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[I need to preface this review by saying I was born and raised in Seattle, and, though I haven’t lived there since 1974, I visited family there usually gas mask ark at least annually until 2014. I follow Seattle happenings on the web on a daily basis.] I led a group of 19 from the US east coast to Sun Peaks, BC, Canada, for a week of skiing the last week of February. We spent Saturday afternoons/nights in Seattle while traveling in both directions. On our first Saturday afternoon, 12 of us took the Link light rail and monorail to Seattle Center arkansas gas association for a Ride the Ducks tour. I have to say, the ride was an absolute mp electricity bill payment paschim kshetra hoot! The guide had everyone laughing and quacking (whether or not they had a “quacker”. She played music and kept up a running banter the whole time. She interacted well with the passengers of all ages and I’m sure that is the intent of the ride…to have everyone enjoying themselves and perhaps, by interacting with people gas 4 less redding ca on the street, promoting Ride the Ducks. If that is the intent, the ride was a great success. I was, however, disappointed by the limited information about Seattle shared by our guide. Interestingly enough, she even commented that the tour wouldn’t give much history about Seattle and that travelers should visit the Museum of History and Industry (MOHAI). And that is great for those gas 85 vs 87 who have the time and opportunity to do so. Unfortunately, that doesn’t do much for those, like us, who have limited time and would like to do this tour and get a broad overview of the city in the process. The arkla gas phone number Ride the Ducks web page does say, ”packed with local folklore, historical information,” and “hear the story of Seattle’s underground and how the Great Fire of 1889 changed Seattle and our toilets forever electricity prices going up.” Our guide did mention a bit about the fire, but did not address underground Seattle or say anything about the toilets. As a native Seattleite, I wish the guide had mentioned something about the waterfront (beyond a joke about the aquarium) as we drove by…telling youtube gas pedal lyrics people about the Great Wheel (a new Seattle attraction), talk about the iconic Ivar’s Acres of Clams, the fire-boats, and the ferry system (one of the largest in the world). She could have mentioned that the viaduct over our heads is in the process of being replaced by a huge tunnel being dug and created right under our Duck by a gigantic boring machine called Big electricity labs high school Bertha. While driving through Pioneer Square, she could have mentioned the fact that United Parcel Service (UPS) was started just a couple blocks gaston y daniela off our route in a 3 x 5 foot shack. She could have told us about Henry Yesler, his mill, and the origins of “Skid Road”. As we drove through Bell Town (Denny Regrade), tell something about the regrade. Obviously there are thousands of things that could be included and only a brief amount of time, but most of those things are an integral part of Seattle history. After we entered gastric sleeve scars Lake Union for the waterborne part of the tour, mention was made about the Gas Works Park and how it was a part of some movies that were totally unfamiliar to me. But I don’t remember our guide telling us what the Gas Works really was before it was a park and how it was used to produce electricity test physics gas from coal. On the other hand, some of the best tour information was presented while we were on Lake Union. It would be easy to think that occurred, in part, because there weren gas in stomach’t any nearby pedestrians for the riders to interact with to draw attention to the Duck. Don’t get me wrong…the tour was really fun and enjoyed by all. I realize there is probably a fine line to walk between an entertaining tour for all ages and an educational gas equations chemistry tour that will still appeal to the masses, but Seattle does have a fascinating history that can certainly be shared in a fun manner for those with only a short time in town. I would recommend eon replacement gas card the tour to others, but suggest that Ride the Ducks Seattle update their “script” to provide more of Seattle’s history and current happenings. [See other trip reviews for Hilton Seattle Airport and Conference Center, and at Sun Peaks – the Ski Resort, Nancy Green’s Cahilty Hotel Suites, Powder Hounds Restaurant, and Voyageur Bistro.]