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MATTER: I don’t think the SEC gets involved in matters like that. Yes, he flipped off the Florida students, but it was hardly gratuitous or obscene. I know Martin was really upset with Tilmon for how he handled himself gas bloating diarrhea in the moment. Martin hasn’t talked to local media since the Florida game, so he hasn’t addressed it yet, but based on what I was hearing earlier in the week from folks in the athletic department, I wasn’t surprised at all that he yanked Tilmon from the starting lineup in Starkville.

But make no mistake, Martin is just as frustrated, if not more, with the recent surge of fouls. Earlier in the year, Tilmon was getting gas 78 called for fouls that Martin could take to the SEC and say, These are bad calls and they need to stop because officials are stunting his growth as a player. He can’t say the same about some of the fouls that have been called lately. Anybody who wildly swings electricity history united states his arms at another player’s head or neck is going to get whistled for a foul and probably a flagrant foul. We’ll see if he can get a handle on it in these last few games.

MATTER: Maybe that’s true for some of the fouls from earlier in the year, but not the stuff that’s sending him to the bench lately, when he’s wildly flailing his arms at an opponent’s head. There are conference crossovers when it comes to officiating. The officials who do SEC games don’t only officiate SEC games. Keith Kimble, the top-rated official at, has officiated 43 games since Jan. 1: Seven SEC games, eight Big Ten games, 12 Big 12 games and a handful of games in the ACC, Big East and American. Is he an SEC official gas efficient cars 2016? Well, sort of. He’s paid by the SEC to officiate its games. But he’s also paid by the Big Ten … and the Big 12, the ACC, etc. On Monday, he worked Oklahoma-Iowa State (Big 12), on Tuesday he worked Virginia Tech-Duke (ACC) and on Wednesday he worked Purdue-Illinois (Big Ten). So, if fouls are called differently in each league, does he change his standards from Monday to Tuesday to Wednesday? No.

The conferences all have a coordinator of officials, and those folks are in communication with their officials and discuss points of emphasis and things they want called during the games, but when officials are working for gas oil ratio units multiple leagues throughout the course of a given week, I don’t see how they’re calling games differently from one night to the next.

I inject some analysis into my writing and offer opinions on the chat and the podcast, but my job largely is to provide objective reporting on the facts. And I’ve never worried about my coverage leading to diminished access. Occasionally, something I write gas vs electric oven or something a columnist writes might lead to a conversation with a coach or someone in the administration, but they don’t just yank away access. (This isn’t the White House.)

Anderson and Martin, and really any coach in his first or second season, generally get a free pass if it’s painfully obvious that factors beyond their control are leading to losses on the court. The criticism on Anderson didn’t get loud until his q card gas station third year, when Frank Haith’s recruits were completely gone from the roster and the team actually got worse with Anderson’s players on the floor. Martin is still having to play a lot of those players and – here’s the biggie — his best player each of the last two seasons was lost for the year with an injury. This year, he’s lost another top-three player q gases componen el aire to a season-ending injury in Mark Smith. Reasonable people see the progress. Plus, we saw what he could do last year with a better roster, taking the team from eight to 20 wins in one season. Yes, this team has struggled to close out games. They’re not getting t gastrobar el tenedor consistent play from most players. But this team is a collection of either Anderson holdovers or first- or second-year players. And again, you can’t discount the two major injuries.

This year’s team has blown four leads of double-digit margins in SEC games. Anderson’s teams were rarely, if ever, in position to go up double digits on any SEC opponent. I still believe there’s a strong foundation growing under Martin. I never really believed that to be true under Anderson. The core players he brought into the program either left — and went to mid-major teams — or stuck it out and have become, at-best, role players on this year’s team — with Jordan Geist being the electricity storage association obvious exception.

MATTER: I still think the core of next year’s team has a great chance to be an NCAA Tournament team — as long as the returning players make progress this offseason. Dru Smith will add a lot to this backcourt as a shooter, playmaker and defender. Mario McKinney can provide some much-needed electricity wiki athleticism. It’s fair to expect Xavier Pinson, Javon Pickett and Torrence Watson to develop their skills this offseason.

Will Tilmon ever figure it out? I’m not sure, but Martin won’t give up on him. I’ve gotten some emails and tweets this week that Martin should get rid of Tilmon. That’s absurd. Any coach in the SEC or any high-major team would gladly take him off their hands. You don’t just get rid of 6-10, 260-pound centers with his footwork and skill because he can’t figure out how to play without fouling, especially because he’s gone through month-long stretches without the silly fouls. Missouri just needs to keep working with him and he needs to keep working gas in back symptoms with his coaches. I don’t think he’s a lost cause by any means.

MATTER: Trump moved from middle linebacker to weakside linebacker and I know the staff has always really liked him. It wouldn’t surprise me if he’s a captain this year. Those positions aren’t all that electricity merit badge worksheet different, both considered inside linebackers. Mizzou’s defense is essentially a 4-2-5 defense. The third linebacker spot, right now with Gerald Nathan the starter, is for a more classic 4-3 look on early running downs, but even then I suspect you’ll see the true safeties on the field more.

MATTER: Boundary is a safety position. I checked with Odom on Wednesday night and here’s what this new look essentially means: Free safety (Bledsoe/Ulmer) and Boundary safety (Gillespie, Williams) are your traditional high safety/deep safety positions. The strong safety (Perkins, Oliver) will play closer to the line of scrimmage in the tackle box, similar to a nickelback or a lighter outside linebacker. I would expect to see a lot of looks with four down linemen, Bolton and Garrett at inside linebacker, Perkins as the overhang/OLB/strong safety and then Bledsoe and Gillespie 66 gas station as the deep safeties.