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Disneyland has been my favorite amusement park since I first went there in 1955. I have been an annual passholder for over 20 years and still enjoy all of its attractions. The most enchanting times are during the winter when the attractions are beautifully decorated with holiday cheer. It is very difficult to ride all of the attractions in one day but some of the more popular rides for adults include Space Mountain, Star Tours, the Matterhorn, Indiana Jones ride, Big Thunder, the Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean. For the younger set, all of the attractions in Toontown, Autopia, Buzz Lightyear, Dunbo ride, Astro Orbiter, It’s a Small World, Mad Hatter Cups and the large Carousel. If you want to maximize your time, buy a Maxpass for $10 (requires a smartphone and official Disneyland app) when you enter the park You can reserve a Fastpass to rides at either park without waiting in line at the kiosks. Beware not to select a Fastpass to a ride too far in advance because you cannot make another selection until your time of that Fastpass.

Although I’ve been to Disney World more recently, I hadn’t been to Disneyland in about 45 years. I have to say not much has changed if my memory serves me correctly. Of course there are some updates, but the overall Disney experience was very similar to back in the 1970s. I like that nostalgic feeling. Although there is still that magic, I sadly have to say that I didn’t think the appearance and upkeep were quite what I expected. We went during a very busy time and I was expecting it to be busier. That was a pleasant surprise. Yes it was busy and lines were long, but I’ve waited in longer lines. Granted, this time we didn’t feel the pressure to HAVE to see and ride everything. Maybe that was the difference. Our trip was planned as part of the Disney Arts program. My grandson went to perform with his High School Orchestra so many family members went to see them. I think it’s wonderful that Disney offers this once in a lifetime opportunity! I only wish the stage was a little more out in the open so more people would have been able to see their performance. The food was pretty good. I especially enjoyed the Mickey beignets! They were yummy and in addition to the regular ones, they had a special flavor too. Yum! Probably the worst part was waiting for the bus at the end of the night. I think our bus driver took a break just as we got to the stop. The other routes had multiple buses coming and going while we waited and waited for an hour! Yes, you read that right! This visit sure brought back memories of my childhood!

I will break this review done into a tip and then some suggestions for Disneyland management. Tip: Don’t believe any of the websites that show which days are quiet or not. We went on a Tuesday and Wednesday in non-LA school holiday period. All sites said it would be a ghost town at Disney on these days. This was so far from the truth it was disappointing. After speaking to a number of locals, there are no longer any more days where Disneyland is a ghost town, so if you’re planning a trip here, be prepared for very long queues no matter what day you go. It is a very expensive way to spend 2 days but Disney know this and are quite happy to take your money while packing the punters into the park. Go with an open mind about he crowds and you might just be sane enough to get through it. And be wise with your use of fast passes (ie use the Disney app). Suggestions to Disney Management: 1. With regards to snack food, it would be nice if Disney made some sort of effort to open some outlets that provided healthier snack alternatives. I think if Disney wants to be a good corporate citizen they should look into this. 2. Autopia Ride – I think it’s great that Disney have updated the body of the cars but I think it’s about time that they think of ditching the gas guzzling cars that send fumes into the mouths of those queueing to use this ride, and think about changing these cars to electric or use some sort of magnet technology. They have the money and they have the know how to do this, but I can’t understand why it hasn’t been done yet. I hope Disney really consider this.