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It uses rollers that move in a figure-eight pattern to increase circulation and rub away aches and pains. The machine also has two reflexology programs, which massage devotees believe helps your body heal and improves its equilibrium. Either way, this device provides pleasant massages that can help you relax your feet and calves.

This machine massages everything from your foot up to you calves, and you can choose to have hot air run through the device to make it more comfortable. The controls are located on the top of the machine, so you have to bend over to change the settings. Since it is open-ended, it can accomodate a wide range of foot sizes.

The Human Touch Reflex Pro is 18 x 17 x 19 inches, and it weighs 27 pounds. Fortunately, it has a carrying handles, which make it easier to move from room to room. The foot covers are removable and machine washable, which helps keep the device sanitary. Human Touch backs the Reflex Pro with a one-year warranty, which is typical for this kind of machine.

We spent over 25 hours evaluating 10 foot massagers to determine which are most convenient and have the most massage settings as well as what massage techniques they use. Products that offer more settings scored higher. For instance, foot massagers with multiple intensity settings and massage types did better than machines that only have one option. The National Library of Medicine has some helpful information and suggestions in addition to massage to help keep your feet healthy.

Since the machines we chose are vastly different from each other, we did not score them based on the massage technique they use. Additionally, price was not a factor into our rankings, though we do note where each massager falls on the price scale in its review.

We took each machine‘s dimensions into account since it determines what foot sizes it accomodates. Larger models scored higher since their size makes them useful for more people. Foot massagers are unavoidably bulky, so we also gave points to devices that are easy to carry and take up less space.

Some foot massagers are simply built for relaxation, while others are built to be rigorous muscle-healing machines. Typically, foot spa massagers are on the gentler side, using bubbles and manual tools to provide a simple massage. Machines that have nodes and engulf your feet – and sometimes calves – tend to offer a variety of intensity settings. They also tend to use more deep-tissue, muscle-healing massage techniques like Shiatsu or Tui na.

You need a massager that is wide and long enough to accommodate your feet. Unfortunately, many of these devices don’t fit larger feet. If you have large feet, you should consider getting an open-ended massager, since they are more likely to accommodate them.

Machines like foot spas use water to massage and relax your feet, and they also tend to come with pedicure kits. Some massagers work your entire calf along with your foot, while others only focus on the soles of your feet. Typically, the adjustment buttons are located on the top of the machine so they are easy to reach, but you have to bend down to make any changes. The best machines can also do heated massages to help circulate your blood and relax your muscles further.