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Full-strength Pine Sol kills termites in wood. I look for frass (looks like semi-glued-together dirty sawdust), scrape it loose, vac it up, and then use a bulb gas after eating meat baster or needle syringe to squirt the Pine Sol full-strength into the cracks and soak the surrounding area. The wood really drinks it in (don’t use too much in particle board, or it will swell), and the strong smell is gone overnight as the Pine Sol is absorbed and dries. Use the Pine Sol sparingly and carefully around fine finishes (wipe it off immediately if it gets on shellac or varnishes, etc. but normal electricity office near me painted surfaces don’t appear to be a problem) and wash it off of your skin right away. I have applied Pine Sol at the top of stud walls to open framing members, repeatedly over the course of several days, really soaked electricity word search answer key it in; in a few days, the Pine Sol is evident at the base of the wall as it follows the wood grain/termite tunnel system all the way down. If you are living in the house, make sure to ventilate well, and treat just one big area at a time so that the smell doesn’t become too overpowering – let static electricity zapper it dry over night, then treat another area, or the same area again if the infestation was really bad. Using Pine Sol, I have not seen any new evidence of termites (frass or actual termites) in the wood treated this way – going on about ten years now. In one particular case (a friend tgas advisors company profile’s house – she was in tears and panicking when she found frass all along a thirty-foot long exterior wall section of her five-year-old house) we used almost 3 gallons of Pine Sol to soak/treat that wall over the course of several weeks (this allowed for full absorption electricity and circuits physics, and prevented the insulation from getting laden with excess fluid)- cost was less than $50 – we drilled 1/2″ wide holes about 2″ down from the ceiling through the sheetrock and perhaps 1″ into the studs power energy definition that we had located, then used a kitchen baster to apply the PineSol to the studs, letting it slowly soak down the length of the framing – a few days later we spackled the electricity and magnetism study guide small holes and touched up the paint. “Generic” store brand Pine Sol type products seemed to work the same as the real deal.

By the way, I did a lot of research before treating the termite problem, since I wanted to be safe and don’t like wasting money (“tenting” by professional services isn’t always effective, and termites often return to fumigated areas within a year!). Pine Sol was once used to treat wood gas x user reviews in dairy barns against rot and termites; the barnwood was prone to problems since it was frequently wet from daily washdown/cleaning. The Pine Sol fell out of use when petro-chemicals that have virtually no smell became available – those chemicals were (much later) found locate a gas station near me to be carcinogenic, so new chemicals were developed, again with problems, more new chemicals, ad nauseum gas hydrates india.

Most dairy barns now have plastic walls, or sealed concrete, so current chemicals are generally bleach-related, just to kill bacteria – thus no need to control rot or termites. Keep in mind that Pine Sol is ALMOST natural, that is, it is derived from natural pine tars – but it is a chemical that is strong enough to kill insects and fungal rot, so use it carefully. Still, I think it is much safer than almost anything else (properly diluted with water, as directed on the label, it can be used as a “no-rinse” cleaner, even on countertops where electricity for dummies pdf food is prepared, and it is safe in the laundry and bathroom) – just limit direct exposure on your body with the full-strength Pine Sol.