Best gifts for college students – top 5 smartest list for 2018 gas and bloating pain


Last Updated: 7th May, 2018 Best Gifts for College Students – Top 5 Smartest List For 2018 It’s not difficult to make a list of the obvious “stuff” a freshman at college will need. Sheets and a pillow for the bed, clothes (and clothes hangers), a laptop and charger – those items would all go onto a student’s packing list without a second thought.

Other necessities like toiletries, zip-loc storage bags and flip-flops (to wear in often-dirty showers) might not occur to the student, but will certainly be added to the list by her mother. If her father gets in on the action, he might suggest a safe for the student’s valuables (ones disguised as college books are actually available) or a mini-toolkit to handle any disasters that might arise in her dorm room.

The Groom+Style team agrees that all of those should be on the list, along with other relatively obvious items like a laundry bag or basket, a desk lamp, and a portable fan. But none of those items are any fun – and they certainly couldn’t be called cool.

That’s why we set out to compile our own list of the top 5 must-have items for the first year of college. None of them meets what might be called “basic human needs.” All of them, however, will add greatly to a student’s quality of life as she gets used to living on her own in the often-tumultuous environment of a college dorm. What Will College Life Be Like?

For most first-year students, it’s going to be crazy. Just living in a building – and on a campus – with thousands of other teenagers can turn the average student’s perceptions and feelings upside-down. The responsibility of living without parental supervision and the difficulty of starting out with very few friends can create incredible stress and uncertainty. It can also lead to some very bad decisions which hopefully will be looked back on as nothing more than “learning experiences.”

On the academic side, the shock to a freshman’s system will be just as strong. Daily homework assignments will be replaced by syllabi that cover an entire semester, and it will be up to the student to properly manage her study time side-by-side with the rest of her on-campus life. And unless she’s the type to spend hours and hours at the library, her studying and assignments – and cramming for midterm and final exams – may have to be done in an environment filled with loud music, loud voices and a haze of sweet-smelling smoke.

It’s naturally comforting to make friends and find interesting classes early in the freshman year, but that’s not something that can be packed into a suitcase or the trunk of a car. The comfortable bedding, pillow, and clothes that are already on the list will definitely help, as will familiar wall hangings, stuffed animals or personal mementos.

But today’s first-year students depend first and foremost on their phones and devices, and like any generation of freshmen, on their music. Anything that guarantees uninterrupted connectivity and access to apps and tunes will be among the most important items any student can bring when starting college. That will help ensure the level of comfort needed to survive an uncertain and sometimes unruly living environment.

There’s something else that can ease the stress: eating. No, we’re not talking about downing a pint of Ben and Jerry’s after being dumped by the cool guy in Math 101 (although that impulse is completely understandable). What we’re referring to is having a good selection of (fingers crossed) nutritious snack food and a way to prepare it. It also wouldn’t hurt to have a readily-available source of coffee or tea for early-morning classes or late-night study sessions, since most dorms don’t have a 24-hour Starbucks downstairs.

The final ingredient in Groom+Style’s “comfort prescription for freshmen” is entertainment. The music and phone apps we’ve already mentioned naturally play an important role in this category. But for students addicted to movies, TV, a favorite sports team or video game consoles, access to their preferred outlet for relaxation can be a life-saver.

It’s necessary to find out ahead of time what sort of wired entertainment will be available in the dorm room; some schools provide fully-equipped living spaces complete with cable or satellite television, while others outfit rooms with just a bed, a desk and a power outlet. Figuring out what equipment or services will have to be brought from home – often in partnership with a roommate-to-be – can turn a lonely room into a welcoming haven even in the midst of dormitory chaos.

Connectivity, food, and entertainment; it almost sounds good enough to go back and do the first year of college all over again. It’s certainly better than what we had in our freshman dorm, but today’s teens are far more accustomed to comfort than most of us were.

Earbuds are great, and most first-year students will probably own at least one set. But when there’s a raucous party going on upstairs and a roommate blaring a TV in a small dorm room, concentrating on work is impossible without a great set of noise-canceling headphones. The Cowin E-7s are those headphones, providing great performance at a very reasonable price.

These over-ear models deliver surprisingly good audio for their cost. The bass is clear and clean thanks to 40mm large-aperture drivers, while the midranges and highs are crisp and true. The solid frequency range of the E-7s let you hear surprising detail you never realized was hiding behind your speakers or earbuds. Couple that with active noise reduction technology that filters out almost everything (like loud parties) going on around you, and you’ve got superior sound without distractions.

Best of all, the Cowins are wireless. You’ll get up to 30 hours of Bluetooth connectivity between micro-USB charges for long-term listening, and pairing is simple with a simple on/off switch. There’s an onboard mic, side buttons for volume control and taking phone calls, and if you’re old-fashioned, you can connect an analog cable that will plug into the audio source of your choice.

The Groom+Style review team thought long and hard about putting a K-cup coffee maker in this spot, but then we remembered dorm life. A fabulous cup of Keurig coffee would be hard to beat in the confines of a dorm room, but that’s not the only use college students have for hot water. The Cuisinart CPK-17 can heat or boil nearly two quarts of water in a flash for making coffee, teas or the college student’s staple, Ramen noodles.

What really attracted the review team to this model are the seven presets which heat the water to optimal temperatures for delicate, green, white, oolong, herbal or black tea, as well as the ideal 200° for French Press coffee. There’s also auto-shutoff (to prevent fires) as well as a “keep warm” function that can run for 30 minutes, just enough to keep water at temperature for a second cup.

The design of this Cuisinart kettle is well thought-out. The handle is non-slip and stays cool, there’s a backlit window so you can see the water level, the scale filter can be removed for cleaning, a concealed heating element prevents minerals from building up, and a memory function lets you take the kettle off its base for a minute or two without losing the settings.

You’re not going to get the same coffee from the PerfecTemp Kettle that you would from a Keurig, and we won’t be offended if you decide the latter is a better choice. But this is an extremely versatile appliance which is cheaper than the Keurig and fits the dorm lifestyle perfectly.

The 10,000 mAh AirX is perfect for college students on the go, weighing only about seven ounces. It lets you charge two devices at the same time through the two USB smart ports, which determine the right amount and method of current delivery for fast charges. The Viivant works with Android, iOS, Galaxy and just about any other phone or tablet, providing dozens of hours of talk or play time before the charger needs a micro-USB “refill.”