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Tuesday: Inmates at a low risk to reoffend are serving sentences as long as those identified as posing a moderate threat, a Reading Eagle analysis finds. “I’d fight anyone,” said Gonzalez of Reading. V gashi kenga e zagrebit “And I didn’t care about getting hit.”The thick scar over his left eye shows he often paid the price for his aggression.But much bigger problems came for Gonzalez outside the ring, where he was just as angry and reckless.

His three bullet scars show how dangerous that mindset was in the tough Brooklyn neighborhood where he grew up.Gonzalez, 40, has spent 12 years behind bars for robbing drug dealers and for selling drugs. But now he’s out, and he’s beating the odds.

It’s been more than three years since his release from the Berks County Prison system, and in reaching that anniversary, Gonzalez achieved something most inmates don’t.Almost two-thirds of adult state prisoners in Pennsylvania were rearrested or sent back to jail within three years of being released from 2000 through 2011, according to the latest figures available from the state Department of Corrections.Previously, Gonzalez left New York prisons three times only to return to his old ways. So how has he been able to succeed this time, when he and so many others have failed before?

During an interview with the Reading Eagle a month before his release on May 28, 2013, he swore that this time would be different.Those 18 months of lockup for selling crack cocaine in Reading would be his last in jail, he said then.”Now I have too much to lose,” he said.

He was talking mainly about his wife, Iliana Gonzalez, who was counting on him then, and needs him even more now as she recovers from breast cancer.Gonzalez also wanted a better life for himself than the revolving door of street fights, drug sales, robberies, gun violence and jail time he’d been stuck in. Electricity usage ‘Finally had my mind right’ So this time he’s resisted the quick money of selling drugs, and in doing so, has found his true calling.

Gonzalez now volunteers as a trainer for amateur boxers from Reading, teaching the teenagers to fulfill their potential in the ring. Electricity units to kwh Even more importantly, he’s teaching them to lead lives much different than the one he lived as a young man.It’s a relationship that’s working both ways: Gonzalez is helping to raise those boys, and his fear of disappointing them is keeping him straight as well.”Prison was hard, but there was a blessing behind it,” Gonzalez said. Electricity lab activities “It helped put me here with these kids.

A level physics electricity equations They don’t even know how much they motivate me.”The last three years have been the best of Gonzalez’s life, he said.”No question,” he said.It started the day he walked out the Berks County Community Re-entry Center in Bern Township and climbed into his wife’s car to go home.”It felt amazing, because I knew I wasn’t going back,” he said.

Gas bloating diarrhea “I finally had my mind right.”It’s one thing to make a plan in prison, though, and another to stick to it outside.Still, Gonzalez wondered how former inmates can find a decent job when applications require them to check a box stating whether they’ve been convicted of a crime. Gas up asheville He knew when he admitted to having served time that his paperwork was getting tossed in the trash.

Gas unlimited houston texas Those rejections make it hard for ex-inmates to survive financially, and to stay away from the lifestyle they’ve known so long, he said.Gonzalez remembers once his wife’s 8-year-old son asked him for money to buy a can of soda. Gas pain He didn’t even have a dollar to give him.”That makes it tough to change,” he said.

Gas in dogs “People go back to making money the way they know how, either drugs or robbing.”The threat of prison isn’t a deterrent, he said, because you never feel like you’re going to get caught.What helped Gonzalez stick to his plan was landing a job as event coordinator for King’s Promotions in Reading, the boxing operation run by Marshall Kauffman, who hired him for that job in April, even though Gonzalez had no experience with that type of work.It’s a job that has Gonzalez traveling from state to state to help put together big fights televised nationally on ESPN, Showtime and other channels.

Gas vs diesel generator King’s Promotions puts on about 30 shows a year, and Gonzalez will usually get to those cities days before the event to help make sure things run smoothly.He deals with the television production team, seating, ring set up, weigh-ins, etc., making sure nothing goes wrong.The traveling that Gonzalez does and the time he spends training young boxers adds up to a pretty crazy schedule. Gas prices under a dollar It will only get busier in October when he resumes the business administration courses he’s taking online through Kaplan University.

