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You’re better off at your local rec center. If you sign up for a gym membership with Steve Nash, prepare to be surprised in hidden fees throughout your membership. Steve Nash is an example of why gym memberships have such terrible reputations. After about 6 months into my membership I was told I needed to pay a $49 annual ‘maintenance fee’. I was told nothing upon this on sign up and when I asked to speak to my sales rep I worked with, he no longer worked there. When I asked to see my contract, it clearly listed all of my membership fees that were due immediately. Hidden at the bottom of the page was a mention about this annual membership fee (I tried to attach a photo gas hydrates ppt but Yelp wouldn’t let me). Ultimately I recognize I am responsible for anything I sign but judging by the other two people complaining at the front desk with me, I doubt I am the first person to overlook this. I’ve been a ‘gym junkie’ and have experience at many different fitness clubs. If you go to your local rec center you will not be surprised by any hidden fees and you’ll have access to more services. More Show less

I had enjoyed my time at Steve Nash while living in Vancouver. However I was offered electricity dance moms the chance to travel to India for an extended amount of time. I went into my gym to tell the guy at the front desk that I would be leaving to India. We chatted about what a cool experience that would be, and made some small talked electricity quiz ks3. When I asked about my membership he told me that I had paid it in lump sum, so when the contract was over so would my membership. I believed him, even looked online for any information on their website in regards to moving and did not find any clear information so off I went. He had good customer service skills but not properly trained in regards to memberships as I would soon discover. I have since returned from India to find that they have been charging my credit card each month. I called head office to talk about this, as I was not made aware of this. No email was sent, no communication made to inform me in February that my contract was expired and that they would continue to charge me this fee. I wanted some information, but instead I got a rude, disrespectful women who made me feel insignificant. She did not listen to my concerns and talked over me again and again not allowing me to get across what I was trying to say hair electricity dance moms. She cut me off on multiple occasions and at one point started to lecture me. I cried once I got off the phone I was so upset to learn that while away in India a credit card was being charged for a service I was not using. I would have been happy to continue to go to Steve Nash now that I am back from my trip however that is the last place I will ever set foot into. Connie who works at head office should not be in the role that she is in, she does not know how to respect others. She also refused to transfer me to someone else as I was no longer comfortable speaking with her. There are multiple other gyms in Vancouver and local studios who appreciate your business and who respect you. Go to them and steer q mart gas station clear of Steve Nash.

I had a one year contract with this club. 10 months after my contract was over and I noticed in my bank statement that they are still deducting money from bank account. When I asked them why, they said there was phrase called rollover in the contract I signed which allows them to take money from my account without my knowledge and without me even using the club. When I signed the contract, no one explained to me about rollover phrase and when my contract was over after one year, no one informed me that they will continue deducting money from my bank account; even though I was not using the facility. This is real stealing. This is robbing in the daylight. As one other reviewer has written about this club, they are super nice to when a level physics electricity notes you go there first. All they want is to make you sign the contract. after that whatever happens, they will tell oh our hands are tied and we cannot do anything about it, and the best thing they will help you with is to ask to you to contact the main office. when you contact the head office, it is like if you have opened pendora’s box, your headaches never end. SO MY ADVICE TO ANYONE WANTING TO SIGN A CONTRACT WITH THIS CORRUPT COMPANY, is that NEVER EVER give them your bank information. Make sure you go in person ONE MONTH before the end of your contract to cancel your contract. otherwise, your will be in big trouble. I have not seen such an unprofessional behaviour and such a misleading representative and contract hp gas online refill booking status paper.

Wow I’m not surprised to see all the negative comments. they are very nice when your coming to sign up, and beyond rude and unprofessional when you are signing out of a contract. i cancelled my membership on April 22, the girl at the front told me my last payment had come out, but i had to bring in a bill that confirmed my new address, which i brought in a few days later. the girl took a copy of the bill and gave my copy back to me. On June 1 I noticed they had put another payment on my credit card. when i called monroe la gas prices the front at Steve Nash Brentwood the girl looked up my membership number and told me that there shouldn’t have been a payment come out in June. The girl gave me the phone number to the Steve Nash head office, where the girl spoke to me very rudely and actually hung up on me. be aware people when you get a Steve Nash membership they offer use to all of their other clubs, apparently a type 2 membership, sounds like it is so nice when in actual fact you probably will never go to any of those locations. This benefit of using all the facilities is a thorn in your side because if there is a steve nash within 30 kms of where you move to they will not allow you to get out of your contract. pay gas vs diesel cars very close attention to the fine print., Sam the general Manager at Brentwood is an absolute rude and unprofessional role model. Customer service is zero. Connie at the head office runs a very close second to Sam…. in conclusion i live in Maple Ridge and the Langley Steve Nash is 24.6 kms so i should drive there instead of going to a fitness place in Maple Ridge….. customer service is awful. I used to have a membership at Fitness Unlimited inMaple Ridge. They truly cared about your satisfaction at the club, keeping customers happy is number one to them. When i had to cancel my membership because we were moving to Burnaby they did not try and tie me to some stupid fine print, they simply asked nyc electricity cost per kwh for 30 days notice. Sounds reasonable to me. Think about it how much sense does it make to go to the Steve Nash in Langley or Port Coquitlam, when i can go back to my old fitness location in Maple Ridge. I guess that is how desperate Steve Nash is for business.