Best way to keep fish alive in livewell e85 gas stations in san antonio tx


Contrary to popular belief, fishing articles and old wives tales 935 gas block, the summer livewell killer is not hot environmental water, the same water in your livewell. You are catching these fish in hot water and they live fine in that hot shallow water every summer. This is the same hot water you’re flushing through your 25 gallon livewell with a high volume livewell pump at 800 gph. That’s 13.33 gal per minute of a total livewell water exchange every 2 minutes. That’s 30 total livewell water exchanges ever hour. That’s a tornado in your livewell.

Safe Oxygenation requires administration of supplemental pure 100% oxygen in overcrowded summer livewells and bait tanks. The correct dose must be delivered continuously and the volume of pure oxygen delivered must be sufficient to sustain 100% DO Saturation for one pound of live bait or hundreds of pounds of live bait or fish. Greater stocking density (overcrowding) requires more oxygen. Pure 100% oxygen is necessary for live bait and live fish transports. That is why fish hatcheries transport live fish with pure 100% compressed oxygen, none use air, aeration or water pumps to insure safe dissolved oxygen saturations for live transports – never.

Transporting live healthy bait in livewells and bait tanks in harsh hot electricity use summer weather is easy IF you can maintain excellent water quality, minimal safe oxygenation being the most important. If you can’t maintain minimal dissolved oxygen saturation, mortality and morbidity is guaranteed again every summer regardless of how much water or air you pump into your livewell.

I would say “good luck” keeping your fish alive this summer, BUT the reality is that every summer, “luck” has very little or nothing to do with success. You got electricity jeopardy 4th grade to have the right knowledge, have the right livewell equipment and a very minimal safe livewell water quality (dissolved oxygen saturation) to be successful in the summer… and apply your newfound knowledge to change things. You can seriously over stock your livewell every summer successfully – only if you can control your livewell water quality.

According to State Directors of Inland Fisheries, tournament bass mortality and bass tournament fish kills do not and have never negatively impacted bass fisheries. These fisheries are effectively managed by State Fish and Game department professionals and continuously restocked with healthy supplies of new bass (financed by your tax dollars).

Ray Scott invented “Bubba Power.” Get the good ol’ boys turned on to the bass fishing sport, and make a lot of money off the “Bubbas,” [and air bubbles]. This proved to be a lucrative concept that made billions in profits for four decades. A new fishing industry was born – Tournament Bass Fishing for profit and fun called B.A.S.S. n game

They even invented and implemented a new bass tournament rule, the “dead-fish penalty.” Anglers were punished for every dead bass they presented to the weigh-master by weight reduction for each dead bass. Their hope was this fine would motivate contestants to make some effort to keep their catch alive all day in bass boat livewells. The killer was that all-day ride in the anglers’ bass boat livewell where the fish suffocated.

Scott contacted his buddy, Sam electricity grid australia Spencer, with the Alabama Fish and Game Department. Scott wanted Sam’s expert advice about how to keep tournament caught bass alive during and after tournaments. Both knew that bass needed dissolved oxygen so they talked about [air] using small pumps for aerators, like small aquarium pumps that made [air] bubbles for aquarium fish [guppies, goldfish, clown fish, etc.].

Scott built a prototype spray bar aeration system with a round lawn sprinkler and garden hose that sprayed streams of water into the air. He attached the water sprinkler inside the bass boat livewell at the top. The water hose was attached to a bilge pump and the pump placed in the bottom of the livewell. The water was pumped through the sprinkler and jetted to the water surface, filled the livewell with [air] bubbles.

[The air bubble story was not scientifically challenged for 27 years from 1972 to 1999 when a savvy fishery biologist started testing bass boat livewell water at bass tournaments npower gas price reduction with his dissolved oxygen meter and the air bubble myth was confirmed when the truth popped out, the DO meter exposed the truth about air bubbles and summer death well water quality

This PR move based in scientific research and fishery science is thanks to professionals like Gene Gilliland, , Dr. Hal Schramm, Jr. and others concerned with excessive summer tournament bass kills.