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A lot of controversy upon the subject. It’s not my purpose to enter in lengthy and usually pointless discussion. I assume that you have a healthy dog 6+ months of age and the dog is active and you really care about its health, education and socialization with other animals and people. If you don’t live alone in an island and you love your hairy friend, read further.

Yes, i am talking about life and death situations here and that is why i recommend using dog shock collars. Avoid disasters like car, bike, traffic accidents which can lead to death and injuries to both parties. I can write a book here, just imagine what could happen if you lose control of your pet.

Lets face the truth. At least 99% of the dog owners on one occasion or another, have shouted like crazy, kicked or beaten their dog. Even if they love him a lot. And i am not talking about a gentle slap here! Be sincere and improve your life together! People like talking about humanity and behave in the totally opposite manner sometimes. While the dog perceives raising voice and aggressive behaviour like something personal and suffers as it is a pack animal and a friend, short electric impulse means nothing personal to him other than “I must stop what i am doing”. Yes, it is that simple. What Else A Dog Shock Collar Can Do

Apart from correcting the dog via high voltage pulse many remote collars also implement one or more of the following functions: emit ultrasound,various sounds and beeps, vibration, night safety light. This functions can be used as a separate call or whatever command. Many find their dog reacts only to vibration, so they not use the shock function at all. However Please Note: Vibration or sound command if issued like a warning and then issued shock command is believed by many people, including myself as a mistake. In a future post this would be investigated more profoundly. Dog Shock Collars Buyers Guide

Many shock collars produce a beep or a vibration as warning before giving a severe shock to your dog. These shock collars also allow you to give a verbal command “No!” or “Down!” with the vibration or warning beep to further interrupt the unwanted behavior.

– What info will give you a person who tries to sell you a training dog collar? From them you will hear what you want to hear. Most of them do not believe firmly or have a stable opinion on what they sell, they will twist like snakes to find your weak point and offer you what you will like, not what you need.

– What people say in forums or over the internet? Most of them don’t have the slightest idea or usually have experience first hand from only one product. Not to speak about the crappy webs with stolen content or written by asian “article writers”.

Note on Li-ion and Li-po batteries. They must have IC / integral circuit/ integrated in each battery otherwise they can burst some day on your dog’s neck/ yes i read this happened/ or can explode while charging. Take a screwdriver and check if yours say :”IC protected” , if not check the number and buy some new ones from eBay or amazon or your trusted seller.

The info below is for the more technical,so don’t bother if not interested, what you can do is simply make sure yourself that it can be submerged, reading carefully in the description or asking the seller. Any way, in the recommended categories of collars to buy, below in other post , there will be note about this, so there is no real need to worry and waste time.

Common sense is all needed. Dogs can carry a lot of weight without bothering them. Simply is not a good idea to buy a collar meant for small dogs and try to fit it on a large one, and vice versa. 6. Dog Shock Collar Transmitter size and weight

Should be considered what is needed now and what features can become handy in the future. Mostly has to be taken in account if it can control more than one receivers and up to how many. Most of the dog shock collars can control 2, 3, 6 or more dogs at once. Just adding extra receivers.

Ease of use is connected with the quantity of functions. The choice has to be balanced. Most people prefer the exact functions they need with simple operation. After all it can be quite challenging to browse complicated menus in the dark to find a simple function even if it has LCD display. Personal choice there, people usually stick with no more than 5 buttons, often without LCD is preferred.

Anybody can decide for himself about what he needs and how much he can afford. At the next post there will be information about the real deals in every price range and what we try to find is : Could there be Pro and Normal dog shock collars at under the 100$ tag. Also will be first hand reviews, video and pictures, so stay in touch! Types of Dog Shock Collars

There are many modifications to this system. Some collars require owners to control it manually and increase the shock value if the dog consistently crosses the boundaries while others adjust the shock level automatically depending on the dog’s behavior.

From a psychological prospect, the idea is exceptionally simple. Pets have such behavior that force you to give substantial punishment to them. Here “punishment” refers to the intended effect, which is the removal of undesired behavior. A perfect example of substantial punishment is when a child offends and a parent yells at him.

Some models frequently allow more severe injuries each time they’re initiated. A shock collar invented to prevent a dog from continuous barking gives the mild discomfort to the dog rather than the intense pain. The shock caused by an acclaimed shock collar is 100 % secure. It is surely sufficient to get your dog’s consciousness and discourage its certain unwanted behaviors, and it won’t do any constant physical abuse to anyone. Placing the Shock Collar Properly

If the collar is too big or placed wrongly, the prongs that deliver the shock will make alternate contact, or no contact at all and this alternate contact can be dangerous, because the shock becomes irregular. Due to these irregular shocks, the dog may have a hard time making an association with the prongs.