Best beard trimmer (winner) – 2018 uk reviews for short or lond beards oil n gas prices


Fashions come and fashions go. There will always be men who opt to shave, but it so happens that the beard is back in style – and some men choose to be bearded simply because they (or other people in their lives) prefer the way it looks and feels.

Enter the beard trimmer – an electric grooming tool similar to the electric clipperand electric shaver, but different – with finer teeth designed to cut through coarser hair, and giving you greater ability to trim long beards and shape facial stubble.

While technically possible to maintain a beard with hair clippers, it’s not an enjoyable experience. Clippers excel at cutting hair on the head, but the spacing of their teeth and width of their blades make them ineffective and uncomfortable when used close to the face.

An electric shaver, on the other hand, is just that – it shaves. The closest thing to a beard which it might leave behind is extremely short stubble – at which point, you might as well break out the razor. Rechargeable Beard Trimmers are Your Friend

For the utmost in convenience and ease of use, look for a top-quality beard trimmer which is powered by a rechargeable battery. Some models only plug into the mains – that means being tethered to a cord, a cord which gets in the way during use.

A cordless rechargeable trimmer, on the other hand, can simply be plugged into the wall or set on a base to recharge the battery. It’s ready when you are. Some trimmers feature lithium ion batteries, which deliver significantly more power and longer life than traditional NiMH ( nickel- metal hydride) batteries.

Though the ubiquity of disposable AA batteries makes them convenient for certain devices (flashlights, for example), they’re not well suited to high-drain, motorized tools such as trimmers. Go with a good rechargeable model – you’ll never look back. Consider Your Intentions Before Choosing

Other trimmers include features and accessories which expand your options – like switch-adjustable blade heights, varied widths of detachable blades and removable guards, which enable the user to vary the length of their facial hair or choose a blade better suited to broad areas of trimming, or precise detail work.

Just make sure you don’t get carried away – a trimmer with 30 attachments and accessories is likelier sit in a drawer unused than a model with just 5 or 10 well-thought out extra parts which actually suit all your needs. Quality and Brand Reputation Matter

Not all trimmers feature such blades, but if you find one that does – and it’s a good match for you otherwise – consider it, because though such blades don’t last indefinitely, their lifespan is usually greater than that of traditional blades.

While some beard trimmers emit an irritating buzzing noise and vibrate strongly in the hand, the best trimmers tend to run more quietly and smoothly. Consider how important this is to you before settling on a trimmer to purchase. What Was Our Best Rated Trimmer 2018?

We’ve been testing and reviewing lot’s of different beard trimmers, and there’s a lot out there. But we keep coming back to the Philips Series 7000 Beard Trimmer because of its unique design, and we’ve yet to find anything out there that ticks (and passes) all the boxes like this one.