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In reading through several of the reviews posted just prior to mine…it seems all the appropriate accolades have already been bestowed upon Paul, Liam and Louise. I can concur wholeheartedly with all the previous assessments (although I didn’t have the pleasure of meeting Louise during my visits to Celtic Rider)! My only regret of the 14 days I spent wandering along the Wild Atlantic Way was the day I had to make a dash from the morning starting point directly to the BB for that night and miss that days touring highlights. Unfortunately gas leak los angeles the timing of my trip happened to coincide with the biggest storm Ireland had experienced in something close to thirty years…Hurricane Ophelia! I felt well cared for when Paul called the morning the storm was approaching to consult with me on the best plan of action. I made it to the next stop without incident and enjoyed an afternoon of reading, sipping Bailey’s and watching the storm from my castle window. Oh well…missing that day’s touring gives me a good reason to return. I ended up with several days after my two week ride that needed to be filled with some more adventure before I returned to Seattle. Paul came to the rescue by putting a hybrid, whirlwind mini-tour of Scotland together for me and it turned out fantastically. I definitely need to go check out some more of that countryside as well. The bikes and rental gear were great…the accommodations were superb…the countryside was mesmerizing and the time was well spent. You must be interested if you are reading these reviews…none of us are getting any younger…go tour Ireland with Paul’s knowledgeable assistance! Urghabh`ail an L`a!

WOW. BEST TRIP EVER!!! Thank you so much for making our 25th Anniversary the best trip we have ever had!! Need a bike (or car) and idea’s on what to see and do in Ireland? Well, these are the folks that can do it all!! Paul, Louise and Liam….I’m so sorry it’s taken this long to write but I think I should let you know that we still can’t stop smiling and talking about our 25 Anniversary Trip – 14 days in Ireland and 7 days in Scotland this past May (2017). Starting with Liam picking us up and having us laughing before we even had our stuff in the gas cap code van, things just kept getting better, everyday. Meeting up with Paul and Louise once we were at Celtic Rider who joined Liam in the fun and craic all the while remaining so professional in every aspect. Getting Kitted out was amazing – the freebies just kept coming!! The introduction to driving in Ireland made by Paul was perfect for our new upcoming experience and by the time we hit the road on a BMW R1200GS (we are 2UP) Ed had the confidence needed to get us thru the next 21 days safely. Having Paul lead us out for about an hour was such a personal touch. Thank you for this most important step!! The pre-programmed GPS was easy to use, full of wonderful info and took us every night to our next favorite BB. These places, hand picked by Paul are incredible z gas ensenada telefono. The people running these places are the absolute best, welcoming, helpful, ready to give suggestions for sights or places to eat and not once we were disappointed by any suggestion given. How did you find all these places Paul? From a manor, to a farm, to a seaside cozy motel…so many totally different experiences and all of them were awesome. Really. it’s hard to pick which is best – with so many differences between them all they did however have the same things in common – clean, comfortable, ope and friendly…..amazing food and the people….oh my, the people were so lovely.WOW. Sensational 🙂 The countryside is breathtaking. The bike ran without a single problem, as expected when you see the love Liam put’s into keeping this fleet going. All we needed to do was fill gas, say hi to the oil and go again the next day. Well done Liam – thank you for this peace of mind!!! The people of Ireland and Scotland are a joy to be around. Being in a pub and crashing a stag party only to have a céilidh start in front of you, going to a hardware store and waiting while they custom made Ed a belt (while sipping on an adult beverage), walking gas bubbler around the old town’s and soaking in the history, being on roads made for bikes but with hardly any traffic – except sheep – so much work went into setting everything up for us and every little detail just added so much to our experience. We’ve are now trying to figure out how to move to Ireland as we are simply in love with your people land and can’t wait to return. Paul, Louise and Liam, thank you…..Cead Mile Thank you (does that work?) Thank you for the best silver anniversary this couple from Calgary, Alberta, Canada could have ever experienced. HUGS, Sheila and Ed H

Paul and his daughter, Louise and brother-in-law, Liam made my first European motorcycle rental trip such an amazing experience I don’t know how I’m going to beat it. But, I’ll surely try. My buddy and I chose BMW GS1200’s. I love my HD Ultra Low at home in the states, but the GS1200 was the right choice for this trip and for me at only 5’8. Fellow HD riders, give yourself a treat and ride an European bike in Europe. You’ll be glad you did. This was the first time I had ever been on a GS1200 and I loved it. The bikes were in fantastic shape and their shop is first class. Don electricity voltage in china’t over pack. The GS came with three hard cases. Celtic Riders provides the inner suit case for each hard case. We rode for 14 days and it was surprising how we had enough room in those three smaller bags. If you don’t want to bring all your gear or if you forget something don’t worry, their shop comes fully equipped with helmets, gloves, riding pants, boots, jackets, etc. You could arrive in a suit and they would completely set you up in riding clothes. Louise was great answering all my pre and post trip email questions, Liam and Paul gave us a great orientation of the GS, and Paul personally took us out for short ride to make sure we understood driving on the left. They reviewed the route we preselected and gave us so many suggestions for more routes, cities, restaurants and sites that it would have taken the entire summer to see them all. The countryside is as incredibly gas tax oregon beautiful as you imagine it to be. The roads are in great shape and amazingly uncrowded. So many twisties we couldn’t wipe the smiles off our faces if we had too. And, the Irish people! Wow. I’ve been all over the world and I can honestly say I have never been around so many friendly, generous and gracious people anywhere. Complete strangers went out of their way; more than could be expected, to help us and answer our questions on many occasions. And, staying in a different guest house each night gave us the rare opportunity to meet so many fun and nice people. I felt as if I was visiting relatives. I’ll be back in Ireland another day just to experience their hospitality again! From one rider to another, you couldn’t choose a better company to rent or tour with! Lyn S. Salt Lake City, UT, USA