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We where invited by a very close family friend who owns a accommodation place (KUBO NI KAP) at pundaquit, zambales. This is the first stop prior going to anawangin cove. From there we rented a boat for 3,000 php (Good for 10 pax) it includes island hopping to capones and camara island. We opt to hop first prior going to anawangin. We enjoyed the 2 islands having it own unique electricity journal beauty. white fine sands and majestic rock formation. After that we proceeded to Anawangin cove. It took about 30-45 mins to get there. From a far you can already appreciate the beauty mp electricity bill payment online bhopal of the place. We rented a cottage for 200 php. We took advantage of the cloudy weather so we immediately swimmed. The sand was so fine but not as white as the capones and camara. You can also opt to camp a took a overnight stay. Take note the place a NO CELL SIGNAL, anyway you went there to relax and have fun. You also go trekking to see the view of the whole cove. there is also a place where river and sea connects. The place is a hidden paradise. But settler in the area should start taking care of the place because its begginning to be exploited. Keep it clean, avoid vadalism and preserve its natural beauty.

We went for travel last yoga gas relief pose May election and it waaaas a nightmare! We were so pissed off by the amount of people travelling. We chose the Cubao-Victory liner thinking that there were lesser travelers compared to the Caloocan terminal, but noooo gasbuddy va. Hell no. Well, I thought that we had a mistake there knowing that there were really a lot people going home in their provinces. Okay, let me evaluate first the terminal. We arrived there at 10am. There were 2 lines for the Baguio-Olanggapo-Iba trip. The second line was so loooooooong, thus the first line was not. So I was thinking, was there no guards here to assist the passengers? We went to the 1st line, after an hour maybe, we reached the window and asked the lady for tickets going to Iba. She told us that the gas efficient cars busses going to Iba will arrive at 1PM. So, we asked if she can sell us tickets then we can go on Chance Passenger if ever there’s a bus arriving. However, the lady told us that there’s no guarantee that an Iba bus will arrive. So to cut the story short and to make our journey long, we caught the Olongapo trip (fare – 270 something if i’m not mistaken). After 2 hours of traffic, we reached the Olongapo terminal bus station. The line again was sooooo loooong. A tricycle driver approached us saying thermal electricity how it works that they can go to San Antonio for a special ride. I asked how much would be the fare. He told us that it would be 800 pesos for a trip. And I said HELL NOOOO. haha. we can do a lot more in that 800 pesos. anyway, after an hour of waiting in that very systematic and organized (insert sarcasm here) bus terminal, we were able to catch the bus going to Iba (fare – around 60/ travel time – 1hr) We arrived at the electricity cost by state San Antonio municipality around 5.30. Going to Pundaquit, you have to ride a tricycle for 15 mins. (fare – 30pesos) We got to Pundaquit aaaaand the scenery was not really nice. It was more of a quarry type. The water is not clear. There were several machines in the area. We already had a contact prior to going there. it was Tisoy and ate din-din/ging-ging. (contact me if you need their contact numbers) We didn’t bring anything because we were under the impression that our workmate was there ready to fetch us, but that was a different story electricity lyrics. So, anyway, Ate din-din asked us if we have food, tent, or where are we gonna stay. We told her that we don’t have anything except for money. So she said she’d cook rice for us good for until tomorrow. We just bought bbq for our dinner and canned power per kwh goods for our stay breakfast. We decided to stay in Anawangin for the night. We had a night boat ride. Which was both exciting and scary! There was no light at all except for the headlight that the boatman was wearing. He opened it from time-to-time to check for gas house other bankas/boat. We were 5 at the boat including the boatman. You can see the light of the planktons swimming at the side of the boat. It was really fascinating… We arrived at the cove after 25mins of boatride. We set up our tent and our food. We paid 100pesos each for the entrance (though we did not enter the camp site. we built the tent outside because there were lesser people there. we paid so we can use the bathroom – which was again not very convenient as you have to get your own water from the drum). The sand was hot gas x strips walmart. again, fascinating for me. It’s color is mixed with white and ash. We did not dip in the waters of Anawangin but we did climb the mountain at the side of the cove. We had a very very very nice view of the Anawangin cove and the cove at the back. It was very alluring to see. Later that morning, around 7.30am, We packed our things as our boatman already arrived q gastrobar leblon ready to fetch us and we got ready for our Island hopping. Yey!!! We first went to Capones Island. We feel in love with the island. Though we did not have any chance to visit the lighthouse as it was not allowed to go there that time. We took a swim for 30mins. The water was so clear! Green/blue crystal clear! Ha! Then, another 15-20mins took us to be in Camara Island. I love the rock formations here. Though the bad thing was there were trash around. Overall, I’d say that that trip was a 7/10. I was saving the highest scores for other island/beaches that I could explore. 🙂 It was really electricity merit badge pamphlet fantastic!