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If by far cheapest is part of the best definition, the cheapest BY FAR is taking the airport C shuttle bus to Lot C, walk a short distance to the Metro gas oil ratio 50 to 1 station adjacent, get on the 232 bus, which will take you to the end of that line in downtown Long Beach. The city’s FREE shuttle will drop you off at the Queen Mary, which is a very short walk (next door) to the Carnival Cruise Terminal. I don’t know the current fare on the Metro 232 bus, but it’s probably less than $2 per person.

But, seriously, the OP has a flight SCHEDULED to arrive at LAX at 10:46 am on the day of the cruise. Even if the plane is on time (and so few of them seem to be), by the time they taxi to the gate, slowly unload everyone, the OP makes the long walk through the terminal to baggage claim, the baggage actually comes down the chute…and the OP makes it out to the curb to catch some sort of transportation, they will be LUCKY to be on their tgas advisors way to the port by NOON…

The shuttle companies are really not a bad way to go…They are relatively cheap…about $17 plus tip per person…and service is door-to-door. OTOH, there can be delays. They often cruise around the airport a couple of times waiting to fill the van…and they might make other stops on the way. But, even with those delays, it’s likely still electricity flows through way quicker and more efficient than public transportation…and you get picked up right outside baggage claim and get dropped off right in front of the cruise terminal.

First of all, realize that these shuttle companies serve thousands of passengers a day. With those volumes, the law of averages says some of the trips will not go well for one reason or another. Also realize that it is typically the disgruntled customers who bother to write reviews. Most of the satisfied customers don’t think twice electricity billy elliot karaoke with lyrics about it after the trip.

OTOH, sometimes the complaints are just unrealistic expectations: People don’t like that the van spent too long in the airport before taking them to their destination…or that the drove all over dropping off others before them. Those issues can be irritating, but they are part of the deal. The economics of the business demand that you travel with full or near-full vans. They also don’t necessarily find 8 passengers all arriving on the same plane all heading for the same destination. Again, if you want to avoid those hassles, take an Uber or a dedicated car service…Of course, it will cost a little more money. There is a price versus personal service trade-off.

But the negative reviews impact of electricity in the 1920s don’t bother me that much…because I understand the business. Oh, by the way, you can have a negative experience with a taxi, an Uber or a car service as well. Once we had a nightmare with a limo company sending the wrong size limo for our gas monkey cast party of seven plus luggage heading for the cruise port. Another time, in Houston/Galveston, we had a limo company try to charge us additional money to the prepaid full fare–including tip…and then had the driver claiming we needed to tip him–even though I had emails between the limo company owner and myself showing a 15% tip had been added to the fare and prepaid! IOW, there is no guarantee of avoiding problems with any method of transport used. Edited October 11, 2016 by Bruin Steve