Best led grow lights reviews for 2017 – top rated led gas vs electric stove top


• Know the plant you’re growing The right grow light to purchase depends upon the type of plant you’re growing. Are you growing flowers and ornamental plants? How about fruits and vegetables? Flowering and ornamental plants may have different needs than non-flowering plants. Similarly, different fruits and vegetables may also demand for various LED grow lights. It is a good idea to ask the grow lights retailer to know the best product for your plant.

• Go for LED fixtures that offers modifiable output spectrum Plants have different needs when it comes to light and temperature. Additionally, as always mentioned, plants need a certain light spectrum at specific phases of their development. Thus, it is imperative to learn what type plant your growing, the current season and the light spectrum it needs prior to shopping for a LED grow light.

• Choose LED fixtures along with a high power cooling structure LED grow lights should also be cooled down using a fan and heat sink. Make sure the LED fixture you purchase comes along with a high power cooling system to ensure its longevity in offering light to your plants.

• Check the unit housing Top quality LED grow lights are mounted in a metal housing, typically aluminum. If the housing is made up of plastic, don’t buy this. Aluminum is a great conductor of heat and it helps transport excess heat which is generated by the LED lights.

• Look for LED fixtures with constant-current driver Instead of a constant-voltage driver , pick a LED growing light which possesses a constant-current driver. The former is likely to drop as it gets warm while the latter will maintain the current stable as the LED fixture’s voltage alters with the elevating temperature. This helps lengthen the life of the lighting fixture.

• Brand and Price Since what you get is what you pay for, make sure you get the best out of the many choices. However, this does not mean that you purchase the most expensive one as there are brands and providers of LED grow lights that absolutely offer this lighting technology in a quality yet affordable price.

Though most of the grow light is being used in industrial levels, this can also be utilized in households and there are lots of advantages tied to using LED grow lights.LED grow lights have indeed proven to be the latest advancement in the indoor gardening technology.

• These particular types of LED lights are efficient and effective in transforming electricity to light. This simply means that LEDs utilize up to about 80% of energy used in creating light whereas the efficiency of incandescent lights is around 5%. This rate produces minimal heat and higher watts to lumen ratio.

• The LED grow lights have low heat signature so they are less likely to damage and burn leaves. The traditional plant lighting creates higher temperature zone under hood which has the tendency to burn flowers and leaves when place in close proximity to the bulbs.

• Minimum heat that is produced by LED and the efficient electricity use enable people living in smaller houses and those working on smaller offices to access indoor gardening. In smaller spaces like basements, individuals can still grow organic plants affordably all throughout the year without concerns about outdoor space available and climate.

• LED grow lights produce directional cone of light in measureable directions. The standard bulb commonly heats filament or a gas in order to create light. This particular type of lighting goes in every direction with the use of reflectors and hoods necessary in directing light into the plants. Average angle of light directly coming from LED grow lights is about 120 degrees as compared t the 360 degrees coming from conventional lighting.