Best photo collage software 2018 – collage maker reviews year 6 electricity


MyMemories gives you access to thousands of creative features, including embellishments, backgrounds, layout templates and text options. You can also go online to MyMemories’ website to find hundreds more designs. While some are free, most of them cost extra. This program is really intuitive and easy to learn, but since it has so many different features, it can take a while to be comfortable with all of the options.

Most programs give you a few different canvas sizes to work with, but MyMemories gives you the freedom to create your own canvas sizes, even if they are very different from the norm. In addition to making collages and scrapbook pages, this program can also help you make a Facebook timeline photo, a blog header or an Instagram frame.

The tools are organized in such a way that it makes the interface easy to navigate. If you are in a hurry, you can use the FastFill button to automatically place images. You can also adjust your photos using basic edits like cropping and red eye removal. Unfortunately, this program doesn’t allow you to work in or view layers so it can be difficult to move or edit a design feature that is covered by others.

MyMemories can professionally print your creations and send them to you. You can also use the program to burn your projects to DVD or share them on Facebook. If you need help you can contact the company by email or its Facebook page. You can also find answers by viewing video tutorials or searching the FAQs page.

This program is incredibly easy to use due to its simple interface. The auto collage function can help you place images fast, but you can also take your time and develop each page using the more than 1,000 embellishments that come with this software. Be aware that the program only comes with 40 collage templates; while this gives you plenty to choose from, other programs offer many more.

When creating your project, you can only choose between using four different canvas sizes, which limits your creation options – but you can purchase more backgrounds and design elements on MemoryMixer’s website. As you prepare your photos for a collage, this program can help you crop, remove red eye and change your photos to black and white. Rulers appear along the sides of the canvas to help you place your photos and embellishments precisely.

It you want to turn your collages into gifts, you can use this program to burn them onto CDs or DVDs. While this program allows you to save files as PDFs and JPGs, it doesn’t allow you to save them as PNGs. Should you have any questions about the software, you can email or phone a customer representative or look at the company’s FAQs page and video tutorials for answers.

This program is specifically intended for people who want to make minimalist-chic photo collages. Unlike a lot of the cheesy looking clip-art that other programs provide, FotoFusion’s designs are modern. While it has a much smaller collection of embellishments and backgrounds it trades quantity for quality – so you get a clean, minimalist collage with only the best designs.

There are only 10 embellishments, 10 layout templates and 10 backgrounds to choose from. If decorating your pages and adjusting photos is the main pull for you, then this program won’t fit your needs. This program’s editing tools allow you to crop and rotate pictures, but it doesn’t offer some of the most basic editing tools like red eye removal or a black and white filter. However, the interface is well designed and easy to learn.

This software allows you to save your projects as a JPEG, PDF and PNG. You can also email them from directly within the program. Many collage programs allow you to add music and video to your collages, but FotoFusion does not. The video tutorials are really helpful in teaching you how to use the programs tools, and if you have further questions, you can look at the company’s FAQs page.

Our testing started by downloading each of the programs and numbering the amount of layouts, embellishments, backgrounds, shapes and text options provided. Programs that offered more of any category scored higher than those that offered few. While quantity was a factor, we also wanted to make sure that the design elements were pleasant and usable, so we gave programs more points for having aesthetically pleasing options.

We downloaded the same set of photos onto each program and experimented with the layouts to make sure they were varied and showcased our images well. We also explored and tested the editing tools to see how well each program worked to enhance our photos. We favored software with features that made the design process easier, like an autofill option.

Since sharing your artwork is just as important as creating it, we wanted to make sure that the export and sharing options covered several areas. We gave more points to products that allowed us to burn collages onto CD and DVD or let us share our creations directly to Facebook. Programs that allowed us to save photos in a variety of the most common image file formats, namely JPEG, PDF and PNG, also scored higher.

Photo Collage software happens to be relatively inexpensive compared to other photo and image editing programs on the market. You will typically find these programs selling between $30 to $50, but there are some more expensive ones that cost closer to $200. However, the best programs, like MyMemories and MemoryMixer, also offer hundreds of additional graphics kits that you can purchase from the manufacturer’s website. These include specific backgrounds and embellishments for specific holidays, times of year and family events. For the most part, kits are relatively inexpensive giving you access to hundreds of images from as little as $2 to $15 per kit.

Programs with more design options are more likely to have backgrounds and stickers for specific occasions – whether Christmas, birthday or wedding themed. Your photos might not always be collage ready, so it is best to find a program that also offers some basic editing tools. Red eye removal, rotating and cropping are essential, but some programs also offer quick filters to change the colors of your photos. If you’re making your collage specifically for digital viewing, it can be nice to have a program that lets you add video and music.

Programs that export in several formats make it easier for you to do more with your projects. The most common image files are JPEG, PDF and PNG. Some programs make sharing your artwork easy by allowing you to post directly to Facebook. Another nice feature is being able to burn your creations onto CD and DVD, so you can give them away as gifts.

While these programs are typically simple and easy to use, it is nice being able to have support services to fall back on. You can find video tutorials and FAQs pages for all of the software we tested. Each company’s customer support service varies, but it is generally better if a company can answer your questions within 24 hours.