Best meat grinders 2018 – reviews of electric meat grinders electricity worksheets for grade 1


It may cost less than other meat grinders, but the Best Choice Products Meat Grinder is a powerful machine with a brawny 2.6-horsepower motor – that’s stronger than many other models we investigated. With this much power, you can churn out about 3 pounds of meat a minute, or 180 pounds an hour. This grinder can tackle big chunks of meat, as well as soft bones and vegetables.

You get three cutting plates and a kibbe attachment, but unfortunately, the machine doesn’t come with a sausage tube. Another drawback is that sometimes it takes weeks to get replacement parts. In addition, there’s no circuit breaker in case the meat grinder jams, which could damage the device.

The Best Choice Products Meat Grinder has a wide feeding tube, about 2 inches in diameter and 4 inches long, that is tapered so you aren’t tempted to use your fingers to push food into it, which could be risky since you could end up missing a digit. In addition, the various operational buttons are recessed a bit, which reduces the potential for unintentionally turning the machine on if you bump into it.

We spent 120 hours combing through all types of information about meat grinders, from their power levels to their performance. We checked the fine print in warranties, examined what the manufacturers say on their websites, carefully read consumer reviews and watched video tutorials. Although all meat grinders function essentially the same way, we looked for any differences that could give a cook with a special preference the tools he or she would really like. An example of this is the inclusion of a pasta-making attachment. This attachment isn’t found with every meat grinder, but it’s appreciated by people who love to make fresh homemade noodles.

We found a variety of meat grinders that do better with certain kinds of meats than others, and made certain to include that information since it could make a difference as to which one you buy. We also considered pricing. In general, the more modestly priced grinders are less powerful than the more expensive, commercial-grade models. However, you can get excellent performance from a well-designed, budget-friendly grinder, depending on the types of meat you typically grind and what other uses you want from the machine.

With a robust motor, you get even big amounts of meat grinding done quickly so you aren’t stuck in the kitchen all day. In general, the electrical wattage a meat grinder needs and its horsepower mean faster grinding, although some grinders with small motors are so well designed that they work quite effectively. Price, too, is an indicator of quality, as the higher-end meat grinders tend to be sturdier and more powerful.

Meat grinders are powerful kitchen tools with sharp parts, so it’s essential to get built-in safety features that protect you from accidents. One of the best is recessed buttons to operate the machine. Since these are situated in a small indentation on the machine, it’s unlikely you could ever accidentally bump them in a way that starts the machine when you hadn’t planned to use it.

It’s always good to get a meat grinder that comes with plenty of cutting plates. You fasten these devices to the end of the grinder, and they produce different levels of fineness in the finished product. It’s also good to get additional cutting blades because they let you more evenly wear down each blade, which cuts down on the number of replacements you have to buy. Top-quality grinders come with three of each.