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The VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series 300W LED Grow Light is one of the most admirable fixtures indoor growers consider for their cannabis strains and basic vegetation. The product is particularly made to keep the equilibrium between the lumen coverage and output.

In addition, it also provides full spectrum to your growing area. In such way, you will be able to support all the grow stages of your vegetation or flowers. Do you know that the VIPARSPECTRA LED Grow Light works equally to 250-watt standard lighting fixture? However, it consumes only 136 watts.

According to the manufacturer, the VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series 300W LED Grow Light is ideal to use in two feet by two feet growing area with a height of 24 inches. However, you may also use in grow tent having dimensions of three feet by three feet.

You are also free to match the LED lights with aluminum cooling heat sinks and fans to control the temperature in your growing area. The lighting fixture also ensures that you will be able to produce bigger flowers with this product since it has been developed to support effective cultivation.

In other words, it can run cooler compared to the standard LED fixtures you can find today. You will also notice that it has various chips constructed together. Though it is constructed way smaller than its counterparts, you will not fail to provide your plants sufficient lighting.

For all the diodes available in its structure, it makes use of a single circuit. There are also fewer soldered points in the circuit. This again implies that there will be less heat output from the product. There will also be a less risk of circuits breaking down.

Basically, the generation of heat is then followed by the transmission of temperature to aluminum and ceramic substrate of the grow light. This will then be eliminated by an external heat sink. The panel’s top side also has fans to cool down the component.

You will also observe that the BESTVA Double Chips LED Grow Light has a wider viewing angle compared to traditional LEDs on the market. There even no lenses used in order to achieve this advantage. Even though it’s small, the LED fixture has stronger light with better shade for your convenience.

1) Third-Party Manufacturers’ LED Grow Lights – You can consider these LED grow lights as the cheaper counterparts of high quality products on the market. However, some growers still consider purchasing these lights for the purpose of saving money.

3) Dimmable LED Grow Lights – You can consider these LED grow lights as ideal if you want to adjust the output of the fixtures when necessary without replacing the bulbs. This gives you the convenience without necessarily configuring the light’s height.

4) High Voltage LED Grow Lights – From the name itself, you can anticipate this type of light to deliver higher light intensities without necessarily using numerous bars. The technology behind this type of light is the balance of heat sink function and high voltage bulbs to eliminate overheating from your plants.

There are also pointers to keep in mind when selecting full spectrum LED grow lights. It is important to eliminate as many as poor quality choices in your list. You can do this by finding out the factors you should look for in LED grow lights.

1) Adjustable Output Spectrum – It is much better to find LED fixtures that will allow you to configure the output spectrum depending on your need. For instance, you have different lighting requirements every season or based on the plant type. This means that you can use the lights regardless of the plant’s growing cycle.

2) Considerable Actual Wattage – Your LED grow lights must at least 50 to 60 watts per square foot of an area. You must be informed that actual wattage is actually different from the output power of LED. Do not be misled by advertisers that claim their LED lights produce as much as 2,000 watts of power or even more.

3) Low Heat Output – You must find fixtures that will keep your indoor growing tent from overheating. There are high heat output LED lights today that tend to burn out immediately. If you want to save costs associated with installation and bulb replacement, you should look for cooler LED lights.

4) Mounting Fixture – It is much better to find LED lights that are installed on a metal core printed circuit board (MCPCB). This is a technology meant to allow your bulbs operate even at high temperatures. Furthermore, it is essential that your lights are mounted on a sizable heat sink.

Aside from knowing more about the top LED grow lights, it is crucial to find out more on the fixture’s proper usage. You must remember that although a high-quality fixture is useful, it may become a failure if the user commits a mistake in utilizing it.

1) Do Not Use Cool Tubes Anymore – Given you have selected LED grow lights that already run cool, there is no need to utilize cool tubes or any related equipment. Even if it is the summer season, LED grow lights have means of making a grow tent’s temperature controlled.

This is not the case with LED grow lights. The fixtures do not emit too much heat, causing the deprivation of plants’ water supply. If you suddenly replaced your high-intensity discharge (HID) lamp with LED, be cautious of this matter. HID is known for its high infrared light causing plant dryness.

3) Get Your LEDs Close to the Plants – It is best to place the LEDs closer to your succulents or flowers. In such way, you will be able to balance the coverage area with the light intensity. Still, you should begin with the recommendations of your manufacturer.