Beto o’rourke, stacey abrams, andrew gillum may win while losing gaz 67


Florida is a swing state, but Gillum wasn’t favored in the five-way Democratic primary last August. 1 unit electricity cost in tamilnadu Congresswoman Gwen Graham was better known, with a famous last name: Her father, Bob Graham, is a beloved figure who had served as governor and senator. Businessman Jeff Greene had more money, much of it tapped from his own fortune. Philip Levine was the former mayor of Miami Beach, a more muscular political base than Gillum’s post as mayor of Tallahassee.

Gillum and Abrams also were trying to break new ground in racial and gender politics, which can be a perilous endeavor. 4 other gases in the atmosphere When he won the Florida primary, Gillum became the first African-American nominated for governor by a major party in the history of the state. When she won the Georgia primary, Abrams became the first African-American woman to be a major party’s nominee for governor in the history of the nation.

All three of them ran campaigns that rejected the traditional prescription of edging to the center to appeal to moderates in the middle. z gas ensenada They tried to persuade new, progressive voters to go to the polls rather than simply court more reliable and centrist ones. Comparing them with the past two Democratic presidents, they followed more in the mold of Barack Obama in 2008 than Bill Clinton in 1992. They targeted the rising elements of the American electorate: millennials, blacks, Hispanics, women.

That paid off in turnout. gas x while pregnant Exit polls of voters sponsored by CNN and other media organizations reported that turnout among nonwhites hit records for a midterm election in all three states: 34 percent in Florida, 40 percent in Georgia, 41 percent in Texas. electricity and magnetism pdf Those voters overwhelmingly backed the Democratic candidates over their Republican opponents – Ron DeSantis in Florida, Brian Kemp in Georgia and Cruz in Texas. Abrams and O’Rourke both won among voters who were casting a ballot for the first time in a midterm election by 7 percentage points; Gillum carried that group by a yawning 16 points.

Gillum was endorsed by Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, backed a Medicare-for-all health care system and proposed raising the corporate tax rate to fund education programs. gas x strips instructions Abrams emphasized her pragmatism but also made it clear she supported gun control, gay rights and access to abortion. Tackling a hot-button issue that some Southern politicians have skirted, she called for the giant relief carving of Confederate figures on the state’s Stone Mountain to be removed.

At a Houston town hall in August, he was asked whether the decision by NFL players to kneel during the national anthem was disrespectful to veterans. "My short answer is no, I don’t think it’s disrespectful," he began, then earnestly discussed the history of the civil rights movement in America. gas leak There is "nothing more American than to peacefully stand up, or take a knee, for your rights, anytime, anywhere, or any place," he said.

Abrams should consider challenging Republican Sen. David Perdue for re-election in 2020, says Donna Brazile, who ran Al Gore’s presidential bid in 2000 and has led the Democratic National Committee. "She’s got the infrastructure ready," Brazile says. b games basketball Abrams spokeswoman Priyanka Mantha demurs it’s too early to consider that, or another else. "The job she is currently vying for is governor of Georgia, and that is what we’re focused on now," she says.

Brazile suggests O’Rourke could be a possible leader at the DNC, a perch that would give him a day job and political prominence. Jim Henson, director of the Texas Politics Project at the University of Texas, says O’Rourke would be well-positioned to challenge Republican Sen. John Cornyn in two years. O’Rourke aides said they doubt he’d be interested in the Senate race.

When House Democrats met on Wednesday for the first time since the election, there were rounds of applause for three representatives who had won governorships, in Colorado, Minnesota and New Mexico. Applause for two who won Senate seats, in Arizona and Nevada. Applause for a congressman who won another statewide race, as attorney general of Minnesota.