Best electric cooktops of 2018 – glossy ceramic-glass stove tops electricity lessons grade 6

This ceramic glass cooktop gives you five heating elements including one with multiple heating rings. These include 6-inch, 7-inch and 8-inch standard burners, a dual burner that can expand from 6 to 9 inches, and a 6-inch warming burner. With so many heating areas, you can use different sized pans and easily cook a variety of foods at different temperatures at the same time.

The touch pad controls are arranged in a semi-circle in the central front part of the cooktop and each control area has its own semi-circle of indicators that shows the temperature setting. On the left, you’ll find the “warm” and “child lock” controls.

Some of the valuable safety features included with this cooktop a child lock to help prevent youngsters from getting burned, a hot surface indicator to help anyone of any age avoid burns, and an automatic shut-off function, which is not often found on electric cooktops. If you turn the power on and do not select a burner (LG calls them “cooking zones”) within 15 seconds, this cooktop will automatically turn the heat off to protect you and your kitchen.

We spent 80 hours researching gas cooktops to determine the 10 best and we did so with the idea that different cooks would want different things. We sought to find top-quality electric cooktops that give you a wide variety of features, capabilities and price tags so you could find the best for your kitchen and culinary style.

Among other things, we looked at sizes. We also checked how the heating elements were arranged on each cooktop, what kinds of controls were available and the location of the controls. In addition, we looked for safety features including child locks, heat indicators and automatic shut-off functions.

We also examined different temperature levels and which came with which cooktop. Some electric cooktops give you a rapid heating function that lets you bring pasta water to a boil in little time. Some also offer a low-temperature heating element dedicated to things like simmering foods or even just keeping them warm while other foods cook on the remaining burners.

To find our contenders, we researched on the internet, carefully read through manufacturer websites for individual models, checked the fine print in user manuals, looked carefully at warranties and read consumer reviews. We also spent time checking online videos, TV cooking shows, and read articles, cookbooks and cooking blogs. Periodically, we called manufacturers so we could give you accurate information if any questions arose.

If you cook for lots of people, or simply love to get plenty of good food ready, then a five-burner cooktop would no doubt be just right for you. However, if you don’t use that many pans, a four-burner could easily do the job and typically those models cost less as well. Frequently, good-quality electric cooktops have double- or triple-burner cooktops, meaning rings-within-rings of elements that heat up as needed when you set the controls. These work well to fit the type of pan you’re using on that particular burner.

An especially popular feature is the bridge, which is a heating area that links two burners and can be used to cook foods in long, oval roasting pans, or for use with grills or griddles. It also makes cooking easy when you have multiple cooking settings for heat levels and preset temperatures for favorite dishes. A burner with a fast-boil feature can be very helpful as can a simmer burner.

It’s great to have heat indicator lights or a glowing effect that let you know when an electric cooktop burner has been turned on. It also helps if the controls for your cooktop are located in an area where you don’t have to reach across hot burners to get to them.