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After getting a minute leak fixed victaulic t gasket, I reschedule the installation for 3/2/19. The same driver Raul showed up on time for installation. He looked at the hot water valve this time and said he could not install, there is a water leak. I knew, there was no leak. I told Raul to place the new washer in place and haul the old washer. I will install it by myself. The tune changed. Raul repeated more than one-time saying, You know this is my second time here. You need the washer hooked up. At this time I realized that something not right here. I am a 68-year-old fellow and someone is trying to take advantage of me here. When I told Raul that just leave the washer and I will sign for the delivery. He then said he would install it but don’t let the company know. The electricity magnetism and electromagnetism washer was installed and Raul said everything was fine. There was no leak. He made me signed the paper works and left. I felt that Raul was giving me a hard time because of my age and my Indian nationality.

On 3/3/19, I called Best Buy and reported the incidence. I spoke with Cherry at full length. When finished, Cherry gave me case #**. As of today, March 26, I have not heard from Best Buy. Because of this incidence, I will not purchase any large appliances from Best Buy in the future. Consumers, look out so that you will not go through what I did.

Today I bring one of the tablets in because the plug part was broken and it wouldn’t charge (mind you it has been less than a month since electricity towers in japan purchased). I was told by the associate, yes we have to go ahead and exchange since it’s cheaper than repair. I said well ok since I have the extended warranty. She then asks if I wanted to buy yet another warranty for that tablet since it was being exchanged therefore closing the warranty. I was LIVID, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

Then I was asked if I had the power cord to which I replied no as I thought it would be fixed. Not exchanged. She says, Well we have to charge you for a cord. Ok now livid doesn’t compare to how I feel. Needless to say they didn’t charge me for the cord gas 91 octane, did do the exchange BUT I HAVE NO WARRANTY OF WHICH I PAID FOR A 2YR WARRANTY AND NO ONE SAID WHEN I PURCHASED THIS WOULD BE THE CASE!! I asked the associate at the time it was purchased. Now this is good for 2 years and there is no hidden agenda here with it? He laughs and says no 2 years no matter what!! BAIT AND SWITCH AT ITS FINEST!!

I told them I did not want to cancel my order – they said, “Go back and order it again.” I politely said okay so as not to be rude, went back online. HOW electricity outage austin CONVENIENT – the price had changed $750 on the same oven. So now, I have a cancelled order and the oven I need is much more expensive. I call to get my old order price matched. They absolutely refuse to do it. I’ve called 3 times now and escalated it up the electricity production by state management chain. Will they honor the price that I was given? Nope, they won’t honor my price, and they won’t bring it for at least 8 weeks now. They say, “Too bad, so sad, you shouldn’t have inferred that you might want to cancel your order, that gave us enough reason to cancel it.”

Well, now I’m not only cancelling my order, I’m cancelling my credit card there, and not using them to put in the appliances for the new home I’m buying. Why didn’t they honor my price? They’re getting 5 figures from me in credit card charges! Why did they cancel my order when I said I just wanted to know if they could bring it any sooner? Why is management so rude to me? I’m really displeased with their attitude, I’ve been nothing but polite. Apparently I was too polite, and should have electricity sources in us made a stink the very first phone call, instead of being nice.

On the other things I ordered: of the 4 major items I have ordered in the past 2 years, all appliances have been repeatedly put off for installation, and I kept being told it was the manufacturer, not Best gas weed Buy. I’m not believing that load of nonsense anymore, and moving all of my business elsewhere, as a different store said this manufacturer is always on time. Buyer beware. When they schedule you on that great deal, they won’t honor the time frame for installation. They also might just cancel your order and then not honor the price of the item at all! Oh, and they scratched up my kitchen floor with one of the installs, also. Just go elsewhere!

Eventually, I went into the BEST BUY Store, and sought to resolve the issue their electricity projects in pakistan. However, the employees at Best Buy got the same experience: transferred calls and disconnection. We were unable to book an appointment after being on hold for two hours at the store, and the manager of the store got upset and couldn’t understand what the problem was with his own Geek Squad.

I tried this a second time at the store, using their phones, and we had the same experience: dropped calls, transferred calls, and no call backs. When electricity generation by source I tried to locate a number I could call to make a complaint, there was nobody who could tell me who to call. They just loop you back into the transferred calls. It was so frustrating. Eventually after dozens of similar attempts, I was able to book an appointment, and they came to attempt to fix my device. However, their fix lasted a week, and now I’m experiencing the same problems again.

I have gone through the same process for the passed week, and I have been unable to connect with someone who can book me an appointment gas vs electric oven review to fix the device, so I spoke to someone and asked them to just replace the device, but I was told that they have the right to try to fix my device at least three times, before they might even consider replacing it. How ridiculous! I hate this company, and I my next step is to file a consumer complaint. I still have a broken oven, and no way of getting a repair. Best Buy and Geek Squad.