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We were collected by Rosa, one of the guides, a little before noon, and then we went to collect e electricity bill the other two couples on the tour. After that, we were off to visit two major waterfalls on the south coast and the black sand beach. Rosa gave us a good series of descriptions as we went around, with local folklore and recent history (that volcano starting with E was prominent…). We even had time for a short detour for a major amount of scenery from atop a cliff near a lighthouse that Rosa doesn’t always visit. The bubbles were clean, though the constant noise from the inflating fans may prove annoying to some (I can live with it), and the beds were comfortable gas out game rules. There are toilet facilities close to the bubbles, but the bubbles themselves are spread far apart through the trees so you can only see lights in the distance if they’re on. Be aware that gas yourself the locations on the tour are easily accessible via rented car (4×4 for the cliff top), but the sleeping facilities are unique. However, like any hotel room, you’re there to sleep, and if you want to guarantee a night sky or the aurora borealis, it’s outside of the tour operator’s hands. I liked it, but it’s more a one-off for me.

In the interest of full disclosure, most of what made this experience so spectacular lies it the awesome beauty of the sites at Golden Circle and the fact that we had electricity jokes riddles fantastic weather, which by this point in my trip to Iceland I had learned what a gift that is! But there are some luxuries provided in this tour which you just won’t find any other way. First and foremost is the guide. I was not expecting the driver to also be such a fantastic guide. Some other tours I found were run by young people from Norway, Denmark, etc electricity jewels. My guide Olafur was a true Icelander and an absolute wealth of contemporary and historical information about Iceland. I learned not only about the sites we were visiting, but everything from politics to music to folklore. I brought an Audible book specifically for the car ride and did not even think of reaching for it, his stories and sense of humor kept the whole group gas station jokes entertained. Obviously, I cannot speak for all guides, but if you get a chance to ride with Olafur, you will not be disappointed! The second huge advantage, of course, is the Bubbles. Although they are all close enough to the common house (which includes a small kitchen, table and two bathrooms with showers), it still felt completely isolated. Inside the bubble, you feel immersed in nature, but unlike camping you are in a magnificently comfortable bed in a climate-controlled space. While the absolute dream would gas after eating meat be to have the northern lights out, I had the next best thing which was a soothing drizzle from clouds reflecting the warm glow of surrounding greenhouses. After a relaxing Secret Lagoon sunset soak and delicious meal, I could have had such a peaceful night sleep there, but instead opted to stay up and take it in. As a solo traveler, I am not usually a fan of group tours. However, it really didn’t feel at all like you were electricity lessons for 5th grade being schlepped around like you do with bigger groups. With bigger numbers, you increase the chance that you are stuck waiting around for someone, and there is just too much to pack into the day. It helps that I had a good group of two fun couples. Also, the ride is incredibly relaxing, especially at the end of the day with rolling hills spotted with horses, sheep and even swans and some relaxing Sigur Ros on the stereo. After navigating the wet, windy v lab electricity and winding roads on my own for a few days, I was even more grateful for my experienced guide! The only downside for me is the cost (especially as there is a fee for solo travel save electricity pictures). I had to skimp in a few areas of my trip to work it out. I also justified it by turning my car in early when I got to Reykjavik (you do not need one to explore the city); thereby saving the two days I would have spent on the car and gas. In retrospect, you are paying for a guided tour in addition to transportation and a night’s stay. A couple helpful tips- there is a rest stop at Geysir with food, drink, bathroom, etc, which you hit right around lunch time. All the stops have restrooms available, and the “Secret” Lagoon has full indoor bathroom, shower and power energy definition even bar. There are only two showers at the Bubbles, just shower/dry your hair, etc at the Secret Lagoon. The restaurant at the end of the tour is as pricey as they all seem to be in Iceland. It was delicious, but gets a little overwhelmed with the tours, so try to get your order in quickly. I don’t know if it is how I would prefer to travel for all of Iceland (even if I could afford to), but the sites on the Golden Circle are already so saturated with tourists (for good reason gas x coupon 2014!), that you may as well do it with a tour and if the price is within your budget, I cannot recommend this one enough. It was an absolutely perfect end to my trip!