Best hdmi switchers 2018 – hubs and splitters for 4k and hd gas prices in texas


While other switchers were difficult to set up or to use, it was easy to set up all our test devices with this switcher, and using it to switch between peripherals was fast and problem-free. This is one of the few models we tested that also works with resolutions up to 4K, making it somewhat future-proof.

This switcher worked with all our test devices, though it took some plugging and unplugging to get the MHL cable and smartphone to work. You can easily auto-switch between displayed devices by powering on the device that you want to use. If you want, you can also toggle this function on and off using the included remote.

This switcher is compatible with HDMI sources version 1.4b and lower, and is also compliant with HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) version 1.4. When we watched an Ultra HD version of “The Martian” on our test TV, the J-Tech switcher didn’t have any lagging or problems. It is small, but it has to be visible on your media center because it doesn’t come with an IR cable.

To test HDMI switchers, we bought 10 of the top switchers from nine brands and brought them into our testing lab. We looked at how fast each switcher jumped between HDMI sources, checked whether any sources wouldn’t display, and gauged the overall use and feel of each product. We scored each switcher based on our experiences and other factors.

HDMI switchers are basic devices, but we put them through their paces because no one else has done a thorough test of HDMI switchers. We focused on testing brands you’ll find on, as well as a Rocketfish switcher from Best Buy in case you’re scrambling and need to purchase a switcher from a physical store.

Our recommendations are based mostly on our impressions of these devices while doing side-by-side testing, but we also like to scour the web looking for articles to help us understand all the important features. We found this article particularly helpful because it has images of a few different connection scenarios to help you visualize how to connect all your devices to the switcher.

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HDMI switchers are essentially HDMI hubs that let you plug your HDMI devices into the switcher and then connect a single HDMI cord to your TV. If you’re running out of HDMI ports on your TV, or you have an older TV with just a few HDMI ports, an HDMI switcher can give you more ports for less money than an expensive AV receiver.

It’s important to understand that different versions of HDMI may not be compatible with one another. While HDMI cables come in only two versions, high-speed and normal, devices that use HDMI can have different versions. The latest HDMI version is 2.0, and TVs or switchers that use this version are compatible with earlier versions like 1.4 and 1.3. However, a TV that supports only HDMI 1.3 won’t be able to play content from an HDMI 2.0 Blu-ray player.

HDCP is closely tied to HDMI and is a digital “handshake” protocol that ensures you’re not playing pirated content. Similar to HDMI, HDCP versions need to match up for content to be played correctly. The newest version of HDCP is 2.2, and not all devices will support pass-through from all versions of HDCP.

None of the HDMI switchers we tested come with an HDMI cord, so you’ll have to purchase at least one to connect the switcher to your TV. Don’t pay attention to HDMI cords that advertise support for various HDMI versions or HDCP. HDMI cords are simply pipes that stream data, so you just need to purchase an HDMI cord that is labeled high-speed.