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Cordless, battery-operated chainsaws have a sleek shape, light weight, and a lithium ion battery that does not use any environmentally harmful materials. Thanks to the chain guide and the chain itself, these machines can provide a powerful cutting performance and have a long service life. The tool-free chain tension usually makes the job easier, along with the automatic chain lubrication feature. This adds to the durability of the tool. The system brake and quick-release hand guard bracket provide additional security.

Therefore, the main advantages of a battery-operated chainsaw are easy operation and safety, arguably the two most important buying considerations for customers. Apart from very occasional power issues, a battery-operated chainsaw is the superior choice for beginners.

They feature more convenient designs, and with the evolution of lithium ion batteries, they can offer power too, combining the best qualities of gas-operated and corded chainsaws. The only downside is charging time, but with the turbo charge function that most appliances offer nowadays, even that issue seems to be disappearing.

This will depend on a lot of factors. First of all the capacity of your battery. Don’t look at voltage for this, as voltage only indicates power. Ah is the indicator to look for when it comes to runtime. Batteries with higher number of amp hours will last longer.

Another factor will be the length of the cutting blade. A longer blade and chain takes more power to keep spinning, which in turn will diminish the battery life. Width of the chain is a factor. Thinner chains cut through wood more easily, and so will prolong the battery life. Keeping your chainsaw razor sharp helps prolong battery life as well.

Most important though, is knowing what these types of saws are really made for. They are not made to fell big trees all day, for this purpose, a gas-powered chainsaw is much more suited. If cutting through 8 inch logs, don’t expect much more than 10 minutes runtime.

Battery operated chainsaws are primarily made to do pruning, and they can do lots of it, since this is not a battery intensive job. In fact they are the ideal tool for this, as you do not have to pull the cord and start the engine every time you want to cut off a branch.

Of course they are able to fell small trees occasionally, just be aware of its limitations. Make sure the battery is fully charged before you start the job. Nothing worse and more dangerous than being halfway through a felling cut and have a dead battery. This would be a very dangerous situation. What if the wind picks up while you’re charging the battery?

Having a second battery will increase the usability of these saws tremendously. When purchasing a cordless chainsaw, look for brands that have entire product lines of outdoor power equipment that can make use of the same battery packs. This way once you have the batteries, you are able to just buy bare tools without the batteries, saving you lots of money.

Second make sure the chain is not too tight around the blade. If it is too tight, there is too much friction between the chain and the blade, and the motor will have to work much harder to keep the chain spinning. It will also reduce the life of your bar and chain.

Make sure the chain oil is topped up before you start work. This oil is specifically designed to lubricate the chain. Also make sure the channel out of which the oil is supposed to drip onto the chain, is not clogged with sawdust. This is a common occurrence, therefore always keep an eye on the chain. If it is functioning properly, the chain will be glowing with a thin film of oil. If it is clogged, the chain will become dry and hot, and the chain will become very tight around the blade, further increasing the friction.

Lastly keep your batteries well conditioned year round. This means when your not using the saw for a while, pop your batteries on the charger for a maintenance schedule if you can. Otherwise let the saw drain the battery and charge it again. Modern lithium-ion batteries do not like to be empty, so when you store them, make sure you store them fully charged. In winter, do not leave batteries in a cold barn or shed, as batteries do not like freezing temperatures. Instead, take them into the house with you.