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But all of this changed during the 90s when the leaders in the electronic drums industry, Roland and Yamaha started experimenting and bringing in new features, making this one of the biggest technological advancements in the musical industry.

Even if digital drums started as something that did not have a huge impact in the beginning, we are so happy that Roland and Yamaha didn’t give up on them and eventually turned them into something that can be good as acoustic drums and even better than them for certain artists needs. Benefits of Going Digital

If you are hitting drums in an apartment where your family lives, electronic drums can be very quiet which will allow you to play them at all times. It is simple as plugging in headphones and you can be isolated within your drumming experience.

Although not all of the drum sets in this review are designed to minimize the space occupied by the set, most of the electronic drum sets are smaller than the regular acoustic drum set. Keep in mind that you are not loosing anything with their reduction in size, digital drum sets are smaller than acoustic sets because they don’t need bulky drums.

These are just some of the reasons to consider acquiring electronic drum sets. Further down below I will outline some of the things which you should know if you are a beginner before deciding which drum set to purchase. If you are familiar with how things work on a set, just go ahead and skip to the reviews further below. Rubber Pads vs. Mesh Heads

The first thing that you are going to notice is the lack of response when hitting with the sticks. This is especially true if you are going to be using a set with rubber pads. If you are using a set with mesh heads then you are in a better position because they offer a much better response and they will allow you to adjust the tension.

Another thing that you are going to experience is the change in the source of the sound. If you were using acoustic drums then you are used to the sound spreading from the drums over the entire room, but once you change to the electronic drum set you will notice that the sound is originating from the speakers.

I will be listing digital drum sets by their quality and price ratio, unfortunately, most of us artists are not loaded so the price is something we have to take into a consideration and that is why I will be listing drum sets which are actually best for the money.

Without further a due, the following electric drum set represents a perfect ratio between the quality and the price and that is why I have decided to write about it first. It offers optimal performance for the money invested. 1. Roland TD-30K V-Pro Series

It offers everything from high-quality mesh heads to the advanced sensing technology and SuperNATURAL sounds. The sensation is identical like when playing the acoustic drums because of the introduction of the advanced sensing technology which is responsible for making it an instrument that reacts and responds to all the subtleties, nuances, and dynamics of a drummer’s technique.

This is the best electronic drum set that was ever made and it will remain that way for some time because the sound quality coming from this badass is unmatched until the present day. There are not any downsides to this beast really, apart from the price everything else is perfect.

This is pretty much the same drum set as the first choice apart from one difference. The price of this set is way higher than the one I decided to go with as the number one choice. This is the best drumset that Roland has to offer but I believe that a miniature improvement in quality can’t justify the huge difference when it comes to price and that is why this electronic drum set sits on a third place instead of first.

Again, this is the prime model of Roland industry, everything is perfect from the sound quality to the responsiveness and feedback. There is nothing negative I can say when it comes to sound quality, models TD-30K and TD-30KV are best from Roland and they are setting the bar when it comes to quality, this is as good as it gets.

The only reason why I would recommend this drum set over the first pick is in the case if you were looking for a 7 piece digital drum kit. Otherwise, I would suggest sticking with the first Roland TD-30K model, the quality is the same but the price is way lower for the first choice.

Alright now let’s move on to something that’s in an affordable range of almost everyone who wishes to play on a digital drum set. This right here is one of the best electronic drum sets there are for the smaller amount of money than the big boys above.

However this is a high quality set, it will not disappoint you and it will satisfy all of the beginner needs and even more than that. If you are a solo drummer enthusiast and love to play for the feel of it, then this drum is a perfect option.

But you must understand that the sound quality is not going to be like in any of the professional drum sets above. Still, this is a great choice because unless you are doing something that requires every tone to be absolutely perfect you will not even notice the difference.

Roland states that this electronic drum set is perfect for beginners and professionals alike but even if they claim that this drum set would do great on stage I wouldn’t bang the drums during a live performance with anything that’s below the professional league.

This is also a great option if you are planning to do drums on stage but are not ready to spend a lot of money, sure you will miss some of the high-end features but this set will keep you in check until you earn for your next more professional set.