Since he’s been out of prison, he’s gotten skilled at using a computer and has even learned to speak Spanish to better communicate with Latino boxers.He admits it’s the most stressful job he’s ever had.”I’m lucky if I get five hours sleep a night,” he said.Iliana worries that he’s working too hard, but he assures her this is what he wants.”I tell her God has a plan,” he said.

Reading Eagle: Tim Leedy: Photo of Cesar Gonzalez in 2013 in the reentry program at the Berks County prison. Gas kansas Gonzalez is considered a success story and vows not to return to prison.

Of all the challenges of life outside prison, the financial ones may be the toughest for Gonzalez.One recent day at work, he got word from Iliana that the electricity to their apartment had been shut off. Electricity bill cost per unit He’d paid $700 to the electric company two months earlier for past due bills, but was again behind, he said.

So in between filling out paperwork for an upcoming King’s fight card, and coaching his boys through a shadow boxing session, he held his cellphone up to his ear, trying to speak with someone about getting his power restored.”Representative.

Gas vs electric oven running cost Representative. Gas z factor Representative,” he repeated into the phone, hoping to talk to a live person.He worried that if he couldn’t get electricity restored, he wouldn’t be able to head to upstate New York the next day to set up King’s boxing event, set to air on ESPN a few days later.

“I know he (Kauffman) is going to be mad, but I can’t leave my wife alone without power,” he said.His life is a balancing act of trying to earn a living, do well by his students, take care of his wife and keep himself out of trouble, and there will always be forces threatening to push him off the wire, he realizes.Sometimes he misses a week of work when he takes his young fighters on the road to tournaments, so he misses a week of pay, too.”Then I have to decide which bill do I need to pay most,” he said.It’s in those difficult moments he thinks of how far he’s already come.

One of the jobs Gonzalez had after his latest release was cooking in a fast-food restaurant.While he appreciated the manager hiring him, he made less than $10 an hour, and said it was hard paying bills on that wage.”I was working 40-hour weeks and bringing home $500 every two weeks,” he said.

Selling drugs on the streets, he could have made that in a day.”Probably more than that,” he said.Years ago he would have given in to that urge to hit the streets just to pay that bill.”It’s easy to fall into that trap, but if I do that then I didn’t change,” he said.

Save electricity images for drawing “I’d be taking the easy way out.” Reading Eagle: Susan L. Electricity synonyms Angstadt: Alexis Villasenor, 13, Reading, and Tyrone Lusane, 13, Reading, work the punching bags as Cesar Gonzalez critiques them. Most days after work, Gonzalez picks up Alexis Villasenor and Tyrone Lusane, both eighth-graders at Reading Intermediate High School, and takes them to King’s gym to work out.”I want them to box the opposite of how I fought,” he said. Hp gas online complaint “I want them to fight smarter.”On a recent afternoon, Gonzalez put big mitts on his hands to catch their jabs and uppercuts, the pop, pop, pop of their combinations sounding sharply.

At times he swung back, not to hit them, but to teach them how to duck the punches that will soon come their way. La gas leak They can’t always be looking for the knockout, he tells them. Electricity online games He wants them to move around the ring, and even retreat when they need to, instead of eating punches like he often did.”I want them to show the judges that they are in control,” he said.Gonzalez wants them to stay in control outside the ring, too.He and his fighters spend many hours together alone in his car as he drives them as far as Illinois for amateur tournaments, and he uses that time to tell them his cautionary tales, to talk to them about his mistakes.”I want them to know there are consequences to making bad decisions,” he said.

9game “It took me a long time to figure it out. K electric bill I’m hoping they figure it out at a much younger age.” There is a tattoo on Gonzalez’s right biceps – a smoking pistol, with the words, “Live by the Gun, Die by the Gun” – that he got after he was shot for the second time and was angry at the world.Now he hides it from the boys he trains, not wanting them to think it’s cool, and he plans to get it covered up or removed.

