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Going Too Small to Save on Money: Perhaps the biggest mistakes that potential 4K buyers make when shopping around for their first set is compromising on the size of their screen electricity review worksheet answers in order to save a couple bucks at the checkout. 4K resolution packs in twice the amount of pixels as a standard 1080p set, which means that on anything less that 55-inches the difference between the two is too difficult to tell by the human eye. In so many words this means that if you’re going to go 4K: go big or go home.

Splurging on Extra Features You Don’t Need: Because the 4K revolution is still in its infancy, there’s been a lot of mismanagement between the features that display manufacturers want to add and what content providers can actually keep up with. Yes, 3D is cool, but there’s barely any 3D 4K content to speak of right now. 240Hz may sound awesome on the surface, but then you realize that electricity physics pdf it’s not much different from what you’d see 1 unit electricity price india in 120Hz. Manufacturers are betting on consumer ignorance to up sell them on features that will remain useless for at least the next six months, so be sure to only add on what you know you’ll be able to use. Which 65-inch 4K TV is Right For You?

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