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My daughter and I had the most wonderful experience of being toured around Cairo gas hydrates are used by Ibrahim, a very knowledgeable Egyptologist with two masters degree. It’s two full days and two half-day tours of endless passing of information about the Pyramids, the Sphinx, Saqqara, Memphis, the Citadel, the Mosque, contents of the Cairo Museum and the Coptic Museum, the Hanging Church and the other Churches around, and saving the best for last, highlights of Alexandria. Ibrahim has provided us all the information he could with passion and energy in perfect English. We learned so much more than we thought we would. In each site, he took us to the best spots for pictures and showed us numerous things that we would never even look for. Ibrahim’s goal was to make us happy and up electricity bill payment online we both were. We also appreciated the fact that he made us feel safe and protected from street hawkers. We are recommending Ibrahim to be anyone’s guide when touring Cairo. Please know that it’s crazy to go without a guide. Ibrahim can be contacted at

Amazing tour of Sakkara and Memphis Egypt with my friend and expert tour guide, Ibrahim Morgan! We spent the day exploring fascinating tombs electricity voltage in usa in Sakkara that were recently opened that the large group tours skip completely. We also saw the site of former capital Memphis, with its colossal statue of Ramses. Ibrahim speaks five languages including Egyptian Hieroglypics, so expect a PhD level explanation of each gas national average 2008 ancient Egyptian site. If you are looking for a driver that will take you to a site, and then leave you to figure it out on your own without any explanation of what you are looking at, then use a different guide. Ibrahim gave me an understanding of the ancient culture so that I could understand why they built tombs, how pyramid building evolved and improved over time, why that look the way they do, and why they are located in the specific locations the Egyptians choose. Ibrahim has hosted groups such as National Geographic on expeditions to Egypt and you will be privileged to have him as your personal guide done with electricity tattoo book! He truly is the best guide in Egypt…anything you want to know…just press play!

I went to Cairo as a graduate student with a group of college seniors who wanted to be immersed in Egyptian culture and the ancient history as well as the realities of present day life. A friend scheduled us with Ibrahim and it was 100% the best choice. Whether it’s nerdy historical facts, excellent food, a hilarious sense of humor or perfect passion for life, our friend Ibrahim is the BEST choice you could possibly make. Our group enjoyed three days with him, morning to afternoon, and toured all the usual Egyptian electricity and magnetism notes suspects, a place to make papyri, camel rides, Coptic Cairo, the Ben Ezra synagogue, famous for it’s ancient manuscript trove, the Citadel and Marble Mosque, you name it we did it, and more. Ibrahim knows EVERYONE. If you want to help local economy he can direct you to the vendors who will treat you well and who he knows need the money. If you want to have coffee and make some new Egyptian friends, Ibrahim will introduce you electricity for dummies amazon to people who might become family! There is no better friend to tour Cairo with than our friend Ibrahim.