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We are very happy to provide the China tour reviews. It was a great trip – the guides SARA was especially enjoyable (in Beijing) since as we toured the sites, she gave us the facts, but also put things in a Context of young modern people. She was able to bring humor into the conversation during the driving to and from sites. In Xi’an CAROL was able to give us an excellent experience about the history of the Terracotta Warriors. In Shanghai – our smaller group were very happy with Ocean- he was able to pack so much in one day. Like Sara he was able to bring some perspective on how the history of China affected him, what we especially liked about Ocean was that he was able to get us tickets into the ERA Acrobats and a nighttime trip to the Bund, additional to the planned day trip. So we did not get back to the Hotel until 10pm, I imagine that he did not get home to after midnight. He certainly seemed happy and proud to do the extra things we asked for; Ocean also helped several of the couples with transport to the airport on the last day.

My father and I enjoyed the sights and the sceneries very much. Your country is very beautiful and the people are very hospitable. We had a great time. I have told all my friends about the beautiful places and also the excellent services your company provided. Please see our China tour reviews below:

The company was very great to work with right from the start. They planned our trip exactly as we had requested and were able to see all the sights and cities that we wanted. The company accommodated every request. The arrangements were seamless and our time was very well planned and well spent.

All our guides were very friendly and knowledgeable. They were very professional and at the same time very good company. They were very thoughtful. They are very passionate about their work and also very patient and managed our inquiries and accommodated our requests very well.

All the places and cities we visited had a lot of history and beauty in them. Rich in culture and history. The shows we saw were simply amazing. Our travel from one destination to the next was seamless and very well planned to save as much time as possible and was a great experience in itself. The high-speed trains were very comfortable and time-saving.

Overall I will give ten out of ten to your company, the arrangements, the drivers, the cars, the guides and the sights and cities. I would use no other company other than TCG when visiting China again. My father and I thoroughly enjoyed our trip. Your company and your guides made our visit very memorable. 🙂

We were very, very happy with the tour you arranged for us. All of the flights were booked before we got to the airport; the guides all got our boarding passes for us and ensured that we knew exactly where to go to board the planes, security etc. The itinerary gave us everything that we asked for and more.

The guides were exceptional in every section of our trip and knew many short cuts and on buses they made sure we were in the front seats to make sure we did not get sick on the winding roads. Their local knowledge paid off, because they were all able to give us the history and facts about every site we visited. All of the guides (and the drivers) were very friendly and went out of their way to be helpful. Eddie in Beijing set the pattern for our holiday, setting a high standard to compare everyone against and none of your guides disappointed us in any way. Well done to Eddie, Lola, Lucky, Samantha and last of all- Leo-a great sense of humor (he made us laugh a lot), and extensive knowledge of Shanghai and its surrounds. We would like to go back to Shanghai in a couple of years and see more.

One last thing that we would like to say is that the meals with families (particularly Xian) was a real highlight. We thought we would not like this all, but we were sure wrong about that. It turns out that Chinese people are not very different to Australians in most things, and this is why we felt so comfortable in your country.

Thank you very much again for a wonderful holiday Wendy, and thank you for being so patient during the process of arranging everything we wanted as we built the custom made tour itinerary. I am open to my China tour company reviews being used for your webpage if you desire.