Best vacuum for high pile carpet reviews ( top 5 reviews march.2018 ) gas x strips after gastric sleeve


Although many home builders are incorporating newer laminate and vinyl flooring in their homes, carpet is still the favorite for most home buyers. There are many choices for your carpet such as high or low pile, what materials it’s made from, color, patterns, and other options. Once you decide on the type of carpet, you need to decide on the best vacuum cleaner to keep the carpeting throughout your home clean. Clean carpeting is very important for you, your family, and your guests. Dirt that remains stuck in the fibers of your carpeting can cause mold to form, can harbor bacteria and viruses, and can wear out your carpeting faster. No one wants to allow their children play on carpets that could be harmful for them or cause them to get sick.

In the carpet manufacturing world, the term ‘pile’ refers to loops that make up the carpet. These loops of fabric make carpet soft and yet enduring. High pile refers to the loops being longer, taller, and made looser than low pile carpet. Shag carpet is one style of high pile carpeting and provides a comfortable and cozy atmosphere for your home. High pile carpet is fuller looking and feels fluffy under your feet. Even though high pile carpet has taller or longer loops of material, it is not prone to flattening like low pile carpet does. But high pile carpet does pose a challenge when it comes to vacuuming.

Carpeting with a high pile design can be referred to as soft carpeting, plush carpeting, or other terms related to the thickness, texture, height, and material used. All considered, any high pile carpeting requires you purchase the right vacuum to keep it clean and to help it last for years to come. What Does a Vacuum Need to Keep High Pile Carpet Clean?

Almost any vacuum will work on low pile carpeting, but high pile carpets present a challenge for many vacuums. High pile carpet is plush and dense, giving it the luxurious feel. The taller loops create a thick carpet that doesn’t provide good circulation of air back into the vacuum cleaner’s intake. This makes it almost impossible to move and push the vacuum across your carpet. Regular vacuums have powerful suction made for floors and low pile carpet. This causes the long fibers of high pile carpet to become caught-up in the vacuum and cause a ‘suction lock’ making the vacuum almost ‘stick’ to the rug. These thicker, ultra-soft, high piled carpets are more popular than short pile carpets and vacuum cleaner companies are designing models to work better with these carpets. Below one of our top picks for vacuums that are best for high pile carpeting.

The best vacuum for high pile carpeting will need to have certain features and abilities. Airflow around the loops of the carpet is essential to loosen dirt and allow it to be sucked up into the nozzle. This air flow is increased by being able to adjust the strength of the suction and height of the nozzle itself. It also helps if the brush is motorized so the bristles can ‘comb’ the carpet pile. Large wheels are important to keep the vacuum cleaner from sinking so low into the carpet, that it gets stuck in suction lock. The larger wheels and adjustable height are very important for proper dirt removal.

The weight of a vacuum is very important when it comes to high pile carpeting. A heavier vacuum will sink into the soft, dense fibers and create a tight suction seal that jams the vacuum nozzle and makes it hard to move or worse, cause damage. Lightweight vacuums glide over the carpeting and make it easier to allow air under the nozzle for circulation and proper suction. The weight of your vacuum doesn’t always determine its quality!

Because high pile carpets are very dense and full compared to low pile carpeting an LED light on your vacuum nozzle is necessary to spot dirt and debris easier. The tall loops of material that make up the softer styles of carpet also create more places to hide for pieces of food, small toy parts, bugs, pins and smaller sharp items, and other potentially dangerous objects. High pile carpeting contains up to three times more fibers than low pile carpets. An LED light illuminates the fibers to reveal the dangers buried beneath the surface of your high pile carpeting.

Another consideration is whether or not the vacuum has a jam control built in to automatically shut off the vacuum when a jam occurs in the nozzle. Not all vacuums have this feature, but if you find one that does, it’s very helpful when cleaning high pile rugs. If the vacuum has a high enough height setting and a reduced suction control, jams should not be a problem.