Best flat irons reviews – top 10 rated in 2017 origin electricity faults


If you have hair under this category, you can do two things: if your hair was styled or if you had your hair styled as dreads, cornrows, and braids, it is advised to have your hair untangled piece by piece and then you may straighten your hair afterwards. If you think this is not an option, you should pick 2 kinds of flat irons, one with thin plates so you can reach certain parts of your hair that are difficult to untangle with wide plates and another flat iron with regular-sized plates so you can finish off the partly-untangled hair. 3. Natural or treated?

Before buying a flat iron, you must not rely on advertisements or what your friend tells you to buy. If your hair is naturally straight, curly, or frizzy, it is advised to try flat irons that have plates measuring 1” and above and the device itself must have an adjustable dial. Natural hair responds differently to extreme heat exposure and you must be in control of the device at all times. Flat irons with fixed temperatures are difficult to manage and could burn your natural hair if you cannot manipulate it freely.

Your hair’s volume could affect the performance of your flat iron. The thinner the curls, the faster you will finish ironing or curling you hair. You should try plates that are thinner or less than an inch in width; however, if you have thick or slightly thick hair, you might want to use flat iron that have wide, heavy duty plates.

Well, this isn’t exactly easy to answer without considering criteria such as your hair type and length. For example, if you have long hair, past the shoulders, you might want an iron with 2″ plates. For short hair you definitely want 1″ or maybe even 3/4″ but we will get into that soon.

The first thing you need to know is about the materials used to make flat irons. Flat irons with plates that are made with ceramic or tourmaline help to spread out the heat. Furthermore you want an iron that uses infrared heat and negative ions.

Don’t be confused by technical jargon, just know that ceramic, tourmaline, negative ions, and infrared heat are the best materials to be found in a flat iron, and they have the greatest benefit to your hair. There is a difference between coated and made.. and you will find that the less expensive irons are ceramic coated, while the more expensive ones are made from ceramic materials. [/su_spoiler]

You want a flat iron with enough power to straighten you hair and an adjustable heat setting so that you can easily find the right heat setting for your hair. You don’t necessarily want to crank it all the way up to the highest heat setting, but the thicker and coarser your hair is, the higher heat you want to have. **Note: this is where it is also important to remember to get a good heat protectant to help protect your hair.

The size of plate that you want depends on the length of your hair. In general, get smaller plates for short hair and wider plates for long hair. However, I’ve found that for the most professional looking results, or if you want the versatility of being able to also curl your hair with the flat iron, or to make waves, get a smaller width plate size. This depends on the length of your hair.

Ideal for types 2A, 2B, and 2C hair, type 3A, 3B, and 3C hair, and short 4A and 4 A/B hair. The wide plates are neither too sleek nor too wide so you can still style your hair with the same device; however, for hair type no. 4, you can only use this device after you have untangled other parts of your hair with a sleeker device.

It’s a good idea to consider weight when you are thinking about which flat iron to purchase. This is another reason why smaller plates are a good idea, they are much lighter than the 2″ plates, for example. Also, especially if you have thick hair, straightening it yourself can take a long time. You want an iron with a good handle, a handle that doesn’t get too hot to hold, and that isn’t too heavy. Don’t laugh if you see “ergonomic handle” in the description. This is actually a great feature to help save your hands and wrists while you are working, and to also help you achieve more professional looking results. Price

As I mentioned earlier, it is best not to skimp on price when it comes to getting the best quality flat iron. Yes, you can get a flat iron for as little as $10, but before you go for the bargain deal, think about the possible damage to your hair. The best thing to do is check the materials and the other features, then get the most expensive flat iron that you can afford. Usually $75 – $100 is the expected range for the best flat irons. Brand

A professional grade flat iron is obviously better than a drugstore brand, however you can do pretty well with a Remington or Con-Air or Hot Tools iron. The most popular professional brands are Chi, Solia, gHD and Sedu. Again, make your checklist and check the product features then get the best that you can afford. At this point, you can also start to take color and extra features into consideration. You might like the baby blue Babyliss because its cute.. or you might prefer the red in the FHI Heat. All these irons basically use the same materials, so its just a matter of preference and possibly what you read in reviews.