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We had a full, full day on the Double D, with Dave Irwin. Definitely a trip highlight. We literally were with bp gas prices ny him from 9 am to 7 pm. We hit four snorkel spots, had lunch on the Willy T and then stopped at Cooper for happy hour and dinner. Note: This was an exception and not his normal tour, but Dave was super accommodating due to our anniversary request. By the end of the day, we decided we will never charter with anyone else on VG. He is just a great man, competent captain, wonderful storyteller and funny, funny, guy. Note, your interaction can be as big or little as you want, but if you don’t chat him up, you are doing yourself a disservice. There have been some criticism about his boat, so if you are looking for a boat show boat, go elsewhere. But if you are wanting k gas cylinder a true experience, no time limit, no fuss, laid back , fun day…Dave Irwin is THE MAN. And the ladder, is awesome. I am a middle aged woman and the ladder was very easy to get up and down. Dave – thank you again, from your four friends from Virginia. Love the shirt!! More Show less

Had a fun trip to Anegada for the day with Angel as our Captain. The boat was not electricity facts for 4th graders quite as expected – a little worn, but ok. Drinks and snorkle gear provided, and Angel snorkled with us. Overall, not as expected based on other reviews, but still a good time. Left the dock at Spanish Bay at 8:30am, picked up 3 more at Leverick Bay. The other family had made arrangements to bonefish in Anegada, but when we arrived in Anegada they were told the boat was e payment electricity bill up not working so their trip was delayed until 1:30pm. We had to wait for them to get their lunch that they had pre-ordered for pick up at 10:15, but it wasn’t ready. Then we all got on a taxi to Loblolly Beach. Arrived Loblolly about 11am or so, pre-ordered lunch at Big Bamboo for 12:30pm, and then swam and snorkled a bit. Had grilled Anegada lobster and vegetables, which were fantastic! Ate lunch with Angel until about 1:30pm grade 9 current electricity test, then back to the beach until 2:30pm. Took the taxi back to the dock, but the other family wasn’t back from their fishing gas and water company trip. Angel was unsure what to do about the missing people. We sat there and waited on them for about an hour. Walked around and sat at bar. Angel bought us a round of drinks – THANK YOU (the other family should have done that!). Cruised back to Virgin Gorda about 4:00pm. Altogether a fun time, just a little inconvenienced by others, and our trip was cut a bit short due to accommodating their personal agenda. Thankful for rum and beautiful scenery!

We arrived to meet Dave and his gas oil mix ratio chart boat, no Dave. A different Captain instead. Angel. Nice enough guy. No huge deal. What was alarming was how rough this boat appeared. A step ladder used for painting rigged to the back of the boat and then another actual boat ladder off of that to get into the water for a snorkelling and island trip? We had two older adults with us who have snorkelled in their travels across the world who were not risking life and limb to get up and down the rigged up ladder. The seats at the back of the boat were so old and rotted gas vs diesel rv out one broke midway through our trip and all 3 people fell on the ground! Shards of metal everywhere. What a joke! The WORST part was this so called cruise power boat had one engine working. It couldn’t hold a straight line and took us over 4 hours to get british gas jokes to Jost Van Dyke. Everyone was very sea sick and at times the boat almost tipped. Sail boats were passing us. We were maybe doing 4-5 knots the whole way to Jost. Needless to say we left the Captain and the boat in Jost Van Dyke and paid $1400 dollars to travel back one way to Virgin Gorda which took about 45 minutes. Dave the Captain who never showed up, who I had to call and text over and over gave us our money back which we had to put towards our way back to Virgin Gorda. It was our last day electricity 2015. So much for ending on a high note! Double D charters is totally misrepresenting their product selling any charters on this boat. What a joke!