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Three difficult questions on a handout sheet, which are distributed to teams at the end of the quiz. Placed upside down on the table, teams are then asked to turn it over and given one or two minutes in which to record their answers. gas bloating pregnancy Once ‘time’ is called, answers are collected and checked and prizes awarded – although this happens VERY rarely.

Pub quiz nights attract a very loyal following of people on an otherwise quiet night of the week for your business. Once established, the night runs itself, as punters know that they will turn up, week after week, and the quiz will be running. It’s a highly addictive hobby! Cost-wise, it’s also very effective, as the turnover far exceeds the outlay. Many of our clients have been running the quiz weekly now for over 10 years, and our longest a whopping 18 years! How often should I run a pub quiz?

99% of our clients pick one night every week and devote it to ‘quiz night’. Weekly is best – providing you have a catchment area that can service a regular crowd. The odd small town runs a fortnightly or monthly quiz, but by far the majority find the popularity of the night, along with the minimal costs involved lends well to a weekly event. Who do the questions cater for?

The questions are aimed at a wide audience – men and women, young and old, and are designed to cater for as many people’s interests as possible. electricity generation by source by country They’re also not aimed at rocket scientists – rather, everyday people. We want teams to get more right than they get wrong, or they’ll not come back the following week! Is it a team event or is it done as individuals?

A quiz can be run in as little as 90 minutes, or as long as 3 hours. Ideally though, you should aim for 15 minutes per round, so around 2 – 2.5 hours for the 8 rounds. This is obviously affected by additional activities, but if you drag the night out to keep teams there longer, they will become discontented, and seek an alternative venue. How many players are in each team?

The most simple answer to this is to say teams of at least two people. There are two good reasons for not limiting team size. 1 unit electricity cost in gujarat If you limit teams to say, 6 people, and a team of 7 arrives and you try and enforce the 6 per team limit, two things could happen. Firstly, they might all turn around and leave. Terrible result – $200 turnover just walked out the door. Secondly, Jane Doe will tell you she isn’t playing and move her chair back a metre. Of course the moment old Jane knows an answer in she’ll come – and then you have ten other teams moaning that "they’ve got 7!" At the end of the day, teams will structure themselves accordingly and economes of scale will kick in – after all, the first prize split between 10 goes nowhere, compared to being split between 4. Should we charge teams to enter?

We advise against this. If you have 50-120 people in your venue on a night of the week when you’d normally close early, your turnover will far exceed your costs for the night, so charging teams can be both a nuisance in terms of collecting the fee, and may stop some people who happened to be onsite from playing at all. Often, a team who were in the bar just for a drink, can be cajoled into playing if it’s free, and often they’ll be the last team to leave, despite their protests at the start that they were not "staying for long". Another venue across town also runs your quiz nights, but the night before ours. Will the questions be the same?

We check each question for accuracy when we make it. Once the quiz has been prepared, we ship it to a couple of trivia-heads who then meticulously check each question. They give us feedback regarding accuracy, ambiguity and whether a round is too easy or too hard. electricity in water experiment We are only human though, and occasionally something slips through the net. Not often though, 99 times out of 100 it’s the bloke in the pub grandstanding with ten beers under his belt who’s adamant he’s right when actually he’s wrong. Do you supply any bar tabs or prizes?

Bar tabs and restaurant vouchers usually do the trick. gas vs diesel truck There’s no need to put any cash up for grabs. Teams are there for the pride of winning, but do expect a reasonable prize. Usually first, second and third, plus perhaps a second-to-last prize, with a couple of spot prizes thrown in. Or you can get a sponsor involved and that’s taken care of. Do we organise the quiz host or do you?

The multimedia quiz is a Windows based product. We send you a download link every week from which the multimedia component of the quiz is delivered. You will need a laptop or PC, plus a projector and screen, or large-ish TV which all the teams must be able to see. You will also need a VGA or HDMI cable which transfers the pictures to your viewing source, plus an audio cable from your headphone socket to your audio output (usually your venue’s sound system, a set of desktop speakers ( Logitech ones are really good) or straight into the TV).

• KVM Switch: If you have access to two laptops/PCs, a simple KVM switch will allow you to quickly switch between the quiz and the scoreboard. It is possible to run both the quiz and the scoreboard on one – however you would then need to stop the quiz to update the scoreboard, and unplug the VGA cable too, so no-one can see you inputting scores. A KVM switch means you can select one laptop or the other at a push of a button.

• If for any reason the videos will play on your laptop but not the TVs, it’s a simple fix – you need to toggle between screens. Hit Function and F5 one more time (it may be F4 or F8 on some laptops – look for a TV symbol). You will probably find the picture disappears from your laptop, but is still present on the screen. wikipedia electricity consumption This changes the big screen to the ‘main’ source, and it’s not relevant if you cannot see it on your laptop really. If you have Powerpoint on your laptop/PC, you may wish to run it directly from there.

Well in short you can. However, economies of scale means we can charge you a really fair price for an outstanding quiz product. Our multimedia quiz takes approximately 25 hours to make from woe to go. But by duplicating it and sending it across New Zealand and Australia, we ensure you get great value for money. If you’re running a far superior quiz to what is on offer down the road, then you can also expect the benefits in feet coming in the door too. Handy Docs

Those three questions are often more difficult than others and appear in all six quiz streams. gsa 2016 catalog This encourages quiz punters to check in each week for fear of missing out, tagging their friends and team mates, reposting on their own Facebook page and even printing the clues out and distributing them around their workplace. Imagine if they hadn’t checked in and then lost by a solitary point to a team who knew the answers thanks to those clues!

We encourage you to repost these on your Facebook page too, then your punters have something to talk about on your Facebook page instead of ours! Best of all, it’s free, takes just a minute or two, and people are then doing the marketing on your behalf whilst you get on with the important stuff – like running your venue! We recommend you set an alert each week to remind yourself to do this.