Besides wolverine, who else are the most enduring and iconic members of the x-men – quora electricity song youtube


Beast a scientific genius and without question could easily take Wolverine (not kill him) but beat him to a pulp, also potentially a leader and beyond genius level intelligence. He was the one after all to invent and build the X-Jet, The danger room and so on. Sure he had help but all Beasts ideas.

Surge sorry but she was leader of the new X-Men and part of the Gifted community at one point and has exceptionally powerful electrokinetic powers in fact her ability to create/manipulate electrcity was so damn powerful she was required to wear gauntlets of her own to even be able to control it. She was and is one of the most powerful electrokenetics in the Marvel universe for her power class and was a very nobel and worthy leader in fact she just as close to Charles as Cyclops was as a leader, she saved the remaining mutants on various occassions she was a superstar and one of my personal favorites.

Gambit I mean the Wolverine and Gambit tag teams are a legendary thing every huge X-Men fan knows of them and they deserve to have him in the mix, Gambit was obviously an iconic member in fact he was also exceptionally powerful eventually being able to regenerate, charge objects kinetically just by looking at them and was my childhood male fave. He excelled in marshal arts, speed and agility, was an expert marksman in terms of kinetic aiming and could have easily put down Logan at his strongest in fact that’d be a long fight. He was so iconic he went from mastermind criminal thief to X-Man to Mr Sinisters team back to the X-Men and died once then was reborn. I’d say that qualifies him to being iconic. Gambit has a knack for saving the team from terrible situations and has a strong friendship to Jubilation. He was even the one who wielded enough kinetic energy to destroy that alien green bug trying to free Apocalypse, though it ultimately led to Apocalypse reviving. The fact he possessed such kinetic ability is impressive for a non omega level being.

Betsy/Psyclocke is a high grade telepathic being with telekinetic projectile energy abilites and dark telepathy. Her ability to enter the astral plain even exceeds Charles and Jeans she is slightly lower telepathically than the other X-Mens psychic beings except when she’s in her darker form then she excells when she builds momentum. Though not as powerful a stand alone as a few she can unleash hell upon her foes and even put down Emma the one time which was impressive.

Magma is a loyal and iconic member of the X-Men, she also had a huge major role in the X-Men Evolution series. Magma is nowhere near as powerful as other X-Men members I have mentioned but she is powerful, driven, intelligent, her ability to sense volcanic and tectonics to some degree to be able to manipulate lava and even create it at will is unpresidented. She can in fact swim around molten pools like a human can a swimming pool.

Sunspot is iconic and driven, he has aided the team on various occasions from fighting god like beings to even single handedly fighting with the sentinels when the rest of the team were in dire straights. He helped Gambit save the mutants on Genosha Island after being enslaved alongside Cable who’s next by the way. (Sorry if I’m incorrect with this character)

Cable without question is one of the most powerful telepathic beings in Marvel. His militant and gun slinging capabilities are beyond good, he has a better than perfect aim so if he misses it is because he doesn’t want you dead but he’d have no issue shooting anyone down. He is definitely up there with the likes of Emma and Charles and his reflexes are terrifying, he has saved the X-Mens behinds more than once.

Bobby aka Iceman is by far one of Earths most powerful omega level mutants and has taken on some serious foes, he can fight. He is so powerful and driven to the team (despite his sudden dissapearances a bit like Wolverine) that he can fully regenerate himself after physical destruction and become a mositure/vapor form. He has lead the X-Men and other various mutants into battles and saved countless others even by himself and easily solo’d the likes of Pyro and even bested Magneto once or twice (not won) but evaded and slowed him down that’s for sure.

Thunderbird also a huge part to play in the survival of the mutant popules was also a leader. The X-Men chose him to lead the team known as the Gifted which consisted of the Frost sisters (last X-Men standing eventually) Fenris, Eclipse, Blink and various others as he was even brave enough to enage in comabat with the sentinel services, other mutants, basically the planet pretty much.

Jessica Jones one of Marvels most excellent private detectives and sexiest female leads. She tends to work solo and usually best her opponents, she is an iconic, badass diva with extreme superhuman strength, flight and invulnerability she is incredibly hard to kill or hurt and is actually stronger than even the likes of Luke Cage physically.

Rogue the most beautiful member of the X-Men and also one of the most unfortunate she has been through literal hell until recently. She fell for Gambit and nearly killed him, same with Iceman, then got an upgrade of grab bag powers then lost the fight and strength to control her powers. She’s seen it all and Rogues easily one of the most powerful mutants on Earth.

Bishop aided in the war against time, whether it be past or present and has aided in many quests the X-Men faced, he had exceptional technological skills and genius scientific gadgets and mindset, he fought the sentinals and not just in the movie.