Best cheap portable mig welder reviews for the money with advices m gasbuddy


• A good machine should not only MIG weld – but be able to work both with and without gas, and possibly wire fed flux welding too. The MIG welder must be capable of both gas and gasless welding. Also there some superior quality MIG welding machines that are capable of stick welding. If you are really enthusiastic, there are welders that are also capable of stick welding. Overall, your welder should do more than just MIG weld

• Ideal Things You Will Weld in the Future – the MIG Welder must be purchased when you are sure that the metals which you will join together ranges from thin to medium thick. Moreover, there will be no problem about the type of metals to use because MIG Welder is okay with wide varieties including: stainless steel, magnesium, silicon bronze, aluminum, nickel, carbon steel, copper and other alloy forms.

• Estimated Number of Time to Use MIG Welder – you must know or make an appropriate calculation of how many hours and how many days you expect to use your MIG Welder so you will be able to select high capacity or medium capacity with this basis.

Either for Hobby Purpose, Business Purpose or Both – you must have a clear vision about the main purpose of your MIG Welder; particularly for where will you use it as the models can be perfect only for the hobby or for industrial.. 4.Easy to Use

Despite all of these standards, a MIG welder should be somewhere around 500-1000 dollars, so don’t buy the most expensive one on the market. Furthermore, a welder should come with around 5 year’s warranty, as they tend to last longer than that.

• 7 Days to 1 Month Replacement Period – this is very important even though we know quality control is part of manufacturing as you will have the rights to return the MIG Welder when it fails to work efficiently or simply you do not want the model you pick.

• At Least 3 Years of Manufacturer Warranty –this will make the room for repairing MIG Welder in case you encounter usage problem within the span of years. Ideally, you must select a brand that offers minimum of 3 years and up to 5 years is enough.

• Too many functions in one machine: While having the functions described above is recommended, it is better to have a few specialized machines, instead of one that does everything badly. Furthermore, if you are only going to MIG weld, there is no need for other functions.

• Right power demand: When you are buying a MIG welder, consider the scale of the projects. No need to buy one that has 10 kW, when all you are going to do is a small project. Similarly, do not buy the smallest power demand if you will use your machine on thick metals.

• Overall, MIG welders are available on the market in a huge variety. Remember that the cheapest (or the most expensive) welder may not be the best one. Consider what you are going to use the welder for, and think about your budget. If you do things right, you will have a multiuse tool that can be used to weld virtually anything!

• Know the Exact Features of MIG Welder You Are Looking For: this will let you focus on brands and models which suit the best about features you are looking for MIG Welder specifications that will be beneficial for most welding projects you want and/or needs to do in the future.

• MIG Welder Composition Materials – you must never consider a low end MIG Welders even though it is tempting to buy such kind of industrial machine because of an affordable price offer as the greater kind of MIGs; which usually came from European countries will give best wire feed units and overall electronic parts inside the MIGs.

• Industrial Materials it can Weld – there are lots of high-end MIG Welder brands and each have pros and cons different from one into another. For example, Lincoln Electric MIGs work best for aluminum and stainless steels and the Hobart MIGs work best for mild and solid stainless steels but not as great for working on aluminum materials. You must know the specific metals you will weld using one MIG Welder alone, along with the proper estimation of the thinness and thickness of the materials.

Welding requires hard work and having a great kind of MIG Welder to use for your future projects has a great thing to do for producing great industrial products you aim to see as a result so choose wisely when you make your first purchase soon and get the best satisfaction.