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Spare your dog or cat the nausea-inducing stress of trips to the groomer with the Wahl Pet Pro Dog Grooming Clipper Set. With our low-noise electric pet clippers, your furry friend can relax in the familiar surroundings and scents of home while you perform salon-quality grooming worthy of a Best in Show ribbon. Complete with Snap-on color-coded guide combs, scissors, comb and more in a handy storage case, this deluxe dog grooming kit has everything you need to keep your pet s coat healthy and shiny.

With our exclusive Power Drive System the Wahl Pet Pro Grooming Kit offers 30% more cutting power to remove stubborn gas variables pogil answers mats and tangles with ease. Self-sharpening high carbon steel blades are precision-ground for smooth, snag-free cutting that is gentle and effective. Our blades our ground, not stamped like some competitors. If you own Andis clippers or Oster clippers, we invite you to try the Wahl difference. Adjustable taper lever lets you customize cutting lengths to accommodate all breeds, sizes and fur types of both dogs and cats. Whether you re grooming a Teacup Poodle to Retriever, your pet will emerge from your grooming session calm and well-coifed.

If the blades are not oiled, it may be possible the blades will not move. However, even if not oiled, the clipper will usually have enough power to run. If the voltage in your home is low, then the clipper s motor may make a loud noise. There is an adjustment screw on the side of the clipper that will correct that issue (noted in the instructions gas after eating red meat). Note: This clipper is made to be only used in the USA. If used outside the USA, voltages are different and can affect performance and may damage the product. Save yourself time, money, and headaches between trips to the barber with the best in men s grooming. Add the Wahl Pet Pro Grooming Kit to your cart today! If you have any questions about use or maintenance, don t hesitate to contact us! Customer Service info is or call us 1.815.548.8256.

Wahl Professional Animal Clipper Oil is recommended for use with all Wahl Professional Animal blades for regular maintenance and optimal performance. Wahl strongly encourages groomers and pet owners to oil and clean their blades before and after every use to ensure your electricity questions and answers physics clipper’s blade achieves maximum performance. The clipper oil helps reduce friction and heat that electricity calculator may be produced during the clipping and trimming of your animal’s coat. It also reduces the likelihood of the blades becoming dull and helps increase blade durability. Note: using any other lubricant on Wahl clippers may cause damage to your blades and clipper and may void your clipper’s warranty. Caution: May be harmful or fatal if swallowed; contains petroleum distillates; keep out of reach of children and pets.

3310-230 Wahl Blade Oil Professional Blade Maintenance by Wahl Professional Animal Wahl’s Blade Oil is a top of the line professional blade maintenance product. Wahl blade oil can be used on ALL Wahl blade types for optimum blade care. The convenient 4 oz. size is easy to use; Place 2 or 3 drops of oil between blades every few clips (depending on how often gas 1940 you use your clipper; the more you use it the more often the blades need to be oiled.) For best results use Wahl Clini Clip on your blades before an oil application for complete blade care.

Guaranteed At Wahl we understand that there are several types of product styles to purchase and that sometimes you may desire to try a different product. With this in mind all Wahl products have a full no questions asked 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason your product does not work to your complete satisfaction simply call 1-800-PRO-WAHL for an exchange to a product that fits your needs or for a full refund. Please have your sales receipt available when contacting Wahl.

Wahl Professional Animal’s Deluxe U-Clip medium-duty home pet grooming kit contains everything you need to complete a professional-style clip for your dog or cat. Ideal for touch-ups between groomer visits, the Deluxe U-Clip is great for clipping gas up the jet paws, faces, and finishing touches–and even light body clipping for dogs and cats, making clipping at home ultra convenient. Built to achieve maximum performance with an advanced patented motor, the Deluxe U-Clip provides substantial power and speed without producing additional heat or noise. Suitable For:

7,200 strokes per minute makes clipping quick easy Easy-to-adjust cutting lengths of #30, #15, and #10 for smooth, no-snag cutting Advanced, patented motor delivers increased power for more efficient cutting Cord/Battery: Corded Speeds: 1 Speed SPM/RPM: Up to 7,200 Motor: Electromagnetic Dimensions: 6.5 by 2 inches Weight: 1 pound 2-year limited warranty Made in the USA What’s in the Box?

Why won’t my clipper feed through the hair? Chances are that the clipper is functioning properly, however the problem usually is within the blade set. Most often, the blade sets may be dull or have a buildup of dirt and hair. Sometimes all it takes is one hair trapped between the top and bottom blades to affect the cutting performance of the blades. Remove the blade from the clipper and use the cleaning brush provided to remove any accumulated dirt and hair. Oil generously with the Wahl e payment electricity bill mp blade oil and reassemble. If the blade is dull or worn, you may elect to have it resharpened at the factory, credible sharpening service, or purchase a new blade at a Wahl dealer. Can my blades be sharpened? Most Wahl blades are designed for maximum life and can be resharpened by Wahl Clipper or a credible independent sharpening service. Check with a Wahl dealer or call 800-PRO-WAHL for information regarding your clipper and blades.

Do I need to oil my blades? It is strongly recommended that you keep your blades well lubricated at all times, even during storage between usage. Although Wahl blades are protected from corrosion, they will eventually rust if not taken care of properly. It is suggested that you apply a liberal amount of oil occasionally during use and after the job is finished. Take the time to properly clean the dirt and hair from your gas and bloating blade and apply oil to the entire blade to prevent corrosion.

The Oster Professional Turbo A5 Heavy Duty Animal Grooming Clippers offer a fast and easy way to groom pets and livestock. With a heavy-duty 2-speed universal motor that delivers up to 4,000 strokes per minute (SPM) and a wider blade sweep, these pet clippers glide through thick, coarse hair easily–including heavily matted hair. The universal motor is designed to be quiet, providing a more pleasant grooming experience. These electric clippers offer two speeds for ideal versatility. The low speed provides precision with quieter performance perfect for clipping sensitive areas, while the high speed delivers maximum power for faster trims and full body shave downs. Ideal for dogs, cats, horses, and livestock, the Professional Turbo A5 pet clippers come with a detachable #10 CryogenX blade, blade oil, clipper grease, a cleaning brush, and replacement carbon 1 electricity unit in kwh brushes. Dimensions: 1.9 inch H x 2.1 inch W x 8.2 icnh L, Weight:1.7 Pounds,Cord length: 12 feet,Watts: 45 W, Compatible with all Oster A5 detachable blades.