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Change the oil in your motorcycle without the headache of the mess with the Ernst Greg’s Drip-Free Oil Filter Funnel. For all gas vs electric stove top Harley Davidson Evo and TwinCam 1985 to current with forward spin on oil filter. Fits all Touring, Dyna, Softail, and Sportsters. Keep oil from damaging your rubber engine mount. This superior U-shaped design fits the Harley like no other funnel can. Punch nail and tube are included for easy k electric bill draining. With your motorcycle still leaning on its stand, slip in this Oil Filter Drain Funnel, punch a drain hole in the top of the filter, twist the filter 180 degrees , and then relax. When empty, finish spinning the filter off. This unique design fits most new Harley Davidson models except for V-Rods. It even fits forward control bikes electricity word search j farkas answers or those with crankcase sensors. Included with the Funnel is a punch and tube for getting the oil past the fairings on some bikes. This multipurpose funnel is also great for refilling fluids. Fits gas constant for air perfect in tight places for refilling your oil, transmission, and primary fluids. Includes hang tab for use on pegboards. Made in the USA. Lifetime guarantee.

The ARES Coolant Filling Kit includes everything you need to safely and conveniently refill automotive coolant systems without having to worry about spills that could lead to trapped air pockets and squeaky belts. Thanks a gas has to the threaded cap adapters, this set will work for radiators and surge tanks on most imported and domestic cars and light trucks, while the extensions, elbows, and clear hoses will allow you to work confidently in hard to reach places.

Includes: 1 pc. funnel, 1 pc. fluid stopper, 1 pc. threaded cap adapter with gasket for GM, 1 pc. threaded cap adapter with gasket for Ford, 1 pc. small electricity physics formulas cap, 1 pc. medium cap, 1 pc. large cap, 1 pc. 5-inch straight extension, 2 pc. 2 1/4-inch 45 degree elbows, and 2 pc. clear tubes Spill-proof design Prevents squeaky belts electricity word search answers and trapped air pockets caused by spillage Stopper helps prevent excessive pressure build-up during filling Extension and elbows allow for work in hard-to-reach places Works with radiators and surge tanks on most imported and domestic cars and light trucks

If your vehicle has a closed coolant system, chances are that it easily overheats or belts squeak due to coolant overflow. To completely remove the air from the coolant system on vehicles with a fill static electricity images cap on the radiator, the ABN | Radiator Filler Coolant Refill Kit will get the job done without spills or messes. This radiator bleeder kit allows you electricity in indian villages to operate the engine at or near operating temperature without overflowing coolant. This is beneficial for purging air in the system that may be trapped prior to the thermostat opening. It also allows you to check for blown head gaskets once the system is completely purged of air. Operating the engine with a blown head gasket will produce air bubbles that can be tested with an emissions analyzer (not included) to see if they are exhaust gases. WARNING: This electricity trading jobs product can expose you to chemicals which is [are] known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

• PERFORM TESTS REFILL FLUIDS: The ABN | Cooling System Refiller Kit Coolant Burping Funnel Radiator Flush Kit prevents squeaky belts and spills when changing radiator coolant oil n gas prices, flushing systems, vacuum filling, or replacing hoses; Connects to radiator and seals for hands-free work so you can fill fluid level higher than radiator (allows for coolant expansion) to remove trapped air pockets or head gasket combustion leak bubbles that can otherwise cause cooling system errors and heater issues

• BUILT TO LAST: 6.75-inch x 8.25-inch (17.1cm x 21cm) overall with 0.75-inch (1.9cm) outside diameter (OD) coolant fill funnel tip electricity worksheets for 4th grade that securely fits the included adapters of different sizes; While there are no measurement markings on the coolant spill free funnel, it can hold a maximum of approximately 70 ounces (2.1 L); Constructed from opaque yellow hard-plastic components; 3 out of 5 cap adaptors include steel rings to hold the adaptors in place

• EASY TO USE: Insert npower electricity bill appropriate adaptor and cap on your radiator, place funnel in adapter, add your coolant, with engine running 93 gas near me allow trapped air to escape through funnel, squeeze radiator hose, insert stopper, transfer remaining fluid to a container or overflow reservoir; If using funnel lid – allow fluids cool to ambient temperature, place funnel plug into funnel neck, remove funnel and fluid, drain captured fluid into a container, replace cap on the now air-free radiator