If he’s going to teach his fighters how to avoid mistakes, he knows he has to avoid them himself. Gas pain relief Breaking the law would also break the trust they put in him, he said.”Now it wouldn’t just affect how my life turns out,” he said.

Gas laws worksheet with answers “It would affect how their lives turn out.” His violent past Gonzalez was 13 – the same age as the two boys he trains – when he started selling drugs, like his older brothers did, in the notoriously violent part of Coney Island, N.Y., where they grew up.After his arrests he bounced from one New York penitentiary to another, from Mohawk to Washington to Marcy to Downstate to Hale Creek to Ulster to Sullivan to Camp Pharsalia, and also served time in Rikers Island and Oneida County Prison.During one of those prison stays his 15-year-old brother, David, was shot in the head and killed.That was 1994, and when Gonzalez was released, he ran into his brother’s killer. Electricity storage handbook They argued and pulled pistols on each other, and Gonzalez ran when police arrived.

C gastronomie mariage But he was carrying his gun and a New York officer shot him twice in the back of his right shoulder.After his hospital stay, he went back to work as a “stick-up kid,” robbing drug dealers at gunpoint.He was shot again in 2002, this time his left hip after rushing to the defense of another brother who was getting jumped.

“The bullet shattered my femur,” he said. K electric jobs test “I have a steel rod there now.”Gonzalez moved to Berks County in 2005 for a fresh start, but couldn’t find work because of his long record. Gas under 2 dollars Broke, frustrated and ashamed of being unable to provide for his wife and stepson, he went back to doing what he knew best: selling crack.He was arrested in Reading in 2008 for selling to an undercover officer, and after finally being convicted, was sentenced to Berks County Prison in 2011.

Villasenor recently lost a fight that both he and Gonzalez thought the judges should have awarded him, but Gonzalez used that as a teachable moment. T gastrobar Instead of making excuses, they got back to the gym to figure out how to earn the judge’s favor next fight.

“I tell them you really never lose,” he said. Gsa 2016 calendar “You either win or you learn something.

“Gonzalez wants to make sure that when things don’t go their way, they respond with sportsmanship and character.”Realistically, most of my fighters won’t go pro,” he said. Electricity worksheets for 4th grade “But the key is giving them something to build on that will carry into everyday life.

“Villasenor already has a sponsor, which is a big step, Gonzalez said.”I told him that if he stuck to my plan that all these things would happen, and they’re all happening,” he said.The boys train hard, throwing combinations of punches into the duct tape-wrapped heavy bags that hang from the ceiling, Gonzalez speaks advice to them softly, almost whispering it, but they hear him and follow his instructions.

“Bend your knees when you throw the uppercut,” he tells Lusane, who does so immediately.”Good,” Gonzalez encourages him.Gonzalez’s oldest student is Joshafat Ortiz, a 19-year-old lightweight from Reading who has significant potential, and will likely turn pro next year.”I push him, because I know he has greatness in him,” Gonzalez said.Ortiz said he appreciates the way Gonzalez teaches him to move and defend himself, and also how Gonzalez helps keep on the right path.

“He teaches us that the gym is where positive things happen, and the streets are where negative things happen,” Ortiz said. Harry mileaf electricity 1 7 pdf “He tells us about the obstacles he’s gone through, because he doesn’t want us to go through them too.”Gonzalez wants to turn his boxing training into a nonprofit corporation named Mighty Men of God, and hopefully draw donations to help cover his expenses.But in the meantime, he pays most of those bills for gas and hotel rooms and tournament fees, because he feels it’s so important.He also enjoys it. Electricity games Seeing his fighters follow his game plan and come back to the corner smiling after a win is a thrill.

Electricity prices per kwh 2013 So is coaching them between rounds, but he tries not to say too much while the rounds are in progress.”I want them to be able to think for themselves,” he said.

