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Please tell us how much you are REALLY taking home (Please deduct the staff cooperative loans, the car loan, the january advance, the furniture and other loans you have taken, the insurance deductions, the company savings, the post-dated cheques etc) and truthfully tell us how much Oilco X credits into your bank account each month?

I know what you are trying to do:-) You want to unmask me . No way! I am sorry, I won’t be specific for personal reasons. For your info people are different. The way I manage my income is different from the way you handle yours. I don’t get carried away and go on unnecessary spending spree! I am a member of our cooperative society and I authorised a monthly deduction of 100K from my salary. If I need money for any special need, all I do is make a special withdrawal from my savings. The only loan I have taken from the company was a car loan and that was 2years after I was employed. So my friend, when you are opportuned to work in a ‘high-paying’ company please plan your finances otherwise you would regret it. A lot of my colleagues drive brand new KIA cars and I lot have had them snatched or stolen. We should know that a salary earner is different from a contractor. The cost of servicing your assumed status most times eat deeply into our finances. You want more clue? I know you do but I am sorry to dissappoint you

My parents are from Nigeria and my dad is still employed there with the croupt government. I would think that oil industry would be the best but isn’t that industry dangerous? Its a shame that all the big corps in Nigeria are owned by white people(correct me if im wrong this is just an assumption but i think its correct) just like here in a America black people are jumping thur hoops to get a job in a corp that is just exploiting labor. In nigeria it would be "cheap" labor. Oil Companys made a PROFIT of over a BILLION DOLLARS(all profit this is minus operating cost) and part of that money is from nigeria. now how much did nigeria see probably about $500,000- $2 Million of it. Assuming that the profit is $1,000,000,000(its well over this but this is an example) and assume $2 Million went to nigeria $2Mill/$1Bill= .002 or .2% of their profits(this is all my question but regardless the point to this is that nigerians arent seeing any of that oil money in road work, food programs, community centers, sewerage development, electicity generation, etc. the whites are taking their money to their swiss accounts and bribing the government with the profits). share the wealth!!!!

I made a mistake about the wage i erased it earlier this morning its about $2000 a month. That is a good wage starting wage for the economy. Oil is a limited resource and for now Nigeria has it. America is in Iraq right now for this resource Shell and Cheveron has killed Nigerians for this resource that is how much power oil has over some people. what i am saying is that if you want to do business in Nigeria pay attention to the surroundings such as the pollution you are causing, give to charities that will do something for the community, give scholarships, HIV/AIDS awareness programs, basically re-invest in something other than the Shell executives. The people living in Nigeria will feel these affects of the polution down the line.The Nigerian Shell workers that work with the oil closely will have health problems will Shell be there for them? I read that a part of the Nigerian government wanted Shell to do some clean up of the envorinment and they refused. A simple way to get Shell to do this would be make pollution standards for companies but that would have to be passed into law and we all know that a little bribing here and there will stop that in its tracks. Shell will pay whatever Nigeria MAKES them pay Shell will never leave Nigeria until all the oil is gone then where will Nigerias economony be?? 90% of government money is from oil(i think its a high percentage if its not 90%) When the oils gone Nigeria will be a polluted poor 3rd world country Nigerians need to unite and find alternatives to oil as the back bone of there economy.