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"Do we have BBB complaints? Yes we do. Many. We haven’t focused on those complaints in the past months due to our cooperation with the MO AG office. We have been diligently working on AG complaints as they are a government agency rather than a private corporation as the BBB is. We have resolved 411 AG complaints out of 603 and will continue to work on those along with fulfilling other orders until all are resolved. This will/has, simotaniously resolved BBB complaints. It will not reflect on their site as we do not respond to those complaints but resolved they are, regardless. We have been hit with many roadblocks over the last year. Some at the hands of others and some at our own fault. We take responsibility for all and can only do our best to push forward and fulfill orders. They will be late but they will get there. We are fighting and hard. We haven’t given up once. We will continue to do everything in our power to get these orders out and get our customers what they pay for, even if it takes my last dying breath to do so. There’s an easy way out and we haven’t even considered taking it. Perhaps some call it foolish not to file bankruptcy but I have no intention of leaving my customers high and dry.

There is a group on facebook, solely ran by 2 individuals, that have made it their mission to take us down. Despite telling them what’s happened and despite them getting their orders. Similar to you, yourself and the plethora of information provided to you and the lack of its use. They have no mission other than to see us in the ground, both figuratively and literally. They encourage folks to file with the BBB and AG along with their banks to get their money back. This along with the repetive one-sided news stories, make it difficult to continue. It’s very damaging to our business, but also damaging to our drive. But have we given up? No! We wont. Our customers and our employees always come first. Always. We’ve sacrificed so much for our company and will continue to do so. Why?… Because it’s worth it. We hold on to hope that we will come out of this better than ever. We will continue shipping orders, as you saw during your visit. We will continue working our butts off to fulfill these orders. We will continue to fight. We will also expect you and your news station to report both sides of the story, and our statement sent to you in full as is your responsibility as a true journalist. Furthermore we could not be prouder of our staff for the amount of increasing work they have accomplished and continue to do on a daily basis. We hope to add more employees as things continue to improve. We appreciate kspr’s time and devotion in broadcasting the full story."

A Missouri-based manufacturer of hand-crafted gun concealment and rustic furniture, Rough Country Rustic Furniture (RCRF), continues to rack up and ignore consumer complaints while taking new orders. Consumers nationwide say they are fed up with the company’s failure to deliver goods or issue refunds in a timely fashion.

In the last three years, consumers filed about 1,250 complaints and negative reviews, the second-highest number of complaints received by a company in the BBB St. Louis service area. The company maintains an "F" rating, the lowest on BBB’s scale.

“Making consumers whole is always the goal in cases of this nature. However, if that cannot be accomplished, we will pursue other avenues,” Hawley said in the release, which noted that his office launched an investigation in December into the 598 complaints his office received.

In a news report investigating consumer complaints, Ross blamed a friend “who was essential in our product supply line” for cutting the company’s contracts and starting a competing business. He also claims the former friend sabotaged the company’s production facility.

A Jefferson City woman couldn’t get answers about her unfulfilled order, so she filed a dispute through her credit card company. RCRF claims the furniture was delivered, though they provided no tracking number or other evidence to the credit card company.

The woman now moderates a Facebook consumer group formed by frustrated RCRF customers. She told BBB some group members who filed complaints with the Missouri Attorney General’s Office are finally receiving orders, but the items are wrong or damaged.

The Facebook group tracks the financials associated with outstanding orders of group members. An April 30 posting estimates consumers in the group paid RCRF $439,439 for furniture they never received. Members received $128,903 from bank credit card reimbursements and $2,991 in refunds directly from RCRF.

“As the number for those people who receive refunds from their banks goes up, the total owed to customers by RCRF goes down. But the total taken is always rising,” notes the group member who tracks the financials. According to the company’s website,, the business makes gun concealment furniture ranging from $115 flag wall art to $2,000 bedroom sets.

Products are marketed on the company’s website and Facebook pages. Operating since 2013, it has more than 2 million followers on Facebook. Delivery timeframes listed on the website vary by product, from “approximately 42-56 business days” for concealed compartment patriotic flags, to “approximately 125-160 days” for bedroom sets and other larger items.

According to the company’s website, additional staff and contractors were planned to be added in 2018 to “increase production and reduce wait times.” On the day BBB issued its news warning in December 2017, Ross told KY3-TV he added four new employees.

“I really wish I’d done my homework,” the Jefferson City woman told BBB. “If anybody has an issue with a business, the sooner you can file with BBB and the AG’s office, the better, so people can learn from your experience and something can be done about it.”

BBB offers the following tips for consumers interested in purchasing furniture online. ● Research the business and owners carefully before signing a contract, providing any sensitive personal information or paying any money. Check the company’s BBB Business Profile at or by calling 888-996-3887. ● Read online reviews from several sources to get a balanced view of customer experiences with a business. ● Don’t rely on a professional-looking website or presence on social media as verification that a business is trustworthy. Check other sources. ● Read all terms and conditions carefully before completing a purchase online. Make sure you read and understand return and refund policies. Know your options in case you receive an item that was not as advertised. ● Pay by credit card whenever possible in case you need to challenge the payment for non-delivery of the product. ● Contact your credit card company to dispute the purchase if you don’t receive a custom order, even if it is outside of the normal window of time. Ask to speak to a supervisor and explain the purchase was for custom furniture with initial ship dates beyond the typical 60- to 90-day time limit to challenge charges. Document attempts to contact the company, share email exchanges, and provide links to BBB’s profile page and other online sites that share similar experiences of other consumers. ● If a company cannot fulfill an order within the time promised and fails to offer or issue a refund, file complaints with BBB, Missouri Attorney General and Federal Trade Commission.

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