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Just after 11 a.m. today, and all hell just broke loose out on the prairie across the Bonanza Valley area…and it’s not much better in town! The wind z gas tecate telefono speed is currently around 20 miles an hour. It is expected to climb towards 25 mph. this afternoon and possibly higher. The good news: the snow should taper off within the hour. That could make the afternoon not so terrible – we’ll see!

The hourly forecast says the strong winds won’t start to subside until after 19:00 tonight. The newspaper’s news gas engine tom and sports departments have been beaten into a stand still at this point. It has been challenging to keep websites updated, keep regular business operations going and handle the home electricity in water pipes front. (We’re not special for this, because it’s what all business owners are experiencing right now.) I do hope to get Sno-Daze coronation video posted later today.

On another note, here’s great Valentine’s-related gas bijoux soho entertainment for Saturday night! At Central Square and Civic Center in Glenwood…This was on page four of the February 7 issue of the Bonanza Valley Voice and also on page four of the gasbuddy trip January 31 issue. We are very grateful and appreciate of the support of Central Square in Glenwood to the Bonanza Valley Voice newspaper.

On a side note, the Brooten Medical Clinic, an extension of the Glacial Ridge Health System, is scheduled to open at 8 a.m. as usual on Friday, February 8. They closed the Walk-In Clinic in Glenwood on Thursday night. In the same breath I want to show gratitude 6 gases to GRHS in Glenwood for the advertising they’ve provided the Bonanza Valley Voice in recent weeks for the Brooten Medical Clinic. The Voice will have extended coverage of the Brooten Medical Clinic in upcoming issues. I look forward to providing some history lessons on how the medical center came to be in Brooten. (This dates back to the 1980s when GRHS opened the clinic in Brooten.)

The B-B-E Jaguars wrestling physical science electricity review worksheet team will host a triangular to complete the regular season on Friday, February 8 with Quad County and Benson. The tri will be at the B-B-E high school. The first match will feature Quad County and Benson. Next will be B-B-E and Quad u gas hampton County. The Benson-BBE match will complete the tri. Note: Quad County is a wrestling co-op comprised of student-athletes from MACCRAY, Renville County West and Yellow Medicine East high schools.

Bravo to administration for getting all this lined up! This takes nothing less than gas prices in michigan a herculean effort to move games and line up the logistics of volunteer and paid help. It should not go unnoticed. Please spread the word. In today’s technology age, there’s no reason folks should be uninformed of these last-minute changes. You can quickly steer people to this Bonanza Valley Voice sports blog – bookmark it while you’re at it!

While electricity bill nye I have your attention here, I want to briefly give a big shout-out to the B-B-E/Paynesville Pirouettes dance team as they gear up for Saturday’s (Feb. 9) Section 4A championships at Montevideo high gas station near me open school. Action begins at noon. Don’t miss out on the feature article on the dance team in this week’s (February 7) Bonanza Valley Voice newspaper! (Page 7 to be exact)