e. we non-DIY ways, not used by using big corps and not just looking at the money first all the time!).

Just saying, no offence to creators in the system… hope the gas weed strain logic makes sense… imagine seeing literally 1000’s of these things… people’s creations taken free and monetised… (since a long time too right from electricity Tesla didn’t want to ‘sell’) and now ogasco abu dhabi realising we feed the machine(S) that learn with us and then go against us… unfortunately. Many blogs and group out there, but we’re alone because I admit it’s boring at gas news australia or any other blog or thing that doesn’t have support or big sponsors or a bit of money or donation to play with and make a song and dance. It’s like a dead village and that’s why people go to the city (and then protest!).

Mainly I was born on superficial finances my parents that they thought they had and could ‘raise a child well’ – wrong move in hindsight. (we as generations electricity labs high school are now trying to fight against systemic bad environments after we the children realise about the banks, mortgages etc if we’re already not in the same mess!). Our existence (or maybe just mine only) is against the system and is the paradox of ‘living’ in that ‘capitalist’ using/abusing system and how we live and grow our seeds by it is the basis for the paradoxes.

And therefore gas density units not wanting to exist in that system is like asking to be eliminated or treated as a threat (anything non-business orientated). Sure killing yourself is a sure way of instantly balancing that paradox to actually solving what was wrongly calculated in the first place (but also I can’t say I’m brave enough to do such a thing,though given a sleeping pill I would go to the forest and put back the arkla gas phone number energy once taken knowing it’s still a small offering). Hopefully you get what I mean about the paradox of YouTube(s) and electricity experiments for high school all those things, and the equalisation balance we’re in (or not in), it never balances, just more % / profit on top of a % which gets stored in a bank somewhere – they who choose profit are almost all part of the problem (sorry, I blame non-profit individuals less as they do less damage) and some people are not even trying to balance it any other way because money first right? And then gas leak explosion being the change…)

Enjoy consuming the video… and my few thoughts – I did think about the correctness but feel once in a while a comment too balances thoughts after the initial eye candy or musical entertainment medium. More because if systemically part of 100’s of 1000’s, 24hrs of video uploaded per 3mins or something crazy. I think we need to re-think what we’re doing / clicking… it also became an easy habit what are the 4 gas giants in the solar system (you could be doing something that isn’t done yet 1000 million, trillion, times a second). Playing energy intensive mediums. I hope this text is a small example (text might still be ok once we accept and understand energy and how it kills)

*I appreciate* there is too much to read and watch out ttere… and maybe electricity generation by source by state and WATCHING videos and music is A LOT EASIER. But even that take more energy (people’s life force)… all this energy is like watching people die and EARTH dying – I know it’s a strong way of seeing it, but is it not logically and emotionally true for you having resources sucked for such eye candy(s)? Reply’s welcome… (I’m not working for anyone else but power outage houston zip code me). And I think you should do as part of regenerating a less intensive system. (maybe I’ll make a video about it one day…)