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We believe in the power of play. It’s proven fact that play is how children learn. We started with a set of educational toys. For a toy to be considered educational it has to not only demonstrate a scientific concept, it has to also explain that concept. The demonstration part needs to be engaging enough to keep their attention. Since they have short attention spans, an engaging demonstration is the first step to learning. Then the toy must follow with an explanation of the science behind the play. The absolute best of this list tie in aspects of a child’s everyday life. The ultimate goal of educational play sessions is not just that they are introduced to scientific concepts but that they realize science is all around us. They key to making that connection is fun.

Science is an integral part of our society, our everyday lives, and our very existence. It is a very broad topic with many individual facets to explore and eventual careers that can be formed from knowledge that your child learns now. Introducing children to many areas of science from an early age has a positive effect on their ability to think strategically and to learn.

Your child, like all children, is a natural scientists. They are driven to explore, create, experiment, and discover from the moment they are born. It is our goal to provide you with suggestions of toys that will help you foster that innate curiosity and help nurture as your child grows.

This list contains our picks for the 15 best science toys for kids.We have tried to include an assortment of toys for different age categories and interest levels because we know that, just as no child is exactly like another, no toy is the perfect fit for all. These toys have met our stringent criteria to be included in this list and, we hope, that you would agree with our choices. Choosing Our Picks

We believe we are also scientists as we employed a very systematic and organized approach in our identification of the top 15 science toys for kids this 2018. We have taken into consideration a host of factors including the scientific discipline to which the toy can be particularly useful, the manufacturer’s reputation, the overall educational and scientific features of the toy, and, of course, feedback from parents like you who only want the best for their kids.

We are optimistic that you will also agree with at least one of the products in our top 15 list. If not, at the very least we are able to provide you with an insight on what science toy you might want to consider for your child. Big Benefits Of Science

Science is one of the most exciting subjects one can ever learn from school. It is one of the major branches of knowledge that is focused mainly on the objective assessment, analysis, interpretation, and experimentation of the different things of the natural and physical world including the behavior and structure of these things. To put it simply, science pervades every aspect of human existence. Without it, life will be a little less systematic and organized.

It should be understood that these toys are not designed to replace formal instruction in school but rather serve as an adjunct to learning. Science toys augment learning obtained from school. These reinforce the different concepts and principles by providing children with a more fun and enjoyable way to learn fundamental scientific concepts. These toys help children appreciate science as a very fun and enjoyable activity. FAQ

A: Choosing the best toy for your child really comes down to two things: what will your child enjoy and what will stimulate them? Children are the most motivated when working with something that they enjoy and this motivation can carry on through all other aspects in their lives. Q: How can I help support my child’s love of learning?

A: Depending on where you live there are several country-wide groups that encourage science and exploration such as the Science Olympiad, the FIRST Robotics, and the FIRST Jr. Lego League are just a few. Q: What are some career paths that STEM learning might mean for my child?

A: STEM based careers are as broad and varied as the children who explore them but by introducing your child to these fundamentals concepts early on they have a better chance to lead the field as industrial engineers, software developers, medical scientists, chemists, economists, and the list goes on! Q: Are the markers used with Ozobot 2.0 Bit sold separately?