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I went on a lot of organised tours in Iceland and got really frustrated when amazing things would be pointed out in the bus while you were driving past. People would rush to the window to take a photo while whizzing past, so inevitabl,y my photos are blurred and/or have the reflection of the bus window in it ): If you were lucky they might give you a five minute photo stop – but you couldn’t take any longer or they threatened to leave without you!!! I had waited and saved for so long to finally get to Iceland and booked lots of tours as I was unsure j gastroenterol hepatol of driving there by myself, unfortunately the tours were generally disappointing as there was very limited time at the sights I wanted to explore (geology and history) and stay longer and time wasted at places that I wasn’t interested in. You mostly just had time to take a few photos. But Iceland Introduction’s tours were fantastic.When Gerda picked me up she asked me what I was interested in and I got a personalised tour planned around what I wanted to see. I was super happy that I could spend as long as I wanted at the sights I wanted to see. Gerda knows just about everything there is to know about Iceland. She answered all my questions electricity 1 unit how many watts about Iceland history, culture and geology. It was fascinating to learn so much about Iceland and how people live, now and in the past. Gerda went way above and beyond a tour guides’ duty and kindly kept me up-to-date about the Bárðarbunga and Dyngju­jök­ull activity during my stay, as it could have delayed flights out of the country. Gerda was also a lifesaver helping me by contacting Reykjavic courier companies when gas what i smoke I needed to get a replacement credit card. She also organised changing a bus trip, which was just a miracle as I can’t speak Icelandic and obviously don’t know the transport system like a local. I can’t thank Gerda enough for the wonderful tours, they were by far the best, and I am so grateful for all the help she gave me during my stay. Thanks so much Gerda!!

I have to say Gerta, the tour guide from Iceland Introduced, was the best! I’ve been traveling a lot and I have to say this tour was by far the best tour I’ve ever taken. Gerta grew up on the south shore, she knows the area very well. She learnt all the information about the area from her parents and grandparents. She is not just a tour guide. She is that kind of person who constantly proudly shares what’s beauty in her land because she wants us to like it as she does. I enjoyed when gas vs electric stove cost she talked about the stories behinds the scenery and the stories of her family who have lived on this land for generations. Surprisingly I was the only guest that day to Jökulsárlón and much more surprisingly she did not cancel the tour because there is only one guest. I enjoyed the private tour by Gerta. She stopped as many stops as possible for me because she wanted me to fully enjoy the scenery of the south shore Iceland and Jökulsárlón. Jökulsárlón was really amazed. It’s spectacular and speechless. You have to check it out in person. It’s a once a life time experience you have to do. Gerta booked the small boat tour duke electric orlando for me instead of the big one, so I could get to see the glacier and icebergs very closely. The boat ride was very bumpy and it was worth it. The total tour was from 7 am to almost 11 pm from Reykjavik. It was a long day tour. Jökulsárlón is far but it’s worthy it. The view along the way was extremely beautiful as well so you wouldn’t feel that long. I was reluctant to close my eyes for a nap origin electricity login since it was too beautiful outside. I took pictures in the car along the way. It’s absolutely stunning. You really have to take the tour with Iceland Introduced by Gerta. She is knowledgeable about the information for the whole south shore. She has many good stories from her family who have lived there for decades. She is caring and thoughtful. She knows what’s better for you as a tourist and she listens to what’s on your mind. I truly appreciated what she had done for me. I enjoyed the tour, the stunning view along the way, her stories and the conversation with her. It was the highlight of my trip in Iceland. I wholeheartedly recommend Iceland introduced to everyone. Thank you Gerta for the amazing tour, good conversation and good company.

I can’t recommend Gerda enough – she was fabulous. We were a family group of 9 people crossing 3 generations aged 17 – 75. We booked a holiday through Iceland Traveller and having had a tour with Gerda on a previous holiday I specifically requested that I wanted r gas constant the rest of my family to experience a guided tour with her. We were so lucky to have Gerda on 2 of our day trips. We went on the Glacial Lagoon with Iceland Introduced, this is the longest day tour in Iceland. Gerda and her husband picked us up promptly from our hotel and we set off in sunshine on a round trip to the glacial lagoon. It was amazing – Gerda and Boyir kept us entertained with their knowledgable and witty commentary all day – we saw so much I still can’t quite believe it. Everything was tailored to us, we had frequent interesting stops and photo opportunities, and Gerda answered our myriad electricity song questions. We heard that our Zodiac trip through the glacial lagoon had had to be cancelled due to the increased amount of ice in the lagoon due to the fab sunshine. Gerda was superb – she went out of her way to make up for this by adding some extra stops to see Puffins, a lighthouse, stacks, and an interesting little chapel . We walked behind waterfalls, we sat on a beach surrounded by ice, we saw Puffins and seals, glaciers, mountains, volcanoes, bridges, rivers and villages, icebergs, a film on eruptions, the list goes on. We arrived back at our hotel late gas 87 89 93 in the evening having all had an amazing day, tired but very happy.

I am very well travelled and generally try my hardest to avoid tours. However having limited time in Iceland (2 days) and a desire to use every available moment I opted for a guide over renting a car (gas is very expensive in Iceland). After much research and some luck I found Iceland Introduced run by the lovely Gerda, proudly she is the only female owner operator in Iceland. Gerdas tours are tiny, comparatively inexpensive and she avoids the large tour buses, getting to the sights after the masses have gone. These wondrous sights are all the better without the crowd. Gerda is a geologist and while we were driving Gerda shared her knowledge and passion for the politics, culture and geology of her land. Coming from an Island off the South coast of Iceland she was very excited to share some of her incredible secret places with us. Stopping frequently to take photos whilst winding our way around Route 1, one of the worlds greatest drives. Our main destination was the Glacier Lagoon which was jaw droopingly beautiful, definitely worth the long drive. Gerda booked the smaller Zodiac electricity invented what year boat tour for us, which allowed us to go right up to the Glaciers in a dinghy. Following this she drove us to a beach where massive chunks of ice had settled upon the black asphalt sand. Driving away from the Lagoon, we had expected to see a couple more tourist sights and then head home. However Gerda took us on an incredible journey walking in the glittering mist of the Skógafoss waterfall, driving to the Þingvellir National Park, finding some Icelandic horses to feed and photograph, driving over black desert and moss covered electricity grid uk lava fields, visiting a tiny turf roofed chapel and finding some puffins perched on the edge of a cliff. Our tour was simply incredible. If you like the feeling of discovery and adventure, you simply must take this Iceland introduced tour. P.S my children wanted me to add that they were not bored for one moment on this tour (all 15 Hrs of it). Also the van has WIFI and an endless amount of camera chargers!