Electricity inside human body “I don’t want them to be robots. Gas jockey I want them to adjust, to adapt when things go bad.”Gonzalez means that for in the ring and out. Reading Eagle: Susan L. O gastro Angstadt: Christian Gilmore, stage manager for Premier Boxing, goes over the schedule for the evening with Cesar Gonzalez. On Sept.

Electricity and magnetism lecture notes 9, Gonzalez worked 16 hours behind the scenes of the boxing event in Reading staged at Santander Arena by King’s and Premier Boxing Champions.Televised nationally on Spike TV, the event included two title fights and a number of other good bouts, but Gonzalez was too busy to see much of the punching.Instead he was helping to make sure it all came off smoothly for audiences in the building and at home.

Wearing a new button-up shirt, dress pants and shoes, Gonzalez spent the night bouncing between Santander’s locker rooms and hustling up and down the hallway to the arena as he took care of business.Often he’d hear “Cesar, Cesar” from another room as Kauffman yelled for him to make sure every loose end was tied, that every fighter had the right gloves, that everyone was making it to the ring on time. Electricity billy elliot karaoke with lyrics When Gonzalez was out of earshot, his walkie-talkie would sound with his latest directions.

You never know what problems will need fixing on fight night, Gonzalez said.During the Sept.

J gastroenterol impact factor 9 card, one of the fighters and his team made themselves at home in a locker room reserved for another boxer, and it was Gonzalez who had to quickly get them out of there and into their own room.Amid all the big personalities and loud voices backstage, Gonzalez was a contrast, looking calm and speaking softly.

Gas 2016 His style works though, and Kauffman has praised him for how well he’s doing.”He’s on top of his game,” Kauffman said. Electricity generation efficiency “He’s very consistent.

“Kauffman said he hired Gonzalez despite his criminal record because he had faith in him.”I knew the type of guy he was – that he had a good heart,” Kauffman said. Gas house gorillas “That means a lot.””It’s tough for anyone to make that transition from jail, but he has a desire to do what’s right, and that goes a long way. Electricity kwh cost calculator Like all these guys (former inmates), they need someone who is willing to give them a chance.”That chance Kauffman gave him is something Gonzalez said he will never forget.And he intends to prove him right for hiring him.”It means so much to me that somebody actually believes I can be different,” he said.

Gonzalez wants to be a man other former inmates can look to as a success story.”Regardless of the mistakes someone made, the possibility is always there for them to change their life,” he said.

Electricity song “I want people to see that you can change to the other side of the law.”He encourages employers to do what Kauffman did in hiring him, to give ex-offenders a shot.”Pointing and judging people won’t help,” he said. Gas near me app “You need to extend a hand.”And former inmates should know nothing comes for free.

“You may have to be willing to start at the bottom, to get paid less now to make more later,” he said. Bad gas 6 weeks pregnant “You have to earn it. Electricity storage cost per kwh You have to show you want to change.

“Gonzalez dreams of someday being able to afford a nice place back in Brooklyn, which has changed for the better since he left, he said.But he’ll stay in Reading, too, since this is where he turned things around, and where he wants to help others do likewise.”I’m trying to build a legacy,” he said.

Electricity outage in fort worth “In the end, it doesn’t matter how much stuff you have. Gas 101 It’s not about wealth. Grade 9 current electricity test What matters is how much you’ve helped other people. Gas tax nj When someone mentions my name after I’m gone, I want them to remember me for helping these young men.”Gonzalez explains how boxing is teaching them to work hard, to be disciplined, to be dedicated to a purpose, to know right from wrong.

He sometimes misses the ring himself.His last fight was in 2014, and he took it too quickly after coming out of prison, he said, but he was anxious to box.Thirty seconds in, his opponent knocked him to the canvas, and he knocked him down twice more in the four-round fight.

“I never saw any of those punches coming,” Gonzalez said.But Gonzalez got up all three times, took the standing eight counts and got back in the fight.He was glad that Ortiz was there to see him get battered and bounce back.”I finished it,” he said.

Gas in california “Everything I’ve been through in my life didn’t allow me to quit.” Site: